Pictures of classic Italian cars that cannot be forgotten by history

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When you play the stereotype game with cars, the first thing that comes to mind in Italy is exotic supercars.

This comes as no surprise as the general consensus is that the first supercar was a Lamborghini and Ferrari is the brand most associated with style and performance in popular culture.

However, most Italians don’t stray Lamborghinis or Ferraris or Maseratis.

Fiat 500

The classic and original Fiat 500 is a marvel in many ways. While the first Fiat 500 (Topolino) was the car that fueled the regrowth of the Italian economy after the First World War and got Italians on the road, the successor, launched in 1957, became an instant icon and the 500 that everyone knew and loved.

It has become as ubiquitous as the original Volkswagen Beetle and Mini. Like the German Beetle and Citroën IICV French, the Fiat 500 was one of the first “people’s cars” on the mass market and became an icon of a generation of mobility.

The 500’s name comes from its rear-mounted 500 cc twin-cylinder engine, which allowed the cabin to feel much larger inside than you might assume from the outside. The first engines made only 13 horsepower; Later models were made Abarth 500 From 27 to 38 hp.

Fiat Abarth 750

Pictures of classic Italian cars that cannot be forgotten by history

was established Abarth In 1949 before Carlo Abarth It was mainly known for performance parts for small Italian cars and racing cars based on the Italian Grand Prix fiat Like 750.

It was based on Fiat 600 , just after the introduction of the 600 in 1955. The engine was the more powerful option, making 39 horsepower when revved to 6,900 rpm. He weighed just 1,200 pounds.

The most collectible version is the “double bubble” bodywork version of the design Zagato. I had a 750 model Zagato The more restrained luxury version called America was designed for export to North America, as the name suggests.

iso isetta

Pictures of classic Italian cars that cannot be forgotten by history

famous Isetta Good news BMW but that’s because Isoveicoli He made the smart move to license the hell out Isetta. Isetta This is the ultimate Italian small car.

However, this led to other “bubble cars”. Isetta It was a bestseller, with 161,728 built over the eight years it was in production.

i was born Isetta For the same reason Fiat 500Italy needed cheap transportation after World War II, and a bubble car was as cheap as buying and running a single-cylinder motorcycle engine.

Surprisingly, three were entered for the race Mille Miglia Legendary in 1954, and over the course of 1,000 miles, all three finished in the top three in economy class.

Fiat Panda 4*4

Pictures of classic Italian cars that cannot be forgotten by history

In the eighties I succumbed Fiat Panda For one of the most Italian design decisions in history.

The original brief was that it should have a spacious and spartan interior while not weighing more than Fiat 126 and its cost. It was supposed to be a level car, and the design was handed over to my company Giugiaro And Mantovani.

Giugiaro concluded that the panda should be able to fit two halves of a 50 liter capacity wine plus a full group of passengers.

As achieved panda An instant success, its rugged, robust simplicity was extended in 1983 with an all-wheel drive model, making it the first production small crossover with all-wheel drive.

It is designed for adverse conditions on farmland and country roads, with the system being manually selectable and having a very low first gear. it did not arrive Panda 4×4 Never been to America, which is a shame.

Autobianchi Bianchina Trasformabile

Pictures of classic Italian cars that cannot be forgotten by history

Fiat was, and still is, a powerhouse in Italy; Therefore, another car makes this list with the brand name attached. She was Autobianchi A small Italian car manufacturer founded by a company fiat And Pirelli And Bianchi and lasted from 1955 until it ceased operations in 1995.

She was Autobianchi Bianchina A small Italian sedan based on the Fiat 500 and available in several body styles, including sedan, roadster, wagon and a fixed-profile convertible.

She was Bianchina transformable is the last, and took the form of a whimsical model that appeared in 1957 with a two-tone paint job; An engine developed to make 20 horsepower, a partially convertible top, and, of all things, suicide doors.

Abarth 695 Beposto

Pictures of classic Italian cars that cannot be forgotten by history

car feeling Fiat 500 Abarth Modern is its age now, but it’s still fun to drive if sheer speed isn’t all you care about.

Bought Fiat Abarth in 1971; Since then, it has become the automaker’s in-house performance brand, and has recently even dabbled in the field of high-performance electric vehicles.

And it appeared Abarth 695 Biposto in 2015 with drastic weight loss implying only two seats (trans biposto In this way).

It also featured a titanium rear derailleur and caliper Brembo wheels OZ adjustable suspension, an option for polycarbonate windows and a racing-style shift lever.

It was expensive with the added options, double the price of a regular Fiat 500, but it was a lot of fun to drive.

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