Palestinian Blood War | The voice of the fatherland

Abdel Halim Qandil

Palestine entered the new year with the blood of the two hundred and fifty martyrs in the past year alone, and with the injuries of nearly ten thousand, and with convoys of prisoners, to whom were added 6,500 young men, aged men, women and children is. , and with the demolition of the occupying forces of almost eight hundred and fifty Palestinian houses, and with a large balance of resistance operations of various forms and degrees. In the past year alone, their number reached 7,200 operations, resulting in 31 Israeli deaths and 500 injuries, not excluding a single region in historic Palestine from the river to the sea, and with a new and wonderful generation Palestinian militants, who turned Jerusalem and the cities and camps of the West Bank into a “black hole”, frightening Kayan Israeli occupation.

It may not be of much value to anything else, not even to United Nations resolutions on Palestinian rights, and hundreds of them have accumulated, containing nothing more than symbolic meanings useful in gaining international public opinion , and their new ones have almost been wiped out the old ones, after they successively turned into ink dry on paper, and successive occupation governments overrun them all, and to the extent that the current enemy prime minister, “Benjamin Netanyahu,” described them as “despicable” . the occupation, does not threaten it, nor does it open a way to regain rights, which will only return with violence, resistance and a call The blood that defeats the sword, and popular and armed uprisings, after which the Palestinians people returned with unprecedented strength and determination since the end of their second great intifada, and with complete confidence in God’s victory for His resisting servants, who are not intimidated by an oppressive occupation, who are proud of their arsenals of advanced weapons , and with the support of their American sponsors and allies The “Zionist” Arabs, old and new, while the Palestinian people are lonely, unique and without all support, continue their heroic epics, which “Sharon,” the storming of the “Al-Aqsa Mosque” forced. at the beginning of this century, to carry his stick, his forces and his settlements and unilaterally leave the Gaza Strip, and he will not be the son Not “Itamar Ben Gvir” or “Bezalel Smotrich” and others are more powerful than “Sharon”, who they used to call the “King of Israel”, and he was a fiery fighter, not comparable to him with the wife and “snake”” of Netanyahu, who did not carry a weapon in his life did not, and lead This time, a government of criminals, thugs, and criminals and terrorist criminals.

It can be said that the new “Netanyahu” government is the most right-wing, extremist and aggressive, but it does not differ in morals or practice from previous governments formed by “Netanyahu” and his rivals. There is no tangible difference between ” Yair Lapid” and “Ben Gvir,” nor between “Naftali.” Bennett and Smotrich. Rather, they are all images that reproduce in the course of barbarism without borders, and in confirmation of a connected meaning over the past decades, in which the tendency of the entity’s public towards extreme right-wing tendencies has increased, and the left and democratic claims eroded, and the dominance of so-called “religious Zionism” doubled. , who raise the slogan “Greater Israel” and want to reoccupy the Gaza Strip, and annex the entire West Bank, after the complete Judaization of Jerusalem, following illusions and biblical myths, on the basis of which they abandon Sinai and opposed the evacuation of “Gaza”, and they reject the so-called “status quo” in Al-Aqsa Mosque, and they are not satisfied with the temporal and spatial division, and they strive to rebuild the so-called “Solomon’s Temple” on the ruins of Al-Aqsa and the number of settlers in which is called “Judea and Samaria”, which is the West Bank, and brings millions of Jews to settle there, and the Israeli government’s recognition of random settlements, and adds them to settlements Officially, the number of its inhabitants today is said to be more exceeded 500 thousand, and pushed the Palestinian Arabs to emigrate and “mass transfer” from Palestine, and it is clear that all this cannot be done without a comprehensive war of destruction, and the use of the maximum amount armed force, which he tried. The Israeli entity has been incompetent several times in recent decades, and in all its wars it has not been able to defeat the resistance of Gaza alone, let alone the goal of crushing all the Palestinians, without awareness of the hard facts on the ground today, the first of which is that the Palestinian people, who deny them and turn a blind eye to their existence, have become a different people than those they encountered and encountered. the Nakba of 1948, at that time they carried out mass murders of expulsion and displacement and threw about 800 thousand Palestinians into the desert, whose descendants in the diaspora today have increased to about seven million, and like them they continued their fixed presence in the occupied areas of the 1967 aggression, and in the occupied Palestinian interior since 1948, which means that Population domination has become again for the Palestinians in the whole of historical Palestine, which “Sharon” feared in his bloody military campaign on the West Bank twenty years ago, and he said at the time, that the Israelis are returning to the 1948 war with the Palestinians, which means that the story is being rewritten from In a word, the Palestinians, Muslims and Christians, were the majority of the population on the eve of the Nakba, which today after seven and a half decades is gradually returning as if the Palestinians are returning from exile in history, but not as lambs that once fleeing from the wolves, but rather as lions in their lair and their sacred historical homeland. And as a chaste people who are difficult to dissolve or exterminate, they experienced their enemy in the long historical trial, and they knew its weaknesses, as well as the elements of its strength and ferocity. Today, Israel carries all the weapons of the world and its most complex technologies and nuclear bombs on its shoulders, but the settlement body is inhabited by diseases and symptoms of erosion, and it is no longer He can extend his feet and his presence throughout the Holy Land, since the “Jewish” immigration to the entity has decreased, and the immigration of the so-called “Soviet Jews” was the last effective expansion of the settlement flow , while the other major remaining block outside the entity is the American Jews, and they are ready to support. The entity is equipped with gifts, donations and pressure campaigns, but they often do not want to go to Tierra del Fuego. are ready to pay the maintenance for the “divorced wife”, as the late thinker “Abdul Wahhab al-Masiri” used to say, but they don’t seem as willing as It is enough to sleep with her again, and here is the core of the existential dilemma the occupying entity suffers from. Its history began with the pretext of establishing a pure national homeland for the Jews alone in the “Promised Land”, and they left nothing behind in planning, planning, assistance from the world’s powers, and the implantation of the colonial settlement entity in the heart of Palestine, but Any settlement entity does not win and remain until the end, unless the original people are exterminated or their existence is marginalized, which happened and the opposite is happening in the Palestinian case. From scholars to politicians and nerds, fear crept into the movement of Rabbi Meir Kahane, who was appalled by instances of mixing Jews with Palestinians, and the marriage of Jewish girls to Arab men. Kahane was later killed by an Egyptian youth in New York, and the students and children of Kahane crept out. Today, the new Israeli government came to power, and “Ben Gvir” and “Smotrich” and others became among the ministers not pursued by the law, carrying the banner of extermination and total displacement of the Palestinians, without to realize the new realities Shocking to their delusions, and there may be nothing wrong with them trying and they will, and the direct results in the end will only be to spread fear, terror and panic among the Israelis and more of pressure them to continue the reverse emigration cycles from Palestine, and make “Jewish extremism” a catastrophe for “Israel.” The same, while the Palestinians are in a different place, they are not afraid of the brutality of the occupying army and hordes of settlers, and they have experienced it and are used to resisting them. More Israeli extremism brings more Palestinian bravery, and silence the voices of peace, security coordination, coexistence and negotiation, and only the question of existence remains in the field, not borders. There is no escape for the Palestinians today except to Palestine itself, and there is no alternative to resistance and answering the call of blood and the holy struggle, and making the continued existence of the occupation a curse on its companions and sponsors. Their land and sanctuaries are unmatched, and their people are steadfast , multiplying, educated, chaste, believe in the cause of liberation, and follow their daily habits in the birth of Soldiers, martyrs and songs, and trust in God’s victory, no matter how long the time no m, and no matter how many obstacles and hardships increase, the “Oslo” agreements and their restrictions actually fell, and the era of occupation fell at a low cost, and the occupying army has no choice but to to pay the cost of blood and blow up the artificial calm, or To decide to leave unilaterally, just as he did in Gaza almost twenty years ago.

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