Zahrat Al Khaleej – Porsche celebrates the anniversary of the launch of the SUV


To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the flagship Cayenne, Porsche Middle East hosted Camp Cayenne in the mountainous Hatta region, where participants had the opportunity to drive various models of the off-road vehicle, launched in 2002. represented a new turning point. in the history of the sports car industry Luxury, and the group of cars that participated in the camp included different eras in the history of the production of this car, from the first models equipped to suit the rough mountain and desert roads , and the latest versions of this luxury car, which Porsche confirms is suitable for off-road driving as well as city roads.

We have always been used to “Porsche” cars in general, and the “Cayenne” model in particular, that they are luxury cars that provide the driver with characteristic luxury and high safety while driving on the city streets. But the experience, in which “Zahrat Al Khaleej” took part, was proof of this car’s ability to navigate the most difficult roads, whether between the curves and zigzags of mountains or between sand dunes and their slides, especially cars equipped with additional safety measures, to protect the driver from any surprises on the road.

The experience began with vintage Cayenne cars in the rugged Hatta Mountains, where we climbed rocks and walked between peaks and valleys with ease. We were helped in this by the powerful engine of this car, which gives it power and stability on the ground on the steepest roads. In the second phase, we also tried to drive the latest Cayenne models, and the 2022 models, where stability is up. highways, and power is among the sands of the desert.

About this experience dr. Manfred Bruenel, CEO of Porsche Middle East and Africa, said: “The launch of the Cayenne has helped improve the popularity of the Porsche brand with many customers. To surpass the fans of two-door sports cars, without sacrificing the sporty characteristics of Porsche cars.

He added: “Since its launch in 2002, the Cayenne has become one of the main pillars of Porsche’s success worldwide, and one of the best-selling luxury SUVs in the Middle East.”

Historical overview

The Cayenne appeared on the scene on 25 September 2002, on the eve of the Paris Motor Show, and average sales of the first generation were around 35,000 cars annually over its eight years, with total sales reaching 276 by the end reached 652 cars. of 2009.

In 2010, Porsche introduced the second generation of the Cayenne, which was equipped with a hybrid engine, or a plug-in hybrid engine, in addition to the four-wheel drive system as standard. As for the current third generation, it was introduced in 2017, equipped with a three-chamber air suspension system, a rear axle steering system with a new aluminum frame; to reduce the overall weight. The millionth Cayenne rolled off the production line in the summer of 2020. “The introduction of the Cayenne, in 2002, set completely new standards for full-size (SUV) cars, which were adopted by other luxury and sports car companies,” said Dr Bruynel.

He added: “The Cayenne car attracted a wide range of customers to our brand, and it was the first Porsche car with five doors and four seats, and it paved the way for many future cars, such as: (Panamera ), (Makan) ), and (Taycan). ), which enjoyed similar popularity to the cars: (911), (Boxster) and (Cayenne Sports Coupe).

as ordered

The Porsche Cayenne is available in 16 versions, including: coupe, standard and high performance, and this gives fans of this car the option to design their car, its systems, specifications and colors as they wish, as it is custom- The Porsche Cayenne is also available with 3 engine options: a 3-liter turbocharged 6-cylinder engine, or a 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged 6-cylinder, or a 4-liter 8-cylinder twin-turbo which also be loaded. The Porsche Cayenne is also available with a hybrid version of the (V6) engine, and a (V8) engine as well. The power of the “Porsche Cayenne” varies between 340 and 680 horsepower, and between 450 and 900 Newton/meter of torque, and all engine options are connected to an 8-speed gearbox and a four-wheel drive system, and the car’s acceleration varies only between 6.2 and 3.8 seconds.

The maximum speed varies between 245 and 295 km/h, and these specifications vary depending on the version. Night Vision Assist, Brake Assist, Remote Parking Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and many more similar luxury systems.

Interior design

The Porsche Cayenne 2022 comes with LED lights from the front, or with the Porsche Plus dynamic lighting system, and the front has large ventilation holes to cool the powerful engine, and a large front grille surrounded by sensors. From the side, the car is available with rims up to 21 inches, and mirrors, either black or body color. The driver can choose the shape and color of the rims and the material from which they are made. As for the rear, the high performance versions come with an adjustable rear spoiler, and a roof spoiler that can be made of carbon fiber if the version is high performance. The car is also available from the rear with a carbon fiber air diffuser, and an exhaust system with four holes, or two holes, or two holes from Akrapovic. . Caliper colors can be chosen, and some versions are also available with carbon ceramic brakes.

And the “Porsche Cayenne” comes from the interior made of luxurious plain leather, or Alcantara sports leather, and you can choose the interior color, and the seat belts come in some sports versions in another color that you choose, and the seats come engraved with the name of the version, and it also comes with a ventilation system for cooling or heating, and massage system. The car has a multi-zone climate control system. The center console includes a standard 12.3-inch center screen, which is connected to a premium sound system consisting of 10 speakers, and you can choose to get a premium sound system from Bose. The car is also available with a panoramic roof.

In front of the driver is a large gauge screen, which can be controlled by a multifunction steering wheel. This screen shows the driving modes, navigation system and important information about the vehicle’s position. The latter also includes the “Launch Control” sports system for acceleration, and it also includes an off-road package. .

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