Hossam Fawzy Jabr writes: Ignorance is our number one enemy, so kill it

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10:06 am – Sunday 8 January 2023

When stupid, superstitious and backward phenomena spread in a society, know that this society is ignorant, pushed and emptied of knowledge and thought, or favored.

During the past days, or even during the past years, on the occasion of the new year, we have hosted talk shows for astrologers, soothsayers and charlatans to predict and tell us what will happen in the new year, as if they, God forbid , know the invisible without Him, Glory to Him. It is high time that we stop encouraging the practice of witchcraft and fraud, and even worse, the new deception that has come to us from outside, as if we are the field. and fertile climate for any nonsense, and these are the games exported to us, which are harmful games, including (The Blue Whale – Charlie – and the challenge to hold your breath – And Better Surprise and many other games concerned with the world of spirits and jinn) is nothing but encouragement and provocation to the minds and thoughts of our children, an attempt by them to discover the reality of these games, and it is a quackery not far from the scattered charlatans of the Arab world, but they have succeeded in reaching our children in their bedrooms, and the result is the same Emptying of minds and hearts, the distortion of the personality, and perhaps death by our own hands and with hideous persistence .

Unfortunately, we are the ones who give our children mobile devices or computers with games to keep them away from us so we can finish our work, but at this young age the child gets used to it and is affected by it, especially the movements and sounds that accompany these games as they affect his mind and all his senses and make him an easy target to control. Also, these games are considered among the wars of the fourth generation that target the youth and drive them to atheism and disbelief in everything and anything, even our customs and traditions. Their minds, hearts and limbs for some time, and the heavenly laws, especially the Islamic Sharia, have come to erase all these deviant images to confirm the methodology of Islam based on the pure monotheism of God Almighty, abandoning all forms of association of others with God, and myths that have no basis or truth , and sorcery that revolves around playing with people’s minds and deceiving them.

We were brought up to believe that magic exists, we admit it, and it is mentioned in the Koran, but it is one of the greatest sins that God has forbidden and the perpetrator of it has been threatened with severe punishment, and among the forms of magic and sorcery are those to whom people come from soothsayers and sorcerers to know the invisible that only God knows, or for the sake of other harm. -and God forbids it – by doing veils or plots, or believing that these sorcerers and soothsayers can invalidate the work of magic, which can only be invalidated by legal means, such as reading the Noble Qur’an and repeating dhikr and to rely solely and forever on God and nothing but Him, and the sorcerer is an infidel and inevitably doomed, yes we are Muslims and Egyptians We recognize magic and its good news and believe in it according to the text of the heavenly books, but our strongest belief is in God’s ability to heal from every disease and that salvation from any evil in the hand of God and by following His law and according to the text of His wise book or the purified Sunnah, and that God the owner is of absolute power that has no limits and the owner of the unseen alone with no partner him and no one knows him.

In the same framework and similar approach, we find visiting shrines and saints to seek blessings and get closer to God, with a backward cultural burden that is contrary to what the Islamic religion has brought. This is the mother of the charades that our societies are experiencing these days. For any mind that assumes rationality and logic to believe in its results and even its motives, what can a perish that has been buried in the dust for hundreds of years, to poor neighborhoods offer who complains about poverty and need?! And before his death, did he achieve something for himself in this world in order to achieve it for others? !, And the funny thing about this is that we find that many of the visitors to these places are from the political and cultural elite, following the rituals of Buddhists, Hindus, Maoists and others who worship other than God.

This aspect and it is the same intellectual and cultural ugliness that you sometimes find us immersed in, so you get one of the men who gave him the title “sheikh” and called him “congratulations”. ) At many parties and events you find them rushing to kiss his hand and crocodile with it, in a shameful and humiliating scene for all who have an iota of faith or affiliation with our great Islamic religion, and that is why the simple people of our people were drawn behind this ignorance, the last of whom was this person who called himself the Knower of God, and followers and devotees appeared to him. They kiss his hand and his head, and he issued instructions and legislation as if he owned the new religion and interpreted the Qur’an according to his whim and vision, claiming its enlightenment, and some of the ignorant followed him. We ask God for their safety and return after depositing him in the place he deserves.

Not to mention the continuation of the works of the zar, the mandal, the amulets and similar superstitions. The time has come for them to end. How late are we in the twenty-first century?! And in our dear Egypt, the land of knowledge and scholars?!

Unfortunately, when a culture is deep in the labyrinths of underdevelopment, it clings very much to itself and revolves around itself, believing that it is the only culture that carries the truth, and ignores all cultures that are not compatible with it, and its characteristics, so its representatives fall into inherited blindness and ignorance, and they do not care. To any intellectual change, or the emergence of a current that contributes culturally, socially and intellectually to the movement of society, therefore darkness dominates and darkness this group and behind this society, and what hurts is that children and young people follow a new kind of quackery that we can call electronic quackery that has come from far away to destroy what we are trying to resist. For years, we were the first reason when applications left. , websites and programs without supervision and review. We need to quickly review what children deal with, play with and provide collaborative games that increase their linguistic, mathematical and intellectual abilities, and develop alternative and useful solutions.

Dear reader, Egypt’s first edition, after revolutions in which we lived the greatest dream is: restoration of the educated, cultured, conscious Egyptian man capable of work and production, banishing ignorance, laziness and dependence, and returning as the first ancestors to guide the world and re-educate it, but we see ignorance added to the ignorance we live and hate, so that there is ignorance of old and ignorance Speak and they want to kill both… And ignorance we remain first enemy, so kill him.

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