The crisis of the presidential elections is mainly caused by the composition of the parliament

The head of the Baalbek-Hermel Block, representative Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan, referred to “a crisis in the issue of the presidential elections, mainly caused by the composition of the parliament, so that there is no alliance or team in the parliament that can ensure the quorum and the election, so we read this scene from the first moments, and we confirmed The necessity of dialogue to reach an agreement to choose a president for the Republic, but unfortunately the other team, with most of its parties, blocs and personalities, did not respond to the call for dialogue repeated by Prime Minister Nabih Berri, under various headings in our opinion which is wrong, and therefore the scene will be repeated unless there is dialogue and understanding.

During a political dialogue meeting in the town of Beit Shama, he said: “Our regional allies have never interfered in any Lebanese internal affairs, while the regional and international allies of the other team, led by America and its allies in the region, it did. not pass an issue in Lebanon except that they interfered in it, even if they tried to deny it.” But this is the truth, and so if the other party waits for a regional or international settlement to proceed with the issue of elections based on external inspiration, then it is wrong in its assessment and it becomes wrong towards the Lebanese .

And he continued: “We expect neither inspiration from outside nor a settlement abroad, only what is required for us or in our opinion is an understanding about a president of the republic with specific specifications and to elect These specifications are mainly: a president who is able to communicate locally, regionally and internationally, who has a reform and economic vision, He can make peace with all the Lebanese, but it is also required that the president must be clear about its history and its future, that it does not coordinate with the Americans and others in an effort to back the resistance, not only out of concern for the resistance, but out of concern for the whole Lebanon, because no one can deny that the Americans and its allies have a lot to inflame strife in Lebanon.”

And he added, “We hope that our partners in the home country will be convinced of the dialogue as a gateway to the agreement, and that they will be convinced that waiting for regional and international settlements is out of place, and we will go to elect a president. Because the election of the president is a basic, necessary and decisive issue, and it is a gateway to the reorganization of work in all constitutional and political institutions in the country.” It is the gateway to the formation of a government that performs all the tasks required of it in matters of security, politics, economy, money, cash, social, educational, health, environment and infrastructure matters, and the revival of the country , especially after the rising poverty and unemployment rates, and all the accumulated problems that exist, and whose solution requires a stable country in politics.

He believed that “pending the election of the president and the formation of the government, there are issues that need to be addressed, such as electricity, which is a victim of political disputes, constitutional interpretations and political and constitutional disputes. If there are disagreements . in the country, is it permissible for us to change the issue of electricity to what it has reached from this low point?” We dispute about the opening of the credit, and record on Lebanon the daily fines it incurs? It is time for those who differ with others on constitutional or political issues to pay attention to the fact that these differences are often at the expense of people’s interests.

Hajj Hassan added: “On the third anniversary of the martyrdom of Hajj Qassem Soleimani and Hajj Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and their companions, we confirm that we mourn the martyrs and their separation, but we consider that martyrdom is the wish and purpose of every mujahid, and it is the new blood that enters the veins, and the martyrdom of Hajj Qassem and Abu Mahdi has The nation has a new impulse that has achieved more pride and dignity for our nation.

He pointed out that “one of the most important achievements of Hajj Qassem was the building of the axis of resistance, under the supervision of His Eminence Leader Sayyid Ali Khamenei, and the central link in the axis of resistance is Palestine. We live today in Palestine in a time of more strength and will for the Palestinian people, and on the other hand we see a high degree of tension in the The Zionist entity, some enemy leaders wonder about the possibility that the entity will reach the age of eighty years exceed, and opponents of Netanyahu claim that his recent government poses a threat to Israel, and the Israeli ambassador in Paris resigns, and the Israelis release a prisoner who remained in captivity for 40 years, and they fear a celebration of congratulations for the liberated prisoner in a tent. the tent stormed several times to prevent blessings, and there are strategic, economic and political studies that talk about successive crises in the Israeli entity.”

And he thought: “One of the blessings of Hajj Qassem Soleimani is that we see 20-year-olds fighting the occupation forces with steadfastness and determination, and the resistance has become more powerful, more organized, determined and willful, and the core of resistance has remained and accumulated strength, determination and achievements. While the Israelis became less powerful and deterred in Lebanon, Gaza and the region.”

Hajj Hassan concluded: “The first enemy is the United States of America, and Israel is a tool in the American and Western project. In the logic of resistance, we will complete the road despite the difficulties, challenges, pains and pains, and we think that the volume of sacrifices in the way of resistance, no matter how many, is much less than the volume of losses in the way of giving in”.

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