A distinctive idea for choosing ceiling lighting without plaster

Ceiling lighting without plaster

Everyone aspires to design modern decorative forms, and some of that work Ceiling lighting without plaster This is one of the things that gives the place an aesthetic look and a touch of simplicity to it, and at the same time the appropriate lighting does the trick.

Ceiling lighting works without plaster

by site citizen Which explains the different ways to make lighting for the ceilings of homes and offices without installing any type of plaster that costs a lot of money and has many defects that make many people resort to other methods that give an aesthetic appearance.

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Since the decoration gives the place in which it is a soul and life, no matter what this place is, and it is not a requirement that the decoration should be expensive or have many complexities, the simpler the decoration, the more comfortable and calmer, and this is the modern or modern trend in designs.

Some users want to make the ceiling decoration simple, make some easy drawings and add quieter and somewhat lighter colors, so that it gives more lighting, and the lighting distribution is appropriate for the place and well distributed.

Disadvantages of using plaster in decorative works

Decorators have resorted to a safer alternative than suspended or single layer plaster, as many plaster users have started to raise many complaints that have made it unacceptable and considered a thing of the past, for various things, which are as follows

Plaster is more expensive to install, either from a raw material or by the high costs required by those in charge of the installers, and therefore the work of plaster can cost people large sums of money, and with the existence of the cheapest alternative, some people turn to this alternative.

Many complained about the occurrence of cases of plaster falling from the ceiling after a certain period of time, which is very dangerous, especially if the plaster fell on a family member and children, so the designers had to find a safe alternative that would not does not result. in such cases.

Difficult to clean gypsum, since the large number of details in it causes the accumulation of simple dirt atoms, which accumulate and make it difficult to reach them, resulting in an undesirable appearance.

Some may think that by installing suspended plaster, it will dampen and isolate sounds, and this is not true, because sounds are easily transmitted through plaster.

There are plaster molds that are complex in composition, which means they contain a lot of details, complexity and a lot of graphics that cause a lot of inconvenience, but the simple ones are much better.

Ways to make ceiling lighting without drywall

There are other alternatives and better ways than plaster in the design and manufacture of ceilings of all kinds, including the following

There are wooden ceilings, which make the place more elegant and work to distribute lighting well, and fixing it to the ceilings is durable and therefore safer.

There are also fiberglass ceilings, which are a modern type of reinforced plastic intended for decorative purposes and for lining the ceilings. It is interspersed with spotlights spread over the area it covers, giving a regular distribution of lighting. These ceilings are used in especially large places.

Bedroom decoration is preferably simple colors that give the soul some reassurance and calmness, and that it is comfortable for the eyes, while avoiding challenging colors that evoke feelings.

What should be available in the ceiling of the bedroom

Considering that the bedroom is a place of rest and relaxation, its ceiling should be the side directly opposite the face, and the person lies on his bed, and the first thing he looks at when he wakes up, and for that he should receive a lot of attention, so the designers of the bedroom ceiling should take this into account.

The ceiling should be smooth and its color should be lighter than the color of the walls, because the light color absorbs less light, and therefore the lighting is clearer, and looking at the light color gives a feeling of psychological comfort and intimacy.

The ceiling designated for the bedroom should also be of a design that is compatible with the design of the walls and the furniture in the room. It is not appropriate to make a suspended and decorated ceiling, in which modern and modern furniture placed, or a simple ceiling with classic furniture.

It is preferable to make the lighting so that it is distributed in a system of dim and bright lighting in other places, so that the sleeping person is taken into account if the dim lighting is switched on.

Suitable colors for ceilings

There are many harmonious colors that can be used in the colors of ceilings and walls, including the following

The wood color is suitable for classic rooms, giving the place it is in a certain sophistication, luxury and warmth. It is especially suitable for large places, as its strength appears in those large rooms.

The white color is the master of colors, and it is one of the colors that matches all decorations and gives a sense of calmness and comfort to the person sitting. It is also a suitable color for many other colors, and the lighting with that color is clearer because it doesn’t absorb light like other colors, so it needs somewhat dim lighting.

The color red is an enthusiastic and strong color that sends enthusiasm and instability in the soul, especially when blue is added to it. Therefore, it is one of the colors that may be suitable for kitchens, not bedrooms and rest rooms.

The copper color is one of the modern colors used in home decor, and it is one of the valuable and beautiful colors that everyone prefers in living rooms and guest receptions. It also suits the classic decor more.

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