IBS unveils the latest BenQ products in the Egyptian market

BenQ, the world’s leading brand in screens and projectors, has announced its partnership with IBS as the exclusive agent for BenQ products in the Egyptian market.

Within the framework of this partnership, IBS unveiled a package of monitors and projector products aimed at professional and entertaining electronic gaming enthusiasts and for home cinema and smart display purposes, meeting the needs of B2B business sectors, as well as products for individuals and B2C consumers, characterized by the ability to meet the needs of various sectors, such as the education sector and other sectors, which require interactive light shows, as well as professional and entertainment electronic game products.

As for the B2C products of BenQ displays, a group of displays dedicated to the practice of professional electronic sports and suitable for the purposes of international competitions, as well as products for entertainment games such as Playstation and Xbox, as well as a group screens intended for design and assembly professionals, and eye care screens for home use.

As for the products of the B2B business sectors, they include screens for design, editing and video production professionals, as well as Eye Care screens for business purposes.

As for the second BenQ product, which is the projector, it contains a group of leading models for B2C consumers, and it contains 4 models, namely: “the mobile projector prepared for travel and outdoor display purposes, and the second type intended for entertainment purposes and home cinema, and it works with 4k technology and contains a Laser lens, in addition to a smart projector, and a game projector that offers high quality 4k, ideal for electronic games.

As for the B2B products of the projector products, it includes a group of products for education and other various business purposes, such as interactive screens that can be connected to the projector to facilitate interaction between the teacher and the students.
After sales services and maintenance

BenQ, through its sole agent in the Egyptian market, IBS, provides after-sales services such as warranty and maintenance on all BenQ products, up to five years from the date of purchase.

BenQ offers a warranty on professional gaming monitors for a period of 60 months, which is a warranty period not found in any competing product, and a 40-month warranty is available on entertainment gaming monitors.

IBS also provides maintenance service through IBS Care, the BenQ authorized service center, and the warranty registration process is done online in a very easy way through a website dedicated to registering the warranty of any product purchased from BenQ products, in order to facilitate customers.

The device

During the ceremony announcing the partnership between BenQ and IBS, Mr. Manish Bashki, Regional Director of BenQ in the Middle East and Turkey, said: “BenQ intends to have a strong presence in the Egyptian market during the current period, through a set of specific products from screens and projectors to specific audiences and sectors. Specifically, such as the electronic games sector, which we are strongly focusing on during the current period, along with other sectors such as the education sector in schools and universities that require interactive products that serve their educational purposes.

He added that the Egyptian market is one of the important markets for us in the Middle East, and therefore we aim to achieve a market share comparable to our presence in other markets such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in which we market share varies from 50% to 55%.
He said: “Through our partnership with IBS, we aim to achieve a market share ranging between 15% and 18%, and a sales volume of EGP 80m within a year in the Egyptian market. We also aim to increase sales of EGP 360m to be achieved by 2025.”

He pointed out that the most important feature that differentiates BenQ products, especially the screens, is the technology used in manufacturing, which provides eye care protection while using the screens, which differentiates BenQ products from any competing product in the market.

Engineer Mohamed Sameh, Chairman of the IBS Board of Directors, confirmed that the partnership with a global company like BenQ is an important step and a strong addition to IBS’ business record in the Egyptian market.

He pointed out that IBS started its work in Egypt in 1996 with the beginning of the era of the technological revolution and the introduction of technological development initiatives such as the “Computer for every home” initiative and the “Computer for every student” initiative and other initiatives that have significantly contributed to the spread of these developments in Egyptian society, considering that Working in partnership with BenQ marks a new era for our electronic games business, which is one of the most promising areas.

He explained that the field of electronic sports is currently experiencing great competition at the level of the Egyptian market and the global market, which encouraged us to enter this field through our partnership with BenQ International.

Eng Mostafa Abdel Moneim, Director of Commercial Sales – BenQ Egypt, confirmed that the company aims to be at the forefront of screens and projectors in the Egyptian market during the next three years.

He pointed out that BenQ has a good business precedent in the Middle East region, and in light of this, through its partnership with IBS, it aims to achieve sales in Egypt of up to $18 million by 2025.

He pointed out that the consumer usually looks for the value of the product versus the price, and this is what we are working to achieve through the partnership between BenQ and IBS, through unique features that differentiate BenQ products from any other competitor in the market , including, for example, eye care technology while using screens. .

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