Start studies with 3 faculties and 5 new educational programs… The achievements of Helwan National University in 2022

Start studies with 3 faculties and 5 new educational programs… The achievements of Helwan National University in 2022

Helwan National University is a university that was born from the womb of an ancient university, which made it a leading university that accepts students in its first year, and with the end of 2022, the university has shown great success since it joined the university applied according to the minimum set of academic programs, and the establishment of the Helwan National University came within the framework of sustained efforts of the political leadership and the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to the higher education system developed around the objectives of the State Plan for Sustainable Development 2030 and from the perspective of availability and expansion in providing educational opportunities to students, and studies began on the first of October 2022.

Dr. El-Sayed Qandil, President of Helwan University, indicated that the Helwan National University is a non-profit organization established by Republican Decree No. 42 of 2022 and its headquarters is located on the campus of Helwan University – Ain Helwan in the city of Helwan. Helwan National University applies modern and innovative teaching, learning and scientific research techniques to provide comprehensive and higher education. Quality to equip graduates who can compete locally and internationally to be future leaders, and to offer specialized educational programs with international academic standards in line with smart universities of the fourth generation to meet the needs of the labor market with new graduates who are qualified with knowledge and modern technical capabilities locally, regionally and internationally, and with a vision and future planning in collaboration with specialized international universities. the promotion of young students and researchers of the university and to support the Egyptian society to achieve the national goals.

The university seeks to encourage innovation and creativity and carry out applied scientific research, to maximize the effective company locally and internationally in the production and dissemination of knowledge that meets the needs of society and sustainable development plans, and seeks to link the industry in a flexible framework that allows for continuous improvement and the preservation of societal values ​​and ethics, while keeping pace with scientific and technological development, and providing society with leaders Those capable of making a tangible change for themselves, their country, and their regional and international environment, in addition to their ability to develop innovative solutions to problems as promising researchers with the ability to learn for life.

Helwan Private University started the academic year 2022/2023 with three new faculties, namely the Faculties of Engineering, the College of Letters and Applied Arts, and the College of Humanities, Commerce and Business Administration. Smart and web applications related to many fields. , and the Architecture and Environmental Design program to achieve excellence locally, regionally and globally in building knowledge and research in the field of architecture and urban sciences “the science of the built environment” and the combination of creativity, innovation, building technology and sustainability. College of Arts and Applied Arts also included two programs, namely the design program. The environmental interior includes a mix of interior design sciences for different spaces (residential – commercial – administrative – touristic), connecting them with the natural, social, cultural and physical environment, and the animation program and visual effects, thereby enabling the graduate to express artistically and technically the content and artistic concepts emerging from a cultural and social background and access to the production of animated films and visual effects. It rises to the international level and is incompatible with global production to raise the name of Egypt internationally and regionally in this field. The Faculty of Humanities, Commerce and Business Administration includes the Business Informatics and Digital Transformation program to fill the gap in the requirements of the labor market in the field of business informatics and prepare a generation capable of implementing digital transformation and business digitization procedures, in addition to Competition of developed countries in the field of business informatics).

The stage of student registration, which saw a remarkable turnout of high school students, enrolled at the Helwan National University. The university received students who applied to join the university at the headquarters of the Arts and Culture Complex on the main campus in Ain Helwan. answer their queries and questions, in addition to receiving students of equivalent certificates. The university has also allocated a link On the Telegram channel to communicate with students and parents, as well as allocated links to communicate with students in different colleges.

The high turnout of students called for a second phase to be opened for admission, then the files of high school students applying to receive at its various faculties, and cards handed to them, and an introductory week for students in various programs were held for a period of two weeks, at the headquarters of the Arts and Culture Complex.

The university leaders did not hesitate to make efforts to meet the requirements of the students through periodic and continuous tours led by prof. Dr. El-Sayed Qandil, president of Helwan University, and the various leaders do not. prof. Dr. , President of Helwan University, held a number of meetings with the coordinators of the National University to follow up on the latest developments in it, and to resolve any problems it encountered, in addition to meetings with its students to meet their requirements listen, and make questionnaires to find out their opinions and requirements, as well as follow up the regularity of the educational process and study at the Helwan National University after the beginning. Study there, and inspect the colleges, facilities, amphitheatres, classrooms and laboratories.

In the same context, the Helwan National University participated in the activities of the launch week to the new private universities, at the headquarters of the National Authority for Private and Technological Universities in the private education building in the Fifth Settlement, with the aim of high school students and equivalent certificates to the various programs of the new private universities that originate from public universities.

Helwan National University started as a young university in 2022, and it is expected that the number of study programs will be increased during the coming period in view of the wide interest of the leaders to achieve success for this new university and to meet the requirements and meet needs. of students during their study period.

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