Zahrat Al-Khaleej – Asmaa Al-Othaimeen and Ghada Al-Majed: Our designs are comfortable and sustainable

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The two Saudis: Asmaa Al-Othaimeen and Ghada Al-Majed, their interest in the environment and sustainability, the love for fashion, and the search for quality products that meet their requirements, and this is what prompted them – to a long period of planning, then design and production – to establish the “Chaldene” brand, and they advance – from During them – comfortable and elegant designs of luxury quality, in accordance with their priorities based on psychological and physical comfort, inner peace and elegant shape. We talk to them; Learn more about their sustainable brand concept:

• Can you tell us more about yourself and your early interest in fashion?

Asmaa: We studied in different fields and places, and gathered our skills and strengths to launch our own brand, after the trouble of searching for quality products that meet our requirements. We started with meditation and planning for a long time, and then with design and production for a longer period, until we achieved the required quality, on the basis of which the brand was created.

• Is your relationship limited to a professional partnership, or does it extend to friendship?

Ghada: Of course our relationship is not only professional. Our friendship and deep understanding led us to working partnership. We complement each other on many points, and we believe that this is the secret to reaching this kind of customers, who pay attention to the smallest details.

Elegance.. and comfort

• How did the idea to establish the brand «Chaldene» begin?

Asmaa: After noticing that most of our day is spent seeking rest and relaxation; Caldini was founded on this principle and focused on producing comfortable and elegant designs with premium quality. Some may not know that simple designs require a very large amount of effort and precision. To come out perfect.

• Why did you choose the name «Chaldene»? How do you describe the “brand”?

– Asmaa: “Caldini” is the name of one of the moons of Jupiter, and we chose this name because the sky and planets are connected with calmness and serenity, which is the feeling we aim to achieve for everyone who “Caldini wear”. ” The Caldini brand is a source of psychological and physical comfort, and is associated with a sense of calm, relaxation and self-love. It brings a sense of elegance and comfort at the same time, as you wear it at the start of your day, when you drink your morning coffee, when you sit with friends, or even when you go out for a spa appointment! .. At the end of your day, Caldini reflects your relaxation and comfort. Women often try to acquire the best and most beautiful when they travel and go out for events, but some of them rarely care about what they wear at other times. Our brand is aimed at the woman who is interested in every detail at all times.

• How did your interest in the environment and sustainability begin?

Ghada: It was one of our individual interests, which led to the strengthening and closeness of the interdependence between us, and made us feel more of belonging to each other, and understanding on a deeper level.

• What problems and challenges have you encountered; To embrace sustainability and environmental friendliness in the fashion industry?

– Asthmaa: One of the biggest few production problems, and as needed; This is very expensive counter-intuitive! All items are sold in large quantities at a good price, but it is difficult to find a small quantity for the same value. We live in a world of speed and waste, but we will challenge this thought, and it is certain that many women will share our opinion, and they will go to this pattern in their purchases, rather than the large quantities and the lack of quality.

Support for sustainability

• Can Chaldene be considered 100% sustainable?

Ghada: We can answer “yes” in a nutshell, but we avoid – through our experience and knowledge – such statements for several reasons: First: because we don’t like to use the word “sustainability” as a matter of marketing and promotion, but rather just as a matter of awareness. Second, every person who has any real knowledge of sustainability knows that it is almost impossible for this statement to be appropriate. Because we know the depth of the impact on the environment. Third: We always feel neglected in the protection of the environment. So we continue to grow and look for ways to better support sustainability, and a page outlining our steps to support sustainability has been created on our website

• Does the “brand” reflect your personality, lifestyle and social goals?

Asthma: Exactly! The Caldini brand is a personal lifestyle based on the priority of psychological and physical comfort and inner peace, combining it with elegant form at all times. We always hear the saying “beauty hurts”, as if women are doomed to feel uncomfortable for the sake of looking beautiful! This is in fact wrong. That’s why we designed Caldini pieces; To satisfy our need for beauty and comfort.

• What advice would you give to someone looking to launch a sustainable fashion brand?

Ghada: deliberation, research and patience; Sustainability does not mix with speed and randomness. It should start slowly and simply, while research and development continue. to achieve the desired result.

• Did you find support and turnout from people? Is environmental awareness increasing?

Asmaa: We found a very nice and unexpected support so quickly, and we feel grateful and appreciative of everyone who contributed to our support. Yes, we have recently seen an increase in environmental awareness among people, but in a small and slow way, and we imagine that this issue will receive more attention in the near future.

What are the future plans and directions for «Chaldene»?

Ghada: We have many existing projects and future plans. We are very much looking forward to the future, and we like to share our news and updates on our website and our Instagram @Chaldeneco. The Caldini brand aims to spread environmental, health and psychological awareness, as self-care is the first way to care for others.

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