Before you buy any screen.. Learn about the most important tips and necessary instructions

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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Books – Mohamed Salah:
Many citizens wonder what is better with the modern when they buy a television because of the multitude of types with the great and varied capabilities of the current devices.

Masrawy reviews some special points in electricity consumption based on a group of factors such as the size of the television screen, the technology used to display television broadcasts, and the presence of a feature to save electricity inside the television.

The market is full of a large and sophisticated group of the latest TVs and screens with multiple capabilities, shapes and prices, but before you buy a new TV, follow the complete guide to buy the right TV according to your desires and budget.
Different types of screens:

– The difference between an LCD screen and a Plasma screen: Buyers usually cannot distinguish between an LCD screen and a Plasma screen due to the strong similarity between them in terms of shape, and sellers usually provide incomplete and inaccurate information when asked about the difference between the two types, we offer you the answer to the question of Through the following comparison of the characteristics of each type.

LCD features
One of the main advantages of LCD screens is that they do not cause any harmful radiation due to the way they work, which depends on liquids, unlike plasma screens, which rely on gas to display images, which require a small amount of harmful ultraviolet radiation emitted to the eyes, and LCD screens are better than plasma. In displaying different shades of colors with a higher degree of purity, and simulating natural colors more accurately by distinguishing by the color saturation characteristic, and LCD screens are lighter in weight and easier to move than plasma, which is relatively heavier is, and cannot be easily moved for fear of breaking it.

As for the life expectancy of LCD screens, it is significantly higher than the life expectancy of plasma screens. Also, the amount of electrical energy consumed by LCD screens is much less than the energy consumed by plasma, and unlike plasma, the LCD screen is not exposed to total combustion, but some black spots may appear on it as a result of burning Partial wear of the screen after a long period of use.

Plasma features:
The plasma screen is distinguished from the LCD screens by being able to see it clearly from any angle, as the plasma screen makes it possible to see the image with the same quality and clarity from different angles to provide more enjoyable viewing for the largest possible number of individuals , unlike LCD screens which cannot be viewed with the same brightness and quality required except from a few certain angles.

Plasma performs to a higher degree in determining color contrast than LCD screens, and in a faster response time that provides more enjoyable viewing in fast-changing shots in action films and video games, since response time means the ability to display details in very fast shots , so it is the most competent and appropriate. Enjoy fast-paced video games and action movies in higher quality and from more angles.

HD digital broadcasting
Most television screens currently contain the ability to receive high-quality digital broadcasts, symbolized by the abbreviation of the two letters HD, and currently there are types of traditional square screens that contain this possibility, although their prices are very high. approach the prices of high-quality wide screens, and they are not given to the consumer The same purity of colors and moving images in the latter while receiving digital broadcasts.

Although wide HD TV screens are considered the future of television broadcasting, there are some disadvantages that buyers will face now and until the time when the channels officially switch to digital broadcasting. Currently, most channels depend on analog broadcasting, which it is. means that the current channels running on the “analogue” system will not appear in the quality expected from a high-quality screen.

Determine the screen size
To determine the size of the screen you want to buy according to what the budget allows, you must first pay attention to the place where the TV screen will be placed in the house, and consider leaving a space around the screen which allows it to be seen from as many angles as possible, for example screens in the size of 27 inches or Less are ideal for bedrooms or rooms designated for receiving guests. As for the living room, it is better that the TV screen size is 32 inches or more, and that it is placed on a stand next to a suitable space on all sides.

Screen prices in the market:
Modern TVs can reach very high prices. Here is an approximate average price of various TVs in the Egyptian market, so that you can match your desires for a new TV with your available capabilities, taking into account the difference in prices depending on the production company and the locations of the sales displays.

Image brightness:-
Judging the quality and purity of the image of the TV screen is difficult inside the purchase exhibition due to the strong lights in the display areas, and they are shone in a thoughtful way around the perimeter of the screens for greater clarity. giving the screen, and these are some important tips to compare the quality of the different screens offered by sellers, and not to be deceived In the pure form that the channels appear there.

Don’t be fooled by the color highlighting: When comparing between two or more screens, you need to make sure that the image is equal in color ratio and Brightness is a unit that opposes Contrast. Usually, the image properties within the gallery are set to the highest degree of the available color relief ratio, so you should ask the seller to reduce the percentage of color relief, its intensity and the unity of its opposition so that the image is equal in the two compared screens, then after the image is formally equal, consider whether there is a possibility in one of the screens to lighten the colors more or not, and what is the difference between the degrees of lightening in the two screens when the image is almost the same quality become

Dim the lighting in the gallery
Most houses do not have the large amount of lighting that is available in the sales displays. You should ask the seller to dim the lights a little in the display, and see if the screen image will remain with the same quality and purity, or will its quality affected by the decrease in external lighting in the place, which will happen when it moves into your home.

Try a DVD or Blu-ray: If you have a DVD or Blu-ray disc that you feel familiar with its image and feel the clarity and quality of the image in it, take it with you to the exhibition and try it there with the wide screens that have a device to display the discs, instead of watching a disc Show for the first time on the screen, without previously watching the same CD on another screen to compare.

LED, OLED and 3D screens?
LED screens are a development of LCD screens, but with a different lighting system that allows better viewing from various angles, unlike LCD screens. LED screens also offer a higher degree of contrast and purity in colors. Ultra-thin screens can be produced by this technology.

As for the problem of LED screens, it is represented in its high cost, much like any new technology, and in its large sizes and the few models presented in the market with this technology, and LED screens are completely different from OLED screens , and the latter is a better and newer technology, but it is still in the experimental phase regarding large TV screens and needs a few months to come for OLED TV screens to be introduced.

There is also a new technology currently being tested abroad, which is third-dimensional or 3D televisions, which are expected to face many problems before being put on the market due to their need for special imaging methods that are not available to most is not available. satellite channels, and it is very expensive if provided, which makes It a legitimate fear for the financial viability of the channels’ use of that technology.

The few available models of LED screens are all distinguished by the large screen size, starting at least from around 36 inches, and as usual with any new technology, the prices skyrocket at the beginning of its introduction in the market, then the prices is gradually starting to fall, as the prices of available LED screens start at 10,000 pounds.

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