Study Interior Design in Saudi Arabia: Admissions, Salaries and Best Universities

Studying interior design in Saudi Arabia is accepted by many male and female students after completing the high school stage, as it is one of the many important fields that fulfill the aspirations of students who love interior designs and decoration.

There are many Saudi universities that offer interior design and everything related to urban style.

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Requirements for admission to major in interior design in Saudi Arabia

There are a set of conditions governing the admission of students to this university major, including the following:

  1. The student must have already passed a secondary school certificate or its equivalent in the case of British or American education.
  2. The student’s age ranges from 17 to 22 years, provided the number of years of high school graduation does not exceed 3 years before joining the university.
  3. In the case of enrolling in Saudi public universities without educational scholarships, it is required that you have a Saudi nationality, but in the case of international students, you can join private and private universities in Saudi Arabia.
  4. The academic average of not less than 75% in the general secondary phase in the case of science majors.
  5. Pass a personal interview with the university administration and an aptitude test in some specialized subjects set by the university administration.
  6. Proficiency in the English language and it is preferable to pass international certificates such as IELTS and TOEFL.

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The most important fields and university majors when studying design in Saudi Arabia

Interior design encompasses many fields and specializations, such as:

  • Architectural construction and interior design for everything related to institutions, establishments, offices, palaces and villas.
  • Visual arts sciences and work in the fields of photography, graphics and animation.
  • The interior design departments also include work in the field of fashion design that suits men, women and children.
  • The field of decoration and urban heritage compatible with the nature and size of the place.

Interior design materials in Saudi Arabia

When joining the field of interior design, the student studies a number of important specialized subjects, namely:

  • Correct scientific methods in the arts of interior design, architecture and construction.
  • Decorative arts and scientific design with the latest computer programs.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of everything related to shadows and perspective.
  • Designs related to home furniture, curtains and upholstery.
  • The necessary materials and designs in relation to the outer shape of the clothes.
  • The combination of the old urban style with civilized development in interior design and decoration styles.

What are the top universities to study interior design in Saudi Arabia?

There are a large number of Saudi universities that offer the interior design major, including the following:

  • The University of Jeddah is one of the most important Saudi universities, which includes many majors in addition to interior design, architecture and construction.
  • King Abdulaziz University is one of the most famous universities for studying interior design in Saudi Arabia, along with the great fame in several other university majors, making it a prominent position at the local and global level.
  • King Saud University and Taibah University.
  • Taif University and Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University.
  • Umm Al-Qura University and Al-Baha University.
  • Princess Noura University.

It includes almost all Saudi universities specializing in interior design because of its wide acceptance by various local students in Saudi Arabia and international students from all countries of the world.

What is the salary of an interior designer in Saudi Arabia?

Studying interior design in Saudi Arabia is one of the important fields that many students accept because of its important social status, in addition to the high average salaries, as follows:

  • Average salaries range from 8,500 to 24,000 Saudi Riyal per month, depending on the type of field and the location in which the person works.
  • The value of the salary rises based on the great experience, since the value of the hour that this designer works is determined based on the number of years of experience, in addition to certificates and scientific experience with the desire to complete postgraduate studies and a masters – and doctorate in the same university specialization.

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Does interior design have a future in Saudi Arabia?

The answer to this question is definitely the study of interior design and work in this field is one of the most important university majors that students accept due to the constant need for this specialization within engineering companies and offices.

Recently, engineering offices have become increasingly demanding interior design specialists to provide a comprehensive service to the client in terms of buildings, architectural construction and interior designs based on the latest urban styles and modern decor.

What is the acceptance rate for the interior design major?

Most Saudi universities require an acceptance rate from 70%, and the admission percentage and conditions vary from university to university.

Requirements for Majoring in Interior Design for Girls in Saudi Arabia

The conditions for specializing in interior design for girls in Saudi Arabia are no different from those for boys, but as we have explained, the conditions vary from one university to another.


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