The basics of design for the dining room open to the hall

Some homeowners prefer that the dining and hall rooms open to each other, in the living unit, to represent the expansion of the internal spaces and modernity and to facilitate movement, as well as to improve interaction between family members. However, the “open decor” requires that the identity of each room does not disappear, while finding common threads between the two spaces, in order to achieve a coherent and aesthetic appearance. In this context, engineer Shorouq Jamal explains how to implement some innovative ideas that make interconnected spaces distinctive, and highlights some common mistakes that are expensive to fix.
There are many common mistakes in coordinating the decorations from the hall open to the dining area. English Shorouq lists some of them as follows:

  • Place the dining table along one of the walls at a time when the table should be in the center of the hall and appear in an elegant way, without overloading the decoration scene, which means that this table does not take up a large area of ​the available space, provided distances separate it from its surroundings that allow movement and movement without removing any piece of furniture.
  • “stack” pieces of furniture in either corner; On the other hand, it is better for the two spaces that sit in one of them to feel psychologically comfortable, and in a way that allows communication without the need to shout to hear his words.
  • Distribution of furniture pieces in a way that looks attached to each other. On the other hand, the sizes of the pieces of furniture must be taken into account, knowing that the eye must slide over the furniture to see what is hidden behind it.
Lighting is at least one meter from the table

“Open Space” decor coordination

Engineer Shorouk says, “A piece of furniture can act as a divider between the two spaces, such as: the low back of the sofa, provided it is attached to the dining area, but if the back of the sofa is high, the above piece must be against the wall leans, with the addition of two side chairs with arms, They are placed in such a way that their backs appear from the dining area (or with a “pouf” that matches the sofa and the model used). And his adds, “The carpet can define the area of ​​one of the two areas; Considering the size of the hall and dining area, in the “open design”. However, if the space is small, it is preferable to use a carpet for using the living room and leaving the dining room without a floor covering.This emphasizes the importance of achieving harmony between the two corners, ie choosing patterns that are consistent and not dissonant in it, materials for dining room table chairs that are identical or similar to couch cushions are, and the colors of the artwork in d The dining area is derived from the armchair or “poof” and the base of the gold or (brass) chairs is derived from the chandelier Ceiling, in the living corner. The foregoing does not eliminate the identity of each corner, such as: painting a characteristic wall in the living room, choosing wallpaper for the dining room, or covering the walls entirely with wood and marble or their alternatives, with the use of “stainless steel” slats, to add more luxury to the place.

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neutral colors

The dining and sitting areas are connected to each other, through the clever use of colors, especially neutrals, such as: beige, brown and gray shades, with inlays in a distinctive color to create an attractive visual point.

The “open space” aims to let one move seamlessly from one area to another, giving each its own identity

Ceilings and lighting

Ceilings and pendant lighting help to divide the areas of the house. By arranging the dining table in the center of the space allocated to it and installing a hanging lamp above it, it gives special lighting to the space and makes it look more specific and customized, bearing in mind that the lighting is at least one meter from the table is off. . The dining table is placed, if possible, near a large window, with the addition of light touches of lighting, such as those projected on the inside of the glass cupboards for cutlery, or hidden behind large ornamental plants, or within the plaster decorations in the ceiling or walls.

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Ceilings and pendant lighting help to divide the areas of the house

Partitions in decoration are a good way to divide any space, but the two halves must be chosen so as not to clash with the “open space”, because the latter tries to leave one smoothly from one area to another moving, while each of them has its own identity. In addition, partitions are integrated into the room’s decor, making them appear as an integral part of it.

Visual boredom

The dining table and its chairs, coffee table, side tables and “buffet” made of the same material create a great deal of visual fatigue and boredom.

It is not right to have a complete set of furniture that fits perfectly. The dining table and chairs, coffee table, side tables and “buffet” made of the same material create a great deal of visual fatigue and boredom. On the other hand, there is a need for diversity in colors, as well as materials.

  • The works in the photos were designed by Eng Shorouq Jamal

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