What is graphic design and what are its areas of work


What is graphic design and what are its areas of workGraphic design is considered as one of the electronic skills that enjoys great fame and importance around the world. Graphic design at this time has become one of the sciences that major companies and institutions around the world depend on. On my article website, it will be clarified what graphic design is, and what are its fields of work in a detailed way.

What is graphic design

Graphic design, or what is known as the skill of graphic design, graphic design or graphic design, is a set of technical and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication, and through which many principles are applied and work on specific elements with the goal . of creating a visual communicative artwork based on a fixed image. It is what takes a form that is printed or displayed on a two-dimensional surface, and graphic design is the creative skill carried out by one or more designers at the same time, according to the request of the customer or client, and finds cooperation between they place in the implementation of its physical data by a group of producers, whether they are typists, programmers or directors; And then enable the customer or client to deliver a specific message to the target audience.[1]

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Areas of graphic design work

There are many areas in which graphic design is specialized, and the following are the most prominent of these areas:

  • Brand identity design projects.
  • The field of visual identity, such as letterheads, business cards and brand guides.
  • T-shirt and clothing designs.
  • The field of art-oriented television commercials.
  • The field of printed guarantees for pharmaceutical companies.
  • The field of organized photography.
  • Field of books, magazines, catalogs and newspapers.
  • Domain package designs for video game titles.
  • Field Illustrations and Clip Art.
  • The field of marketing materials, and that is through flyers, brochures and postcards.
  • The field of marketing advertising through the Internet and retail.
  • The field of product packaging and labels.
  • Presentation field.

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Does graphic design have a future?

Yes, as employment statistics confirm that professional graphic designers have more job opportunities than others, and the following are the most prominent areas of work for professional graphic designers:

  • Creative Director: It is a job that includes management skills, leadership, managerial abilities and creative vision.
  • Artist and production designer: This work includes steps in the production process, uploading design files and checking for accuracy, and also includes equal parts design and computer application skills.
  • Marketing Specialist: The job of a marketing specialist includes a group of graphic design jobs that fall under the jobs of the marketing category.
  • Multimedia or Animation: The multimedia or animation job is one of the jobs that gives its professionals the opportunity to work in various types of companies, organizations and websites.
  • Academic teaching: Where graphic design graduates work in universities and colleges as academic lecturers and professional trainers in the field.
  • digital designs: A set of digital experiences is designed through which others are attracted and engaged, and this is what is represented in the design of websites, applications, programs and digital interfaces.
  • Production developer: Thereby presenting the product to employers, contributing to the development process, conducting development research and working to create illustrations.
  • Director and Artistic Director: This is a job in which you work with employers or clients to provide a technical vision that meets the objectives and the available budget.

What are the types of graphic design

There are a group of types of graphic design, and the most prominent of these types are as follows:

  • Social media posts.
  • Design of visual identities.
  • Advertisement design.
  • Publications design.
  • Motion graphics.
  • environmental design.
  • Website interface design.
  • packaging designs.

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What is the importance of graphic design

There is a great importance to the field of graphic design, as an independent work through which it is possible to expand the field and show great creativity. Nowadays it is not possible to run any commercial activity without the need for the outputs of graphic design, and the importance of graphic design are as follows:

  • Show professionalism.
  • Graphic design is a powerful communication tool.
  • Beat the competition.
  • Graphic design builds trust and credibility.
  • attract customers.
  • Graphic design helps create a strong impression.
  • It builds a unique identity for your brand.

What is the difference between a graphic engineer and a graphic designer

The graphic engineer is the specialist who uses a digital platform to create 2D and 3D designs, from drawings, models and designs. As for the graphic designer, he is the one who usually has the creative technical expertise through which he creates a new vision can create from reality by following many methods.

And here we have come to the end of the article What is graphic design and what are its areas of workthereby identifying what graphic design is and what its fields of work are, and this is by explaining what its fields and job opportunities are for specialists in this field.

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