Director of the Saudi Design Festival: Riyadh will be a city of interactive designs

She told Asharq Al-Awsat: It will start with the participation of 120 artists… and we will take the locals to the world.

Makers of cultural and creative experiences gather at the Saudi Design Festival (SDF), which kicks off its second edition in Riyadh today, Thursday, and runs until January 23. This edition represents an expansion of the festival’s offerings, which aims to transform Riyadh into a city of interactive designs. alive, and the cover reveals a new vision to celebrate design in its many forms, local and global.

This launch comes after the festival announced a few days ago that it has been officially recognized as a leading event in the field of design around the world, by the International Design Weeks organization, as the Saudi Design Festival is the successor of the Saudi Design is. Week (2014-2019), and aims to provide a platform to showcase local designers and talent, amplify their voices and elevate design conversations in the region.

Knowledge enrichment

Speaking to Asharq Al-Awsat, Basma Bouzo, co-founder and director of the Saudi Design Festival, talks about this event, saying: “The aim and vision of the Saudi Design Festival is to support designers, the public’s knowledge of all areas to enrich. design, and support a distinctively creative environment.” She points out that the second edition of the festival comes with the support and joint vision of the Architecture and Design Authority at the Ministry of Culture.

And she adds: «The festival was previously represented in the Saudi Design Week, over a period of 7 years, since its beginning in 2014. Now it has become a festival for the second year, and it lasts for more than two weeks. The festival brings together a series of meaningful and valuable activities that interest design lovers, amateurs, specialists and workers in this field.

interactive designs

To a question from Basma Bouzo, who will differentiate this year’s new version from its predecessor, she indicated that the second version is different in that the activities are distributed in several different regions in the city of Riyadh, which according to her designers helps more to motivate. , and the participation of a larger segment of the public, in an effort to transform Riyadh into a design environment.

Regarding the number of participating artists and designers, Basma Bouzo reveals that there are more than 120 participants in the Saudi Design Festival, in various tracks, including: architectural design, interior design, graphic design, furniture design, jewelry design, interactive design and other fields .

The global dimension

And to know the future direction of this promising festival, which is gaining increasing interest year after year, says Basma Bouzo: “Our future vision includes the growth of the sector and the increase in the number of designers and creators. Included in the number of jobs in the design sector, thus supporting the gross domestic product, which in turn supports the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 ».

In addition to being the preeminent celebration of design and creative culture, the Saudi Design Festival is a catalyst for the growth of the local industry and the Saudi identity of design both regionally and globally, reports Basma Bouzo.

Festival areas

The activities of the second edition of the Saudi Design Festival include several regions in the Saudi capital, Riyadh, the first of which on Thursday evening is the opening of the festival at the non-profit Mohammed bin Salman City Forum. to three different regions: Oud Square, Design Gallery, and Riyadh Boulevard.

Festival-goers can look forward to seeing the design gallery’s iconic showroom on Takhassusi Street, which has become home to a series of high-profile exhibitions, as well as design interventions for the duration of the festival. The showroom is known for representing big names in the world of design, and showcased many brands in the Kingdom and the region for the first time. Gallery Design addresses the changing tastes and lifestyles of the region along with the desire to adapt to modern life, embracing international design standards and mixing contemporary furniture with classic pieces.

On Riyadh Boulevard, The Pulse is home to one of the most dynamic design installations during the Saudi Design Festival, as the visitor enters an interactive design that combines the digital and real worlds to expand the interaction of design conversations. The installation also poses a design-related question on a daily basis throughout the Saudi Design Festival calendar, allowing opinions and responses to be collected throughout the day with the outcome at the end of each day.

As for Oudplein; It includes two tracks, the first being “The Future of Work and Play”, which showcases the role of design in imagining and designing the future of workspaces and highlights all that is possible for the new workforce. As for the second track, it is “Designers of the future are born here,” which explores the impact of the smallest elements on feeling and productivity, including the effect of color, sunlight, spatial positioning and room configuration, given that design makes our society , but many people may not see design as an important phenomenon. , which is being worked on to change.

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