He started in the days of poverty in a room and reached a luxury suite. Cristiano Ronaldo’s residences from his hometown to Riyadh (video and photos)

Cristiano Ronaldo, before announcing his contract with the Saudi club Al-Nasr and living in the Kingdom, enjoys special popularity among the Arab fans, without the legend of football time, his fans see him as an extension of prominent names in history of soccer.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Despite the status achieved by Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently one of the richest footballers, he has never been shy to talk about his humble beginnings in his hometown of Funchal, Portugal, to the point of one day taking his son around the modest home of the Don family and the common room in which he stayed with his brothers.

Cristiano Ronaldo hosts from Portugal to Saudi Arabia

During his professional football career, the most popular game, Cristiano Ronaldo stayed in a number of houses, from a common room to a suite in the most luxurious hotels in Saudi Arabia. Vito monitors this in the following lines.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Veto

In childhood, Cristiano Ronaldo lived with his brothers, boys and girls, in a modest shared room, and according to a previous report by the British newspaper “The Sun”, the beginning of Cristiano Ronaldo came in a modest home in his hometown of Funchal in Portugal.


Advice Cristiano Ronaldo to his son in his hometown

Ronaldo (the Don) has revealed in previous statements that he took his son Cristiano Junior with him to his hometown in Funchal, Portugal to realize that his father’s beginnings were not what they seem now and to show him the value and learning its importance changes the destiny of man.

Ronaldo and his family

Cristiano Ronaldo said at the time: “He went with his son Junior, and I saw there a group of people who had not left the place since I was a child. Watching these people touched me and , to be honest, I didn’t expect to see them, to the extent that his son was stunned by the situation he saw.”

During the period when the Don played for Manchester United between 2003 and 2009, Cristiano Ronaldo moved to a different lifestyle, and the situation changed and lived in a house consisting of 5 large bedrooms, a large garden and charming balconies, in addition to a swimming pool. swimming pool, steam room, jacuzzi, gym and cinema hall.

Ronald Residence Suite

Cristiano Ronaldo loved this house very much, according to his statements, and refused to sell it for 9 years, before he later put it up for sale.

Ronald Residence Suite

Cristiano Ronaldo’s palace in the La Vica district

In the Spanish capital, Madrid, the situation was different, when Cristiano Ronaldo moved to the private “La Vinca” neighborhood in 2009 when he was a professional in the ranks of Real Madrid, and for him a mansion worth of 4.8 million pounds sterling.

Ronald Residence Suite

Ronaldo’s new palace in Spain features two indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a training room and a gym equipped with the latest sports equipment, and a special room for physical exercises.

The palace also included a small soccer field near the pool, and a relaxation area equipped with chairs and chaise longues, in a huge and completely different quantum leap for the best player in the world 5 times in a row.

Cristiano Ronaldo, when he moved to the Italian club Juventus in 2018, bought a new mansion there, choosing at that time two villas in a private road surrounded by a high-level security fence.

According to media reports, they were characterized by the presence of separate entrance gates and a cluster of gardens, and the Don lived in them with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez.

Similar to the Madrid Palace in Turin, Italy, Ronaldo owned a swimming pool, gym room, cinema room and the rest of life’s amenities that maintain some level of entertainment.

Ronaldo’s mansion on the Costa de Sol is modern

With the spherical wealth and the professional career nearing its end, in 2019 Ronaldo bought a mansion in “Costa de Sol” in Marbella, Spain worth 1.4 million pounds to spend the holidays in, and there The “Costa de Sol” mansion is said to be located near the palace of “UFC” star Connor MacGregor, and the palace contains 4 large bedrooms and gives its owners a charming view of the sea directly, and it has ‘ a private golf course, gym rooms, cinema, and a swimming pool.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s love for his hometown prompted him to buy a mansion in the Portuguese city of Madeira. The star bought it at the time for a sum of 7 million pounds sterling, and it was the talk of foreign newspapers.

This house overlooks the sea, has 2 Olympic-sized swimming pools, a jacuzzi, a soccer field, a large number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and consists of 4 floors.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo uses this palace during holiday periods, and his most famous use of it was during the quarantine period at the time of the spread of the new Corona virus in March and April 2020, and it is likely that this will be his permanent residence after his final retirement from football .

And because fate always makes a difference in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo, despite the complexity of his career and the expectation of his retirement from football after Portugal’s exit from the World Cup in 2022, and the complexity of his situation within his former team, Manchester United. , he moves to the Saudi Al-Nasr club with an imaginary value, to write a new chapter in his football history. And fate writes him a place to stay that was not taken into account.

Ronald Residence Suite

Cristiano Ronaldo’s residence was in an Arab capital (Riyadh) in the heart of the Middle East, whose citizens always kept the Don through screens and did not expect to see it among them one day.

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Ronaldo currently lives in the Four Seasons Hotel, the most luxurious hotel in the Kingdom, and the cost of staying there is 250,000 pounds ($303,000), until he moves to his own home.

Ronald Residence Suite, Vito

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Ronaldo lives in a luxury suite that includes 17 rooms at the Four Seasons Hotel in the Kingdom Tower in Riyadh, dedicated to him, his family members, his guards and his management team. .

According to the report, Cristiano Ronaldo will stay in this luxury suite for just one month before moving to permanent residence in the luxury neighborhood of Al-Muhammadiyah in the capital, Riyadh.

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