Modern decorating ideas for small bedrooms to make them look bigger

Residents of the house may think that small bedrooms will not provide them with the desired comfort or carry the desired decor items. However, with a little knowledge, any narrow interior space, especially the bedrooms of the spouses, the child (a) and the adult (a), can appear larger if the following “Mrs. Necessary” is followed, which “floods” the space. , to keep the latter clean and orderly.

Furniture, storage and accessories in the small bedroom

It is preferable to reduce the number of pieces of furniture in the narrow bedroom

It’s easy to get confused when a small interior space lacks storage space. Especially in the bedroom, any items that are no longer used should be thrown away.
On the other hand, it is correct to reduce the number of pieces of furniture and adjust the latter according to the size of the space, or to buy ready-made furniture, choose medium to small sizes and keep the floor free of any element (except furniture ), to facilitate movement. The walls, especially those located above the bed, are also used for storage, that is, shelves are designed in this space, with the importance of choosing a design for the bed without a high back, and on a way that drawers are integrated at the bottom of the bed for additional storage, and the design is provided with (relatively) tall legs, so the higher the higher The open floor space made the room feel larger.

The wall above the bed is used for storage, in the cramped bedroom

It is also true, the design of the bedside table (a few side tables should not be solved in the small bedroom), in a way that is higher than the floor, and integrated into the wall. The latter does not carry the lighting unit, as the latter is fixed to the wall. But if the bedroom is very small, multi-purpose furniture (sofa bed, for example, desk or study that folds when not in use and hidden storage spaces…) might solve the problem of limited space.

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Other decor elements to consider to properly coordinate small bedroom decorations include:

  • Curtains: Sunlight makes any interior space look more airy and spacious. Therefore, it is advisable to choose curtains woven from a transparent or translucent fabric for the small bedroom, with the importance of installing the curtains as close as possible to the ceiling, and make these fabrics not touch the floor not.

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  • Mirrors: The presence of mirrors is essential in the bedroom, especially the narrow one, as it is at the same time a decorative and practical element, reflecting light around the room and creating the illusion that the space is expanded. In a small bedroom, it is advisable to install a large wall mirror or decorate the front of the wardrobe with mirrors.
    The presence of mirrors is necessary in the bedroom, especially the narrow ones
  • Lighting: The small bedroom needs several sources of lighting. The latter can carry the window open during the day, side lamps installed on the wall, ceiling lighting, and some lamps to give a beautiful glow when night falls.
    There are many sources of lighting in the narrow bedroom

    If the occupant of the room does not want to allocate a large budget for the lighting units in the space, a few wall lamps and a ceiling lighting unit may be sufficient.

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Favorite colors for the walls and ceiling in the small bedroom

White paint is a favorite for a small bedroom

It is known that light color gradations are suitable for narrow interior spaces, as they reflect light and make places bright, in contrast to dark colors that absorb light, bearing in mind that colors affect how a small bedroom looks, its height and size.

Light colors are suitable for narrow interiors (image via unsplash)

So, when choosing paint for the walls of a small bedroom, white, cream and beige colors are appropriate, supporting the whiteness of the walls with a dose of light pink, light blue or green, provided that this dose carries the bed. covers and pillows.

To break the whiteness of the walls, pop strong colors through pillow textures. (Image via Unsplash)

Light-colored furniture, in turn, is preferred in the small room, in which the elements, including furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures and curtains, should be consistent, in the color gap. The next trick is appropriate in this context, and that is to choose the color of the pillows distributed on the bed in harmony with the mural (it is appropriate to choose a large one instead of a group of small ones ).
Moreover, interior decorators follow several tricks when working on small bedrooms. One of the tricks is to paint the ceiling with a darker color than the color of the walls, which makes the eye look up, giving the impression of height even though the ceiling is not high.
On the other hand, there is no objection to painting the walls and ceiling in the same color as the paint.

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