Ram unveils 1500 Revolution Electric

The Ram brand unveiled its concept, which bears the name Ram 1500 Revolution Electric (BEV), during the activities of the CES Consumer Electronics Show. In all future Ram trucks, and especially during its journey into the world of electric vehicles.

The Ram brand will offer a series of all-electric solutions to better meet customer needs, including the Ram 1500 BEV concept that will redefine this segment within the segment in 2024. The entire Ram fleet will provide electric vehicle solutions with revolutionary advanced technology and pioneering work. technology in the coming years. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept represents the first chapter that will differentiate Ram from its competitors in the electric vehicle segment of the future.

“The introduction of the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV Concept represents our approach to achieving something exceptional in the brand’s history, and directly points to the goals we want to achieve in our electric vehicle journey,” said Mike Koval Jr. , Brand Head, Ram, said. Stellantis Group. At Ram, we’ve redefined the concept of a pickup, and we’ll do it again by outdoing what the competition has to offer by offering the best electric pickups on the market.

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept represents the Ram brand’s contribution to the achievement of the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan, which aims to provide innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility solutions.

Ram will once again redefine the pickup segment with the 2024 Ram 1500 Revolution BEV. The concept will pioneer the areas that matter most to customers: range, towing, payload and charging time. More news on the production version will be available in the coming months. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept offers a beautiful vision of luxury pickups as part of the future of Ram trucks. The exterior design team set out to revolutionize the van segment by creating an ultra-modern concept that exudes power and respects its purpose and the environment around it.

The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept features a striking “tough and beautiful” exterior design – a look that is rugged yet beautiful. A modern, moving “RAM” badge adorns the all-new face of the Ram, which features a “tuning fork” pattern for the all-LED moving headlamps. The doors have been reimagined to open the large saloon’s gates to reveal a generous passenger space without a B-pillar. Bright LED lights are cleverly integrated into the front fender flares and the lighting enhancements are highlighted by fully animated LED taillights and badging.

Innovative features have been carefully integrated throughout the design and include a new electrically operated tailgate with one-touch open and close function, adding even more capacity and storage space. Other power-operated features include a power door to the cargo port, located inside the driver’s side front quarter panel, a power tailgate, recessed door handles, power side steps and a power rear step with active diffuser complete the extensive list of electrically powered features.

The vehicle’s charging port lights and flashes while charging, and an audible beep indicates it’s plugged in and charging has begun. The charging port features Level 1 and Level 2 AC charging on the top half and fast DC charging on the bottom half of the charger.

Distinctive Ram design features with additional capabilities include a multi-function power tailgate and a larger RamBox. The sharp hourglass body design and 35-inch wheel openings give it a unique new look. The Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept also features self-leveling capability on 24-inch wheels with lighted, riveted center caps. The new interior design features sustainable materials with unprecedented levels of flexibility, comfort and innovation. Defined as a “single space environment,” the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept uses a single open space from front to back that allows for many different interior configurations. The ‘One Space Environment’ feature is supported by a new interior layout that offers greater interior design flexibility allowing the customer to add and remove seating while making space available to configure the workspace.

The more spacious interior and longer cabin length are thanks to new engineering, while the battery size enables greater charging capacity. Ram Track, Ram’s ground towing/trailer mounting system, provides in-cab flexibility for seats and console along with usable hitch or other storage capabilities. The Ram Track system is also integrated into the trunk, allowing for more flexibility from front to back.

Almost 50 years ago, it introduced the Club Cab with second-row seating, and half a century later, Ram continues to add to these industry-defining features with the 1500 BEV concept, which introduces a new feature: the fold-down third-row seats. The powered center hatch has reclining seats with a removable lower section for placement in the trunk or outside the vehicle. The electric center gate allows access to the vehicle (and into the trunk) and can accommodate loads up to 18 feet long with the tailgate closed.

The “tuning fork” pattern is brought to the Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept by increasing the length of the dashboard and continuing this line to the center gate. It also offers a full touch screen and consists of two screens of up to 28 inches to form the centerpiece of the interior design equipped with advanced technology. The lower screen has three different modes depending on the task at hand – minimum view, extended view and full screen view – and can be removed and used in different areas of the truck. The top screen can also be installed in the Ram’s tow mounting system.

The rear view mirror combines leading technology to improve safety and comfort. Significantly smaller than conventional truck mirrors without sacrificing efficiency, the rearview mirror is packed with a variety of advanced technologies, including a smart 360-degree backup camera, speakers and receivers compatible with voice assistant apps like Alexa and Siri. When reversing, the camera combines images from many other cameras around the truck, giving the driver a 360-degree view on the interior digital screens.

A flat top and bottom folding steering wheel offers improved grip with paddle-shift controls, digital displays and an illuminated “Ram” badge. Touch swipe technology allows passengers to adjust the position of the sun visor or electric tinted roof with the ability to adjust the degree of darkness. The full glass ceiling with electric tinted panels and integrated roof rails features ambient lighting that operates through the overhead console.

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