Zahrat Al Khaleej – Noura Al Shamsi: I drew a lot from our national and family heritage

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Emirati jewelery designer Noura Al Shamsi grew up in a world of creativity and art, and her passion for jewelery was born from spending a lot of time around jewelery from a young age; Her family, Al Shamsi, has been in the jewelry business since 1977. She grew up with her father’s dedication to his craft and attention to detail; Which made her feel appreciated for the industry. Noora fell in love with design and decided to study interior design, which helped her a lot to shape her identity as a designer, until she established her brand “Noora Shamsi Jewellery”, which we talked about in the following dialogue:

• When did your passion for jewelry design turn into reality?

– I have always been very attracted to everything related to design and aesthetics; My family’s work in the world of jewelry also revealed my great passion for design since childhood. After completing my studies in interior design, I started drawing my own designs, and I got positive feedback from my family; This prompted me to start my own line and label. And in 2021 I created my “Noora Shamsi Jewellery” brand.

• What is the concept of your brand? How do you describe your creative vision?

“Noora Shamsi Jewellery” is characterized by designs of a feminine nature, and has a special character that combines delicacy and power, and is inspired by the concept of time and beauty, as it is sophisticated and continuous. I also make sure that each piece is alive, inspired by the rich beauty of nature, and handmade with high craftsmanship techniques, mixing different colors of diamonds and stones, in a harmonious way, and contemporary designs.

• You focus on diamonds in your jewellery, and present them in a flexible and modern way. Where did this idea come from?

– Through my various designs I stay true to the sources of inspiration and the aesthetic values ​​that express my personality, as the mixing of old and new always inspires me. Today’s woman seeks both elegance and practicality; So I create sophisticated and modern pieces that can be worn at any time; Because I realize that diamonds are not only limited to formal occasions as they can be coordinated in various occasions and also daily life.

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• Where do you make your jewelry?

– In Al Shamsi Private Factories, which was established in 1977 in Dubai. I am proud that our jewelery is made locally in the Emirates, and by professional jewelery makers, distinguished by ancient craftsmanship techniques.

• What are your sources of inspiration?

– I see the art of jewelry making as a way to share my ideas with the world, and I always find inspiration in the beauty of the world around us, and sometimes stones inspire me, and the light that reflects each stone, and also a certain feeling or a special memory, and maybe the person I’m designing for.

• What distinguishes jewelry signed with the name Noura Al Shamsi?

– It is characterized by contemporary designs that pay attention to ancient craft techniques, and combines the beauty of the past and the present, and mixes many stones and contemporary colors with luxurious diamonds, and combines them with unusual materials in the world of jewelry, such as ash natural silk.

• Is there a group that represents you more than others?

The “Silk Diamond Signatures” collection is close to my heart; This collection is inspired by my father’s passion for jewelry making and also represents the creative vision of our designs, which is beautifully reflected in the harmony between pure silk, gold and diamonds.

Pearl .. and gold

• There has been a lot of talk about sustainability and social responsibility Where do Noura Al Shamsi’s jewels come from?

– We are keen to include timeless pieces in our designs that can be worn at all times and inherited for life. Because I understand that jewelry is a work of art that should be appreciated, and we also offer our customers the service of redesigning and making some diamonds; To renew the form of the design, and to preserve the sustainability of the stones.

• Pearls and gold are historically associated with the UAE, and we also find them in your designs What does this mean to you? How would you describe their combination in jewelry?

– I drew a lot from our national and family heritage; I still keep some classic pieces from my family, which have had a big influence on my designs. Among my jewelry is the “Timeless Pearls” collection, which consists of modern pieces of pearls, diamonds and gold; The silky texture of the pearl embodies the fragrant past, and its combination with gold is a classic addition to the design.

• In jewellery.. What are Emirati women looking for in particular, and Gulf women in general?

The Gulf woman appreciates art and creativity, and seeks designs that reflect her beauty and strength of personality, adding her own style to her jewelry. There is an authentic charm, and a presence of a special kind that distinguishes Gulf and Emirati women.

• Your ambition and dream. Where are they going?

– I work to strengthen my brand’s position worldwide, by producing innovative jewelry from the best materials, embodying unique design concepts and high craftsmanship. We also launched our latest bridal jewelery collection in November, which is being offered for the first time, as well as our Fall/Winter 2023 collection, which includes signature and contemporary pieces.

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