“3D” display and film techniques. Batool Arafa reveals the scenes of the making of the play “You Can”

Hala Abu Shama A play that appreciates a play that appreciates a play that appreciates

Over the course of two days I saw a stage The Egyptian Opera House The play “You Can Appreciate”, held as part of the “Madrasatuna” initiative launched by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and sponsored by the United Media Services Company, to let the school theater revive

The program he wrote continued Medhat El-AdlAnd it was directed by Batool Arafa, about an hour and ten minutes, and a large group of stars participated in it, Yousra, Carole Samaha, Akram Hosni, Muhammad Farraj, Hanan Mutawa, Asmaa Abu Al-Yazid, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi , Ahmed Al-Rafei, the Black Team, and the Orient Choir, in addition to three young faces appeared for the first time through the work, and they are Islam Khaled, Bahaa Suleiman, Ashraf Farhat.

7 children, Mohamed Azazi, Youssef Salah, also participated. Month of MahranTim Ismail, Retal Zaza, Jana Salah, Here is Zahran.

An estimated play
An estimated play
An estimated play

talk”Notify dot comDirector Virgin ArafaTo know the behind the scenes of the work and the details of its preparation and preparations.

Symbol and ideal

she said “Arafah“The scenes were closer to the workshop, as I first met with each of the Dr Medhat El-Adland the producing party, to agree on what will be presented during the play, explaining that it proposed that the work be implemented using modern technologies and visual effects, and on this basis “Al-Adl” has the text start writing

She indicated that the new generation’s loss of the symbol and ideal and their separation from the history of their country was their motive for setting up a theatrical text that featured very important and influential personalities in many areas throughout the centuries in the history of Egypt. include, therefore, personalities from the fifties, two thousand, eighties and the Pharaonic era, who pointed out that they were keen to highlight the role of women in society by displaying a board displaying the names of 32 pioneering women on various areas, including medicine, engineering. , law, physics, sports, singing, art and others.

An estimated play

stages of work

“Batoul” explained that the preparations for the work took place in different periods and stages, since the first phase was the one in which she worked with dr. She confirmed: “We used to work together.. These songs sat together. I wrote and composed and we were together. Not everyone used to take a job and go to work alone and come back.. We worked like a workshop.”

She added that the team working on the visual effects joined them after a while, and confirmed that the preparations for that stage took 7 months, followed by the stage of training the children before joining the professionals met stars of work, and said: “It almost all worked together.”

“3D” technology

During theater performances, the audience is used to sitting in the hall and directing their eyes to the stage where the actors play their roles, but what is different about the play “You can appreciate” is that modern technological technology makes the work in a “3D” play, which made the audience participate in it in some way.. as the Some of the paintings and clips shown moved to both sides of the hall and towards the audience, and sometimes the snapshot was shown on the screen and then you find the characters coming out smooth and soft from the stage, changing from virtual characters on a screen to real characters of flesh and blood, this is what a great dazzling factor for the spectator from the beginning of the show until the end.

Batool Arafa commented on this and confirmed that she wanted the audience to feel as if they were watching a “3D” movie, to integrate and live with the work as if they were participating in it, thus in addition to the visual effects that was used in the hologram technology, a sound system similar to the user was also used in the exhibition halls. The film, comment: “The emoji, you felt like it was entering you.. It was meant so that people could experience the atmosphere. “

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The reason for the idea

Although the technology used is very expensive, the makers insisted on using it, so “Arafa” explained that the motive behind this is that they wanted to attract and attract the attention of the “2023” child, who in his daily life uses follow YouTube, play PlayStation and watch cartoons, explain The visual feedback was important during the presentation so that he could live in the same atmosphere as he was used to, while mentally feeding himself with the useful content presented.

She continued: “Why do we always separate the past from the present? No, I can revive my history and my past and saturate these children with sweet information, but in the language of the times and modern technology. So I have him favored and impressed him, and that was our main goal.”

Ahmose drove out the Hyksos

Contrary to the informational aspect narrated by hologram stars and characters, especially Mohamed Salah, Naguib Mahfouz, Magdy Yaqoub and others, it was remarkable to allocate a large space of time to the character of Ahmose expelling the Hyksos, as it were shown in the form of a representative sketch in which three young faces were used together with the actress Hanan Mutawa, who played the role of his mother, so Batool Arafa explained that the reason behind this was to strike a balance between the informative side and the dramatic story, commenting: “If a scene in which you give information is difficult, you sit on stage for a long time and list information, but rhythm was possible. It falls, and therefore it was important to present the story . of Ahmose as an acting role.”

She indicated that the character of Ahmose was chosen for that particular representative part, because of his influence and historical importance, when he drives out the Hyksos and defeats them after many years of their occupation of Egypt.


During the acting part of Ahmose’s character, the actors wore high-quality clothes with a realistic appearance, which also greatly admired her from the audience.

The director of the work, I am the fashion designer Amira Saber, revealed that she was behind these clothes, saying: “A big girl, I love her and believe in her,” pointing out that all the show’s costumes her designs were.

Short duration of presentation

And about the restriction of showing the play to only two days, “Arafa” explained that she did not know the real reason, explained that it was a ceremonial screening for the launch of the initiative, and pointed out that it was filmed in preparation for showing it soon on television by “United” channels, commenting: “The feeling of theater is obviously different, but it will soon be exposed.”

Message on the production side

Batool Arafa concluded her speech by emphasizing that the Ministry of Education did not fail to do something with the job creators, and that the Ministry of Culture was a great supporter of the project, while thanking the United Media Services Company for the sponsor of the initiative.

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An estimated play
An estimated play

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