Amendments to the Sports Act have witnessed extensive discussions within the Youth Committee of Representatives

The meeting of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives today, Sunday, led by representative Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Chairman of the Committee, in which representatives of 21 sports federations participated, witnessed extensive discussions on articles related to the Olympic Committee in the amendments to the Sports Law submitted by the government and two draft laws submitted by the two representatives Khaled Badawi and Aya civilians were submitted on the same issue.

Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, Chairman of the Committee, emphasized that these federations include Egypt’s heroes and heroines among the athletes who raised Egypt’s name high in the various sports tournaments and forums, and that they were the best ambassadors for Egypt among nations, who the role of sports federations and their importance in the preparation of national teams and teams representing the Arab Republic of Egypt in Olympic, international, continental and regional tournaments and in world and international championships and supervision of their training.

He explained that the Youth and Sports Committee’s holding of hearing sessions comes within the framework of the committee’s zeal to invite prominent specialists and technicians with expertise and specialization to listen to their opinions and viewpoints and use their information and data to shortcomings or deficiencies in the proposed legislation (if any) and to verify its provisions on the Entire according to its objectives and in accordance with what is decided by the Constitution.

He took note of the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court, led by counsel Boulos Fahmy, yesterday, Saturday, which ruled that article (69) of the Sports Act is unconstitutional, while it determined that “the Council of Directors of the Egyptian Olympic Games Committee issue a decision in the statute of the center that regulates the rules and procedures for mediation, conciliation and arbitration.” In it,” and notes that the committee, during the hearing held on 20 December 2022, postponed the discussion of Articles 66 and 68 of the bill relating to the Center for Settlement and Sports Arbitration pending the judgment of the Supreme Constitutional Court due to the presumption that they are unconstitutional.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Mahmoud Hussein states that the committee will take into account the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which authorizes the Board of Directors of the Olympic Committee to issue the statute of the Sports Settlement and Arbitration Center, during discussions of the amendments to the Sports Law.

And that with regard to the proposed amendments in the draft law regarding the settlement and arbitration center, it is as it is and is subject to discussion by the committee and does not conflict with the ruling of the Supreme Court Constitutional Court.

He emphasized the law’s respect for the Olympic Charter and the international agreements signed by Egypt in the field of sports, including the United Nations Convention on Sports signed by President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in 2015, and as for the articles included in the draft amendment, they do not conflict with international charters and agreements.

He pointed out that the law is a collective work in which specialists and those involved in sports affairs, university professors and legal experts participate to reach the best proposed formula for its articles that is appropriate and compatible with international standards and addresses the negative consequences. which has hampered the practical application of some articles of the Sports Act during the last period.

In turn, Dr. Ahmed Afifi Suleiman (member of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Bowling Federation) asked that those whose membership has been forfeited be excluded from running once for membership in the board of directors of any of the sports bodies. for all instead of depriving him for a full term. The law is that the candidate must be related to the association of the game he is running for, either as a player or coach.

While Muhammad Ayman Fouad, representative of the Egyptian Weightlifting Federation, commented on the content of the bill submitted by representative Aya Madani in Article (3) Clause 5, which stated that the representation of women in the Board of Directors of the Sports Authority should not be less than 25% of the number of members, as he demanded that it not be determined. The law determines a specific percentage of women within the boards.

Representative Aya Madani, the presenter of the bill, noted that her proposal is based on the Egyptian state’s strategy to empower women, emphasizing President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s support for Egyptian women, and that Egyptian women suffer from a lack of representation within the boards of sports bodies, adding that the determination of that percentage guarantees representation of women in the boards.

Dr suggested. Yahya Fekry, a professor of sports administration at Tanta University, suggested that the text of Article (3) of the draft law be canceled and it be replaced with a text that states that the state must draw up a unified regulation for sports federations, which denies the existence of sports federations. a text in the Olympic Charter prohibiting it, indicating that the experience of the general assemblies of sports federations that set up their basic systems has proven its failure, and that the boards of the sports federations are the ones who determine these regulations, not their general meetings.

He emphasized that the International Olympic Committee does not recognize local legislation if it only hinders the activity of the National Olympic Committee.

In this context, Dr Mahmoud Hussein, Chairman of the Committee, affirmed that he is against the scarecrow of international interference, and called on the speaker to present his proposals to the Committee’s secretariat. At the end of the meeting, the Committee decided to continue holding hearings on the Prime Minister’s decision on a draft law to amend some of the provisions of the Sports Act which were amended by Act No.

It is worth noting that the meeting was attended by Engineer Hisham Hatab, Chairman of the Egyptian Olympic Committee, Counselor / Tariq Abu Zaid, Advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports, Advisor Mohamed Diab, Advisor to the Minister of Youth and Sports, heads and representatives of federations (football – weightlifting – wrestling – rowing – golf – volleyball – archery – football) Handball – judo – cycling – bowling – boxing – archery – basketball – gymnastics – tennis – table tennis – badminton – rugby – horse riding – modern five .

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