Andrew Tate: The Romanian police are expanding the investigation into the former kickboxing champion

  • Lucy Williamson
  • BBC News – Bucharest

image copyright Reuters

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Andrew Tate (left) and his brother Tristan are escorted by the police outside the Court of Appeal in Bucharest last week

Romanian police are expanding their investigation into former kickboxing champion Andrew Tate, who over the weekend seized a fleet of luxury cars from his Bucharest compound and raided seven other properties – including a newly renovated villa in the Carpathian Mountains.

A photo of Tate’s shiny gray Porsche sitting on top of a rickety police tow truck changed the man’s fortunes. A slow convoy of trucks, through the tall black gates of his compound, carried his prized collection of luxury cars, and with him into police custody.

Along the way, a single fan stood watching. “I’m considered a fan,” Emmanuel told me. “Every boy likes his lifestyle.”

“I don’t like what I’m hearing from him, but we’ll see if it’s true. I’ll change my mind if I see evidence,” he added.

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