Birth makeup..between health benefits and risks

A few days ago, photos of a woman wearing full make-up before giving birth circulated on social media in Egypt amid angry comments.

The trend of “birth makeup” appeared years ago, as a significant group of women are eager to wear makeup on the day of birth, as a factor to relieve stress and anxiety.

A British study released in 2019 showed that 68% of British women are keen to wear make-up on the day of birth for various reasons, including taking commemorative photos and posting them on social media.

Prenatal makeup.. A new approach to relieve stress for mothers

The study showed that two-thirds of women expecting their babies, between the ages of 18 and 31, underwent cosmetic procedures before giving birth, including: pedicures, manicures and haircuts.

Al-Ain News contacted beauty experts to learn more about the maternity makeup trend, the reasons for its recent spread among women, the motives behind their zeal for it, and whether it poses a threat to women’s health.

Maternity make-up and pregnancy costs

Egyptian cosmetic expert Ahmed Lutfi says that the trend of maternity makeup is old and not new, and it is widespread in the Gulf countries and European countries, but it appeared late in Egypt and is now being applied professionally.

Lutfi added to Al-Ain News: “There are women who are eager to wear maternity makeup to hide the melasma of pregnancy, which leads to darkening of the skin, especially since the period of childbirth sees a large number of visits, and therefore pregnant. Women are keen to look good by applying permanent make-up that lasts a long time.”

He continued: “This cost of pregnancy leads to a decrease in some women’s self-confidence, and they don’t like to appear bad in front of people or in commemorative photos, and this trend has been around for a long time, and I personally do makeup for pregnant women, and it’s not makeup for a day, but permanent makeup. It lasts for a whole year.”

Birth makeup for 25 thousand pounds

Lutfi pointed out that maternity make-up has no harmful effects on pregnant women: “Women who undergo maternity make-up are not affected healthily, and the whole matter is related to preserving the beauty of women, and there is a very large segment of women who are eager to apply it, and this is a segment that is not insignificant, and it should not be underestimated.” To underestimate someone’s taste.

And about the cost of maternity makeup, the Egyptian beauty expert says: “It can reach 25,000 Egyptian pounds (about $844), and this includes the supply of lips and cheeks, because some women smoke and are exposed to darkening of the lips, and the supply process preserve their color for a whole year, and there are women who are eager to apply hair. A wig (a wig) before childbirth, because colors during pregnancy are not medically recommended.”

On the other hand, Egyptian beautician Shaima Nasr is against the trend of maternity make-up, but supports it within certain limits, saying: “This trend is common, but it brings a lot of harm to pregnant women, and there are women who undergo permanent cosmetic procedures, such as than providing lips, cheeks and acrylic nails, and this negatively affects their health.” Pregnant women, who hinder the doctor during the delivery process.

Health problems and deception of doctors

She added to Al-Ain News: “There are vital organs in the pregnant woman’s body that are affected by these procedures, and this is according to the testimony of doctors, especially in caesarean sections, because the pregnant woman is eager to have full makeup wearing , extensions and nails to preserve her appearance and beauty during childbirth, without paying attention to the harm of these procedures.” actions on health”.

And she added: “From my point of view, a simple routine such as cleaning the skin, hair care and nail pedicure can be carried out, but without installing anything, because it is difficult to remove them afterwards, and some of them last approx. 3 months or more, and these procedures weaken the real nails, and affect the pregnant woman during childbirth, and some doctors complain that it is difficult to remove them.”

Nasr pointed to the role of cosmetic procedures, such as cheek and lip augmentation, in misleading doctors: “The color of the skin, cheeks and lips tend to be red or pink due to stock, and this misleads many doctors about the condition of the pregnant woman.”

The Egyptian beauty expert concluded by inviting pregnant women to save on cosmetic procedures before childbirth: “Some devices need access to the nails of the pregnant woman in order to operate, but acrylic nails hinder their access to the real nail, and ultimately personal hygiene and skin care are essential at all times, and when we go beyond childbirth, we can apply All directions.”

“Not recommended”

For his part, the young beauty expert Mona El-Gammal says that maternity make-up is not a fad, emphasizing that it is an old and widespread trend for years, but it is applied in an elaborate and more professional manner, which indicates the large number of “make-up artist” courses, and many women and girls have become professional in the application of most trends. .

Al-Jammal added to Al-Ain News: “The woman on the day of birth is very tired, and she wants to wake up from anesthesia and find herself in a beautiful way. Recently, there has been an increase in interest in the design from delivery rooms, interior design and decoration for the newborn’s rooms, and photography sessions were also created for the newborn alone and with his mother, and definitely The mother wants to look good in all these events and photos.”

And about the effect of this trend on the pregnant woman during childbirth, “Al-Beauty” said: “I personally do not work in acrylic because it contradicts my religious beliefs, and I am also against porous nails; Because in the end it resulted in damage to the nails of some women in my area, and it negates the term porous because the nails do not breathe, and there is also a large percentage of women whose nails are weakened by acrylic, and they suffered from the growth of fungus on their nails, and therefore this trend is not healthy and is not recommended before childbirth. .

And she added: “A pregnant woman is supposed to remove any belongings and any accessories she wears at birth, and if she’s keen to apply simple pointers like lipstick or eyeliner, there’s no problem with that, but fittings and extensions were not recommended,” noting that “the matter was simpler than this in the past.” However, many women now cannot go out and face society without makeup.

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