Minister of Local Development: The government aims to empower women and provide them with employment opportunities

Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, participated in a session on promoting the green economy and innovation to adapt to the climate at the local level, organized by the World Food Program and the United Nations Development Programme. presence of the Director of the World Food Program in Egypt and the Director of the United Nations Development Program and Islam Mamoun, Director of Egypt Markets Company and Walid Darwish, Central Unit for Community Development, Director of the Innovative and Sustainable Agriculture Program, in the presence of dr. Hisham Al-Helbawy, Assistant Minister of Local Development for National Projects and Director of Local Development Program in Upper Egypt, Ambassador Mohamed Hegazy, Advisor to the Minister for International Cooperation, and Dr. Khaled Abdel Halim, adviser to the minister for Upper Egypt Development.

Major General Hisham Amna emphasized the government’s interest in empowering women, providing job opportunities to young women and improving their lives in all towns and cities in the governorates, in implementing the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi..

The Minister of Local Development said that the Ministry seeks to support and improve the capabilities of the youth and women, and we are aware of the importance of transformation in the marketing process for the digitization stage, referring to the Ministry’s initiative to ‘ an electronic platform for electronic marketing of handicrafts known as “Egypt’s hands” as a marketing process that is in line with the spirit of the times in line with the efforts of The State to achieve digitalization and the green economy, especially at a stage when the relationship between the producer and the consumer has been difficult due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic over the past few years..

Major General Hisham Amna explained that the initiative contributed to the empowerment of marginalized groups and financial inclusion, in addition to marketing handicraft projects for Egyptian women and encouraging Egyptian women and youth to use technology to sell their handicrafts..

The Minister of Local Development added that the “Egypt Hands” platform aims to create added value for handicraft products and improve the capabilities of women in villages and governorates, in addition to training programs for craftsmen and artisans to upgrade their products, through modern methods in designs, product quality, packaging and good packaging..

Major General Hisham Amna said that the electronic platform came “Egypt’s hands” as part of the partnership with the World Food Program, and the Ministry of Local Development launched the platform to revive this craft sector, the heritage identity of extinction to preserve, provide the necessary support to these producers, and work to develop their creative and digital abilities in expanding their field of work..

Amna confirmed that the Ministry of Local Development is coordinating with the World Food Program and the i-Markets company to oversee the initiative, strategic direction and coordination with the governorates by establishing a follow-up unit in each governorate. These units are responsible for receiving the various craft and heritage products from the governorates, photographing them and uploading them on the electronic platform This ensures the existence of a database for those in charge of those crafts.

Major General Hisham Amna added that the number of products on the platform has reached 1,405 and the number of producers on the platform has reached 296 products so far, noting that the i-Markets of Egypt company, which is affiliated with E-finance You implement the project and oversee the platform and all practical aspects of site management and product registration, as well as the logistical aspects of delivering products from the seller to the buyer. The World Food Program finances the electronic platform “Ayadi Misr”, which has contributed to meeting its technological and human needs..

The Minister of Local Development said that the project aims to facilitate digital financing for the government and support rural families in a more efficient and reliable way Digital technologies create great opportunities that lead to economic and social change and rural transformation, in addition to empowerment and financial inclusion..

The Minister of Local Development referred to the interest of the Egyptian government, led by His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, for initiatives related to issues of women’s empowerment and job creation, such as the “Hands of Egypt “-initiative, which creates job opportunities for women, youth and girls in all governorates, contributing to the economic empowerment of local communities and improving their standard of living, in addition to enhancing and supporting the government’s efforts towards the digital transformation strategy.

The Minister of Local Development also thanked and appreciated the World Food Program for the support it provides to farmers in various towns and cities in the governorates..

And the Minister of Local Development continued: And as a continuation of the joint cooperation initiatives with the World Food Program WFP Work is underway to prepare a training and vocational program in the field of the development of the handmade carpet industry in the city of “Rashid” to be the training pioneer for the rest of the governorates to support and strengthen this craft and turning it into a prominent economic block with other governorates in order to develop the profession of handmade carpets in Egypt, where it works in various groups of society in particular Women, in particular, women who are breadwinners, and the youth, which provides an opportunity for a sustainable job opportunity with a decent income.

Major General Hisham Amna indicated that this craft is an essential feature and an important pillar in many governorates of the Republic, and the implementation of the project aims to complete the national development policies in a systematic and practical manner by the components of the governorates that mat handmade manufacturing, as a distinctive craft with an authentic heritage character, in order to create an existing integrated industrial environment. on its human resources and components, enabling the people of those governorates to meet their needs and provide decent employment opportunities for them, and reduce internal displacement in search of sustainable livelihoods and employment opportunities..

Major General Hisham Amna added: And as a continuation of the joint projects in the field of digitalization between the Ministry of Local Development and the World Food Program, the first version of the “geographical” geospatial portal of the Ministry of Local Development, implemented in collaboration with Quality Standards Company, was launched. QSIT A leader in the field of geographic information systems.

The Minister of Local Development stated that the geospatial portal of the Ministry of Development is considered a portal that includes all activities, information and spatial data related to citizen services, including various initiatives and projects, to facilitate communication between the ministry and citizens to facilitate. the significant success achieved by the “geospatial” portal in its first phase, coordination is underway to start a second fruitful collaboration in the implementation of the second phase.

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