Local development: Provide 100% of the land required for decent living projects

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, Minister of Local Development, received a report on the developments of the executive position of the ministry’s assignments within the first phase of the Egyptian Rural Development Program within the new phase of the President of the Republic’s “Decent Life” initiative, which was launched at the beginning of the current financial year 2021/2021, as well as the planning position and the nature of preparations for the second phase The program, which with implementation at the beginning of the next financial year 2022/2023 start.

The report revealed that the Ministry of Local Development, in coordination with the governorates, has provided almost 100% of the land required for the first phase projects so far, amounting to more than 5,000 thousand pieces of land has. Some expansions or new projects that came in response to citizens’ requests.

The Minister of Local Development confirmed that the Ministry and the governors succeeded in overcoming one of the biggest challenges related to the implementation of projects, namely the provision of land related to land, the task of the to facilitate implementing authorities and enable them to track the sites established, which has had a major impact in accelerating the pace of implementation.

The report, which was received by Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy, also included the progress figures in the implementation of civil services complex projects amounting to 333 complexes, which are expected to be almost fully completed within a few weeks. Shaarawy explained that the ministry has special preparations to operate these complexes, which include the headquarters of the village local unit, the property registry, the civil status, the offices of social solidarity, catering and post offices, as well as a developed technology center, as it is under coordination with the Council is. of Ministers and the Ministries of Communication, Information Technology, Planning and the Arab Organization for Industrialization to equip and supply the complexes and provide technological equipment, electronic communication lines and the working system.

The Minister of Local Development also indicated that the Ministry is currently making preparations to implement an integrated and extensive rehabilitation program for all cadres that will operate the service complex through collaboration with large institutions working in the field of training with international expertise and the Ministry of Communication , to implement the directives of the political leadership in this regard, and Major General Mahmoud revealed Shaarawi announced the Prime Minister’s approval of a proposal for the first organizational structure for the town’s local unit level, and he was entrusted to apply it and distribute it to the “Hayat Karima” villages, with the aim of developing local administration mechanisms and enabling them to follow up the operation and maintenance of facilities and services and to monitor the level of development which villages will reach after the implementation of the presidential initiative t e maintain. It improves sustainability, preserves public assets and ensures the quality of services provided to citizens.

Regarding the pivot of decent housing, the report received by the Minister of Local Development revealed that the ministry, in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the “Decent Life” Foundation, and through a participatory mechanism and social audit, determined the beneficiaries of decent housing interventions with a total of 123 thousand houses, and the designs and measurements are completed The appropriate preparation for the start of implementation within days.

The Minister of Local Development also indicated that the ministry has started implementing projects for civilized markets, parking lots and fire fighting units, with a total of 523 projects in the “decent life” villages. To support the local economy through market projects, random unregulated markets in villages, and promote commercial value chains for rural products.

The report also dealt with the position of the preparations for the start of the second phase of the “Decent Life” initiative, as circular no. 26 of 2022 was issued, which includes instructions related to the beginning of the processes of the formation of participatory mechanisms at the level of the targeted town units, the inventory of needs and proposals, the development of development plans with a comprehensive participatory approach, and the inventory of the required countries, and the test of their technical validity to implement the planned projects.

The Minister of Local Development also revealed that the second phase of the presidential initiative will include 52 new centers whose projects will be implemented by the Ministry of Housing and the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, in addition to rural communities in Matrouh Governorate, which will be implemented by the Ministry of Local Development, where development plans will be developed and implemented in a manner that takes into account Activation of community participation and the social and environmental specificity of the governorate.

Major General Mahmoud Shaarawy explained that the preparations for the second phase include checking the administrative division of the targeted centers and a comprehensive summary of all rural communities, whether the mother towns, the main towns, or the dependencies of the infidels, hamlets and estates, in preparation for the application of planning standards that ensure the delivery of services to all citizens in these towns.

The Minister of Local Development instructed the governors to assign a mechanism to receive, record, process and follow up complaints from citizens in the villages of Hayat Karima (the first and second phase) from all its sources , whether the unified government complaints portal, the Your Voice is Heard initiative, or other local complaint mechanisms, so that the complaint system is accelerated and controlled, and response rates are improved and strengthened Trust between citizens and the local administration.

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