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(MENAFN- Absolute Communication Group) Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 18 January 2023: Fakhreldin Real Estate Company has laid the foundation for its new project, Maymoon Gardens, a residential complex dedicated to the well-being of each of its residents, the providing superior indoor air quality, excellent drinking water and maintaining innovative energy and waste management processes prioritize sustainability. Fakhreldin Properties is dedicated to promoting sustainable lifestyle developments that are both smart and green, and this project perfectly reflects that vision. This start is a new step for Fakhreldin Real Estate Company to put a big footprint in the way to create a green future for everyone.

Maimoon Gardens twin towers are located in Jumeirah Village Circle on Hessa Street. This mixed-use development includes studio apartments, one-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom apartments and three-bedroom apartments, commercial and retail space and incredible world-class amenities such as community greenhouses. Cooled by advanced radiant cooling technology that includes vertical hydroponics systems to grow a number of fruits and vegetables, a state-of-the-art health club, outdoor sports garden, squash court, multi-purpose court, tennis court, infinity pool, outdoor children’s play area, and more It’s a lot. The top of the podium is also enhanced with lush green gardens and landscaping consisting of a separate Zen garden, meditation garden, tranquil cascading waterfalls, a range of recreational facilities, a unique lazy river, an infinity pool, fountains and a braai area to ensure relaxation and comfort. At Maimoon Gardens, each apartment has vertical herb gardens for its residents. Homeowners can also enjoy all of these amenities while enjoying the healthiest lifestyle possible while realizing savings in energy consumption costs through best-in-class technology and artificial intelligence to enhance the ever-evolving technology landscape.

Mr. Youssef Fakhreldin, CEO of Fakhreldin Real Estate, said of the innovative development: “Our vision at Maimon Gardens has been to create sustainable development projects that promise to bring together the best ways to achieve comfort, relaxation and tranquility within the lifestyle. It is our mission, as a pioneering company in the field of real estate development, to have a positive footprint in the path of behavioral and cultural transformation towards a healthy and sustainable future. Through smart and conscious building practices whose primary focus is on a sustainable lifestyle, we have established the Maymoon Gardens project in line with national and global climate change goals. We hope With this unique development we are one step closer to realizing our vision of becoming the market leader in practical sustainable lifestyle developments in the region. ”

The new and unique project aims to provide residents with one of the best indoor air quality systems by using the latest air filtration technology and improving energy savings by 30-40%. In addition, the sustainable development-certified central water filtration system provides high-quality drinking water to every household, and also reduces plastic waste and carbon emissions through delivery logistics. This also leads to savings in drinking water consumption in Maymoon Gardens.

Residents of the building will be able to utilize the unique greenhouse technology and hydroponics system to grow fruit and vegetables, all managed in an innovative self-regulating radiant cooling system designed to further adjust summer temperatures. This building also houses an innovative waste management system that encourages users to separate wet and dry waste; This drastically reduces our collective carbon footprint.

Mr. Hosseini Fakhruddin, Chairman and Group CEO, Fakhruddin Holding, said: “Fakhruddin Real Estate Company is always looking for new ways to operate efficiently and provide quality services to our clients. We fully understand the importance of a maintain competitive advantage in the market in the current era. We believe that our commitment to innovation, sustainability and excellence will help us remain a leading developer in this ever-changing world of real estate development, management and investment.”

Each apartment works with the latest smart home automation systems. These cutting-edge systems achieve energy savings of up to 30%, and can be accessed through a single, well-coordinated mobile app interface over the AI-enabled back end. Every component of these apartments can be controlled at the touch of a button, from automatic lighting controls and temperature regulation options to security features such as fingerprint recognition locks, smart security systems and access control for ultimate convenience. The units of Tower A of this project, which is expected to be completed in 2025, are already sold out, as is the recently opened Tower B.

Fakhreldin Real Estate Company has developed the Maymoon Gardens project into a living example of sustainability, offering residents a higher quality of life through innovative sustainable solutions and smart home automation technologies. As a responsible property developer, Fakhreldin Property Company prioritizes measures to combat climate change and protect the environment. They had the principle of sustainability in mind from the beginning of project planning. With development practices that perfectly reflect their vision, they have led the way in sustainable design and construction. Fakhreldin Property Company recognizes the importance of innovative sustainable solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of the built environment, and is committed to developing a sustainable lifestyle. Recently, it has received many awards and recognitions for the various sustainability technologies integrated into the project and for highlighting sustainability in its true practical sense through its projects.
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