wall foam; foam 2023 decorations and the benefits of using them


Wall foam has seen great popularity and a wide reputation in the world of decoration, and among a large number of customers. It is known as a cheap and easy to apply decorative material. And it was indeed the truth! Where many could simply and easily renew the decor of their homes without causing any chaos or fuss, as is the case when changing wall paint or other decorations. Not to mention that this foam is available in more than one shape and type, so you can choose what suits your taste. If you want to change the finish of your home decor with minimal effort and cost, follow these rules to learn more about foam board.

What is wall foam?

Recently, many wall decoration finishes have spread in the world of decoration, relying mainly on wall foam in their design. The secret behind its wide distribution was the ease of cleaning and installation. Since it has also become one of the ideal and practical decorative solutions, contributing to make the wall look beautiful by hiding the flaws in it. In addition, they are light in weight, as they are just papers very similar to the popular wallpaper in the world of interior design that needs no introduction. It is worth noting that this foam comes in the form of large slabs or tiles, the size of which reaches 77 x 70 cm. This paper comes with a strong adhesive on the back. So that it can be easily and conveniently installed by regular personnel without the help of a professional finish installer.

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Types of wall foam

Below we will review some types of wall foam, knowing that there are many types, colors and shapes that each suit a specific taste, and among the available types:

Rustic stone foam brick

It is one of the latest foam trends, and this sleep is characterized by its simplicity and beauty, which contributes a lot to creating an atmosphere of nature at home. This foam is characterized by the fact that it prints the stone rustic pattern in the form of paving. As it is professionally carved, so that the result is a real wall of rustic stone in beige color in various shades.

Brix stone wall

One of the most beautiful and best types of foam that can be used to achieve stonework finishes in the facades, by wrapping the walls with foam sheets. For the final appearance to be exactly the same as natural stone, also similar in texture. It is worth noting that this type can be used in shops, restaurants and homes.

3D wall foam

The most requested and researched type of wall foam is 3D foam. Because of its excellent end result after being mounted on the wall. It helps to create more space in the room in which it is located, and it has an attractive appearance. It is worth noting that these are panels of Korean origin, and they are in the form of panels. It is very similar to adhesives in terms of installation, in interior finishes, and in terms of use, it is similar to wallpaper. Knowing that it is thicker than the wallpaper, and these are panels that are installed smoothly, as we will explain next.

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How to install wall foam

One of the easiest wall decorations that you can apply yourself without seeking help from technicians. This is due to the ease of installation, which does not require time or effort. Or special tools to install foam paper, but it is good to explain how to install it. With the aim of obtaining the best result without any error, the method is suggested in the points below:

  • First, the wall must be cleaned by removing any peeling, paint or wallpaper residue. Considering cleaning areas of moisture and mold. until the foam paper sticks well.
  • Using a piece of cloth slightly dampened with water, wipe the entire wall. To make sure that all dirt or dust accumulated on the wall is removed.
  • Wait a while for the wall to dry, then take measurements of the wall corners. So you can properly adjust the dimensions of the foam in these corners.
  • Do not peel off the entire back blue at once, just pull off a small section. Then mark the right spot and glue the foam by gradually pulling the backing paper until you have finished the whole piece.
  • It is important to start the application from the upper outer corners of the walls. until the foam installation process is done properly.
  • Peel off the backing paper quickly and immediately; so as not to spoil the glue. It is worth noting that other glues can be used. to secure firmly.
  • Do not leave the gaps between the foam sheets unfilled, but fill them with glue and flatten them; To be smooth when done.

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Solves the problem of air bubbles forming under the foam walls

One of the problems you may encounter during the process of installing foam on the wall is the formation of some air bubbles at the bottom of the foam that need to be removed. As for the method, it is as follows:

  • Make a small hole or slit where the air bubble is.
  • use a glue needle; To inject the hole with glue. and then press it well; until the air comes out.
  • Then use a damp sponge to wipe the area, then smooth the wrinkled edges.
  • Repeat these steps in all places where there are air bubbles.

Wall foam properties in wall insulation

Decorators at Decor Misr recommend using wall foam as it is simple and inexpensive to insulate homes, due to its exciting benefits. In the following, we will explain the properties that have made foam an excellent material for thermal and water insulation of buildings, including:

  • can withstand heat.
  • Easy to apply, no experience required.
  • Close
  • Multiple use.
  • Noise insulator.
  • It is waterproof, and its effectiveness can be proven by pouring water over it. You will notice that it is completely unaffected by water after finishing.
  • It can be used on all types of surfaces and walls.
  • One of the cheapest materials that can be used in wall decor design.
  • You can control the thickness of the foam by using more than one layer.

Wall foam prices

This decoration is one of the most suitable wall decoration decorations for different categories from a material point of view. Because its cost is not considered high at all, but rather medium, unless it is cheap. Mostly it is sold in stores only in one piece. That is, you don’t need to buy more than you need, just buy the number you need after taking wall measurements. The price of a large sheet of paper is 5 dollars, which is about 70 Egyptian pounds, and 20 Saudi Riyal.

Examples of wall foam uses

In the next few lines, we will show you some of the decoration and finishes in which you can use wall foam, including:

  • You can use it to cross the entrance walls of restaurants or houses, or as a decoration for the interior walls of cafes or restaurants.
  • It can be used to decorate the reception wall, while enhancing the look with a mirror with a copper frame.
  • In classic type plates, stone foam in dark color can be used; To add more elegance and sophistication to the place.

Finally, we have completed the details and information about foam walls, decorations for foam 2023 finishes and the benefits of using them. It is the cheapest and simplest decoration to rely on when you are finishing. But finally you have to understand that this foam is available in the market with different thicknesses. Therefore, a suitable thickness must be chosen; Not to be broken or scratched. You should also take care to treat the walls that suffer from moisture with an insulating material before applying the paper. To keep its appearance good for as long as possible, and to make it an ideal choice in wall decoration.

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