The two-year-old is messy and loves adventure – Marie Al Ashkar

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Your child, who was “quietly and softly tweeting at home, has suddenly turned into a “terrible” boy, who gets angry quickly and commits foolish things without deterrence or fear. Moreover, he has become very stubborn, does not care about your observations and warnings. Do not be surprised by this transformation, because this stage of opposition is natural and transitory. In the course of your child’s growth, the Americans call the age of two years (the two terrible years) as as a result of the riots, chaos, and stupidity that the child commits with them.He walks, runs, climbs stairs and jumps, which means that he is constantly in motion like a spiral.In addition, he is stubborn, goes through sudden fits of anger. And he wants to do everything on his own. And don’t interfere to stop him. More than that, your child wants to see, know and discover everything. His harassment has no limits. Of course, this behavior makes you tired and confuses you, but don’t don’t worry because he simply has turned two years old, which constitutes a very basic station. For his growth, the age of two years is a station between leaving the world of breastfeeding for the world of infancy, or a kind of childlike adolescence, during which the child loses its roundness and its stature becomes longer…Basic points step at this stage in operation, specifically hygiene and dialogue, in addition to the child learning the ability to walk, so that he becomes well aware of His new energy and he feels that he is an independent person, but a child is K. still a small boy and is unable to walk for long periods of time, dress himself or eat a full meal. In this respect, he is helpless and vents his impotence with outbursts of anger and strange movements. The problems that occur at this stage have three levels: food, sleep, and what the parents specified by saying: “He doesn’t stop doing stupid things.” The result is that you are distracted between thinking about his growth and the development of his movements on the one hand, and anger at his whims and transgressions on the other. One of the mothers says: I can no longer be away from my child, Sarah, for a single moment. And when I called her, she answered me from the garden, and she took the key of the main door from the vase where she had hidden it. What worries me more than that is that she has started to fearlessly distance herself from us and take any action that comes into her mind. Another mother recalls with concern how her child swallowed a quantity of hair shampoo during the bath, because she liked the color. And she stayed for more than five minutes vomiting soap. We had to wait four hours to make sure the treatment the doctor prescribed was working. Those were difficult moments for me. After that, my child started swallowing tissues and cigarette butts, so I was forced to keep a close eye on her. It’s very difficult and I don’t think I can handle it.”

Now a grandmother, Samia still wonders how her two-year-old daughter walked three kilometers alone to meet her friend. She says: “We found her at five o’clock in the evening, and she disappeared from the house in the morning. At that time, we did not have a phone, and no one thought that she had walked to her aunt’s house. . “

How to act with children: If we want to count the actions of young people, we need encyclopedias. But the pressing question is: Should children be prevented from doing such actions? Of course not, because this action is the child’s only way to discover the world around him. Pediatricians say in this context that the age of two years is the age of “devils” and behavior. It is true that each case is different from the other, but what is important in relation to sleep as well as food is not to fester the matter , as release is sometimes sufficient to reassure the child. He needs a regular life because every Something for him is a kind of madness. Your child is going through a difficult stage, and the doctor adds: “Sometimes the mother turns to organizing her child’s mealtimes, so he feels that this issue is essential for her, therefore he is convinced of it, or does it stand against. Leave him the freedom of choice at this point too. Offer him the items he likes. loves her because he has the right to choose and not like: you don’t have to worry if he is in good health is not.

Absolute rejection: Also at the age of two years, the child is opposed and goes through a stage of absolute rejection, as he needs to feel that he has grown up. But if you are used to helping him without his request, he will get nervous and may throw everything that reaches his hands on the ground. The child feels an urgent need to do anything and discover everything. He certainly won’t succeed every time, but don’t try to stop him from carrying out his adventures, just keep him under your care and intervene when absolutely necessary.

Misunderstanding: Sometimes parents do not understand their children, explaining, for example, that the child runs into the supermarket to feel the freedom he lacks at home because of his family’s constant strictness – and if his family constantly took him to the supermarket and to give him the necessary freedom at home, he would certainly have been calmer and more organized.

The age of adventures: With all the negatives that it brings, the two-year-old remains wonderful and bears all the discoveries and adventures. We see every day how the child enriches his dictionary with new vocabulary and is happy when his family joins him in his games .We also notice that he likes to choose his clothes and toys or sit at the dinner table with the family. This is the stage where imitation games develop and there is nothing wrong if his mother involves him in some easy work like blowing dust or putting vegetables in the fridge – because he will feel self-esteem and not do negative actions.

Finally, my mother friend, we say: Your child wants to feel mature and prove his personality, so help him and you will notice that the results will be excellent.

*Author of the book Protection of a Child, Protection of a Nation in its first and second parts – l’enfant et l’adulte, journalist specializing in psychology

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