A Syrian cook and his partner kill a seventy-year-old British woman for her money | hashtag

A British court has found a Syrian cook and delivery worker guilty of murdering a millionaire by suffocation, and is about to hand down a sentence that could reach life in prison.

And the court stated that the two killers lived in a house owned by a British millionaire worth 1.3 million pounds, after strangling her to death when she refused to sell the house, according to the “Daily Mail” newspaper.

The Syrian cook, Qusay al-Jundi (25), was killed along with his delivery man, Muhammad al-Aboud (28), and the victim, Louise Kamm (71).

Then the soldier and Abboud threw the woman’s body in the trash, before sending a text message to her family from her phone to inform them of her trip to China.

The crime took place on 26 July 2021 in the victim’s home in North London after they planned to extract her fortune of £4.6 million.

The soldier pretended to live a luxurious life and have a number of mistresses, but in reality he works in a kebab shop and lives with his family while he is married and has 3 children.

The soldier could mrs. Cam cheated by having her sign a document granting him general agency over her property, as this young man believed that in the case of Mrs. Cam’s death, he would be able to seize her entire fortune.

On the day she was killed, Mrs Kam drove to her four-bedroom house, which is almost isolated from the main road.

The woman thought that a lawyer would be there waiting for her to finalize the sale of that property, after the soldier convinced her that he had enough money to buy the house.

But as soon as she sat down on one of the chairs, the two killers approached her from behind and strangled her with an electric cable.

The two offenders hit the woman on the head with a blunt object, before putting her body in bin bags and then in a quilt and placing it in a rubbish bin outside her house filled with garden waste.

The morning after Mrs. Cam’s murder saw the soldier pay a group of laborers £60 each to bring a van to take the bin to his family’s home in North West London.

Then the soldier sent messages to mrs. Cam’s friends and family, to make it seem like she’s still alive and well, but she’s traveled far.

Meanwhile, Al-Aboud posted a video of himself on his account via “Tik Tok”, swaying and dancing to the music in the driveway of Mrs Kam’s house.

On the afternoon of the day that mrs. Kam was killed, Al-Aboud posted an advertisement for a BMW car owned by this woman through his Facebook account.

Al-Aboud then sold the car to a buyer who was not charged with any involvement in that crime, as Al-Aboud claimed to own the car.

In a court hearing, it was reported that the soldier is poor and needy, but pretends to be rich in order to deceive women and live the life he thinks he deserves.

The soldier had previously stolen two cars from another victim in her sixties, after professing his undying love to her.

The arbitral tribunal charged the two perpetrators after a two-month trial, and it is likely that they will be sentenced to life imprisonment in a hearing to be scheduled later.

It is reported that Mrs. Kam is divorced and owns a commercial company and a building consisting of apartments near the restaurant where the soldier works.

Cam wanted to sell some of her real estate to provide money for her children, so the soldier offered her six million pounds in exchange for buying her house, which is many times more than the real value of the house in the market.

The soldier told her that a friend of his named Anna was the one supporting him to buy this house, and he sent her voicemails from that friend to convince her.

Anna Rich was only a customer in the restaurant and a former victim of Qusai al-Jundi’s deceit and lies. She agreed to sell him two cars, one of them a Toyota and the other an Audi, for a sum of 57 thousand pounds sterling.

After she handed over the two cars to him, he didn’t pay her a cent, but instead sent her letters saying, “I love you, Anna, and I want you, and there’s no one else but you in my heart, and I need you always.”

The soldier tried to mrs. Humiliating Rich to help him get close to Mrs. Cam to come, but she refused to come and see the latter as an interpreter.

Because he believed that the soldier would buy the house, Mrs. Cam gave him his keys, and he allowed his partner in crime to live there.

Abboud announced during the court session that the soldier seduced him, promised him a fortune and gave him an Audi which was given to mrs. Rich belonged.

The victim’s family and friends continued to respond to the messages sent from her phone, thinking she was still alive.

But the soldier was so bold that he claimed that Mrs. Cam cheated on him and left the country, taking all her money with her.

Three days after the crime, the police Mrs. Kam’s body was found near the house where the soldier stayed with his family.

Although the soldier and Abboud denied having committed that crime, they were found guilty of it, and a verdict will be issued against them on the first of next February.

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