Designer Retaj Al Mazeedi: My jewelry is practical and comes from my inner feeling

Retaj Mohammed Al-Mazedi, a 26-year-old Kuwaiti woman, graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Administration from the Gulf University of Science and Technology in Kuwait, and holds an MBA from the University of London – Pernell. She is the owner of the Retaj Jewelery project in Kuwait. With her creativity, she was able to make her prominent mark, making her name prominent in the world of jewelry design. “My Lady” met her in the following dialogue.

Designed by Retaj Al Mazidi

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Is design a talent or a study?

Design is a gift from God Almighty, and any talent, if refined through study, gives wonderful and distinctive results, as when a person is familiar with everything related to jewelry, precious stones and their types, in addition to his knowledge of gold and diamonds, and how to coordinate between them, either in terms of colors, sizes and all details. On the other hand, it will be an outstanding production.

Which woman presents her designs to Ritaj?

I offer my designs to practical women, and especially to young women, so that they can wear the piece daily, at any time, whether for a business meeting or a reception, because I design pieces that are suitable for various occasions and times, as they small pieces are, but they are characterized by sophistication. I also design for children because I love them very much, and I like to be creative in their designs, especially for girls, and I have a future plan to design (nets) and big sets for weddings and parties.

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Design talent and professionalism

Jewelery designed by designer Retaj Al Mazeedi

Can anyone become a professional jewelry designer?

I consider design as a talent, as I mentioned, but it can also be professionalized, especially if the designer is ambitious and has a great love for his work. He will definitely present the most beautiful designs and be creative, and a add point that differentiates his jewelry from others, in addition he will have a source of income, and actually I am with professionalism in the field of jewelry design.

How did your mother, businesswoman Zahra Al-Moussawi, influence you? And what did you learn from it?

My mother, no matter how much I talk about her, I will not fulfill her right to me, because she is my teacher and role model, and she is the reason for my success in life, whether in my studies or in my work. Big and clear in my life, she raised me to love God and fear Him first, giving and humanity. Through yourself and the skills you possess, you can extract yourself from it), and I also learned from it accuracy and honesty in my work, because I will differentiate and be creative in it.

If you weren’t a jewelry designer, what major would you choose?

If I wasn’t a designer, I would have majored in computer science. Since I was young, I loved and mastered computer programs and web design, and I was very skilled in this field, and I believe that both disciplines meet at the point of design.

Where do you get your designs from?

Everything that is beautiful around me inspires me, whether from nature, or from a situation, or from a specific color, or from a quality that I loved, and I often translate my feeling into beautiful design, and the most beautiful pieces are indeed those that arise from a personal feeling in specific situations, as I often In the opinion of my mother, or my older sister, dr. Sondos, take in designs, as they have a good taste, which often helped me highlight the beauty of my designs.

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Diamonds are distinguished by their color

Do you like to use a particular stone in all your designs?

To be honest, I love to use all available stones in my designs, but diamonds have a unique distinction in all colors, whether natural, black, yellow or pink, as they add value to the piece, and the beauty of it increases with brilliance, and I also love emeralds, sapphires and pearls, and there are occasions Certain occasions, such as national occasions, or the month of Ramadan and holidays, I like to use gold as a basic material in my designs, because every occasion has its appropriate pieces of jewelry.

love ring

Jewelery designed by designer Retaj Al Mazeedi

What piece of jewelry do you wear the most?

There is a piece that I designed and was the beginning of my launch. It is a ring that bears two names, either the names of the mother and father, or the children, or the spouses together, and I called it (the ring of love). ). I have also engraved the names of my mother and father on this ring, which I am very optimistic about, and I always wear it, as it is close to my heart, because it is my first design, and it bears the names of the two most precious people in my life.

Do you dream of going global and competing with the oldest names in the world of jewellery?

When I design my jewelry, I don’t think about the competition as much as I think about the pieces that I design must be unique and attract customers after they like them. This in itself is enough for me, and the competition is definitely good, because it makes me innovate, so that the piece has a position and position in the local market as a first phase, and in the Gulf as a second phase, and God willing, in the coming years, it will reach the world.

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Many challenges

How do you overcome the challenges of your profession?

Challenges exist in every profession, and especially in our profession, from spending a lot of time to crystallize an idea, and to turn it into a piece of creatively designed jewelry. It needs peace of mind so I can master it. We also do not forget the challenge of having many female designers, either in Kuwait or abroad, in addition to the distribution of other international brands, as well as the ease of imitating designs. I went through all these challenges until I placed the name “Retaj Jewellery” on the list of Kuwaiti designers. There is also the challenge of excellence in design, as well as the sourcing of gems and diamonds, and the high price of gold. All these challenges can only be overcome in one way, which is patience, then patience, mastery and love of work, to succeed them all.

Work hard and persevere

What would you say to everyone who wants to be a jewelry designer like you?

Advice that I would like to give to every jewelry designer is that she works hard and perseveres, and does not break one day because the road to success is bumpy, and that she is strong to face all the obstacles in her work . to achieve her goal whatever the cost, and to bring out the best in her designs. , to be distinguished and have a name that resonates beautifully in the field of jewelry design, and she must always keep in her mind that one day the small project will be big.

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Passionate about precious stones.. and diamonds have a unique distinction. Patience, mastery and love for work are my way of overcoming challenges

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