Jobs with great salaries and benefits in Saudi Arabia How to apply and accept jobs at Tabuk University

The University of Tabuk in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has announced the opening of the door to apply for jobs at the University of Tabuk with the contract system for women and men in many different disciplines, and that university is considered a leading institute of higher education in Saudi Arabia, and it offers many job opportunities for professionals who want to join the work team at the University of Tabuk.

Apply for a job at Tabuk University

Tabuk University in Saudi Arabia has made it possible to apply for Tabuk University jobs electronically, to save the time and effort of people who want to join those jobs, and to complete that task, there are a set of steps which must be followed, as follows:

  • In the beginning, you need to log in to the official website of the University of Tabuk by clicking here here.
  • Click on the icon to submit a new application to the University of Tabuk Employment.
  • After the package, the application form for the University of Tabuk jobs will appear on the screen. All the applicant has to do is to add the required data in the specified fields correctly.
  • Validate the previously entered data.
  • Select the academic qualification obtained by the applicant.
  • Submit the required official documents and papers.
  • In the end, the icon to send the application is clicked, and through these steps one can apply for the positions of Tabuk University security guards, or for academic positions.

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Conditions for applying for employment at Tabuk University

After showing you how to apply for the University of Tabuk jobs, we must also explain to you the conditions that a person who wants to join one of the University of Tabuk jobs must meet, and the most prominent of these conditions are the following:

  • The applicant must be of Saudi origin in terms of father and mother.
  • The age of the applicant should not be more than forty-five years.
  • The applicant must be a graduate of a recognized Saudi university, and must hold a Ph.D. or have equivalent.
  • Passing the written test prepared by the scientific department, and the score obtained in this test must not be less than fifteen grades out of twenty-five grades, so that the applicant can be qualified for the personal interview .
  • The grade obtained by the applicant at undergraduate level must not be less than good.
  • Passing the university skills test prepared by the Medical Center for measurement in various disciplines, and the score obtained by the applicant in this test must not be less than seventy grades.
  • The applicant must have previously obtained a bachelor’s degree, a master’s degree and a doctorate.

The deadline for applying for the job of Tabuk University

It is scheduled that the door to apply for jobs at the University of Tabuk will open on the first Sunday of January 2023 AD, which corresponds to the eighth of the month of Jumada al-Akhir, and the door for application will be for ‘ A period of five days remains open, until Thursday, the fifth of January, which corresponds to the twelfth of the other month of Jumada.

Tabuk University vacancies

Tabuk University vacancies

The University of Tabuk has announced the availability of fifty-seven academic positions with the contract system, and these positions are at the rank of assistant professor, professor and supervisor.

  • Business management.
  • Tourism management.
  • English.
  • Beverage and Food Management.
  • Data science.
  • Management Information Systems.
  • Software engineering.
  • systems.
  • Computer Engineering.
  • Hospitality management, which is one of the functions of the University of Tabuk supervisors.
  • Information security.
  • private law.
  • the industrial engineering.
  • Biochemistry.
  • Finance and investment.
  • physical chemistry.
  • civil engineering.
  • organic chemistry.
  • Public law.
  • toxicology.
  • Interior design.
  • Physics.
  • Accounting.
  • Renewable Energy Physics.
  • Gynecological tumors.
  • Textile and fashion design.
  • Physiology.
  • Statistics.
  • Medical Biochemistry.
  • Marketing.
  • Vascular surgery.
  • Applied Statistics.
  • pharmacy practice.
  • Laboratory technology.
  • Toxicology and Pharmacology.
  • nursing.
  • Pharmacists.
  • Computer Science and all its branches.
  • Pharmaceutical chemistry.
  • natural therapy.
  • Chemistry.
  • Clinical Psychology.

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When is the door open to apply for jobs at Tabuk University?

The University of Tabuk has declared that applications for vacancies in all disciplines will be opened from the first of January 2023 AD, and will continue until the fifth of January this year.

Is it possible to apply for the University of Tabuk job online?

Yes, it is possible to apply online for vacancies at the University of Tabuk by entering the official website of the university and then applying the previous steps above.

Is it possible to apply for a job at a resident university by an expatriate or resident?

No, as the person who wants to join one of the vacancies at the University of Tabuk must have a Saudi nationality.

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