Organizing “imaginary” weddings in Dubai is a profitable and booming business

The wedding market in the Middle East is estimated to be worth more than €4 billion. The growing number of married couples are driving them to Dubai. With year-round sunshine, five-star banquet halls and beaches, and multi-faith churches and temples, this growing industry is big business. Teresa du Toit explained, “Dubai is a wonderful place to get married, and the reward is… a wonderful honeymoon here.”

According to Sarah Hedley Hymers, the increase in the marriage rate is driving newlyweds to Dubai. Weddings are big business in the emirate, where everything from wedding planners to legal advisers are available to help with the big day.

“Easy Wedding is here to help couples get married legally. We assess the situation based on religion, nationality and religion. We will give them the best options, legal advice and solution to get married legally. Almost anyone can have a religious wedding in Dubai. The emirate of Dubai recognizes all official religions. So, what people will need: to be, like themselves, residents; to be of the same religion, and then they will be able to tie the knot in front of their religious authorities Almost anyone can get married in a civil marriage in the UAE. It’s happening. It’s an hour’s drive from Dubai in the capital, Abu Dhabi, where residents and tourists will be able to tie the knot.

Planning a wedding in Dubai has been made easier with special platforms like the Middle East Bride Club that provide all the resources needed to tie the knot.

“We offer users tried, tested and vetted venues and suppliers on our platform. So, regularly with venues in Bride Club. We saw the venue and took a tour to understand what the venue is about and what we in collaboration to brides can offer with the vendors. Make sure to get They are fully licensed and experienced, and of course they have a good financial budget to offer.”

And speaking of quality, what is the quality of the vendors in general in Dubai?

Rhiannon Downey Hearst confirms: “Actually you can find everything you need in Dubai, from florists for example. The beautiful flowers you see here from I’m are very modern and luxurious. If you want a classic touch, a vintage touch most florists will Here they can do it for you. Dubai gives you everything you can think of.”

For those who prefer to leave all the arrangements to someone more qualified, wedding planners in Dubai are used to organizing all kinds of ceremonies, from the intimate to the luxurious.

Tasneem Ali Bhai opines that “The most unusual request we receive is usually from our Indian clients who may ask the groom to arrive in a helicopter or on a quad bike, or for the tiger to appear in the procession be … from tigers to elephants to horses The average wedding in Dubai costs between €5,000 to €50,000 or €100,000. The good thing about Dubai is that you don’t pay a venue fee. You only pay for ‘ a minimum spend on the property, and this can be redeemed in food and drink.

A wedding planner can oversee almost every aspect of the celebration, including recommending wedding venues.

Jessie Rebecca confirms: “At Rebecca Bridal we dress brides, bridesmaids and the entire wedding party. In fact, from the UAE and beyond. The magic of technology allows us to discuss dress styles, fabric types and even take measurements online. Then the bride comes to get ready, usually a week before the wedding, to finish all the preparations for the dress for her wedding day.”

How much does a wedding dress cost these days?

“Our wedding dresses start at €1,200. Now a heavily embellished ball gown with a lot of detail can go up to €6,000,” says Jessie Rebecca.

With almost all weddings in Dubai being organized by celebrants, finding the right ceremony is key to setting the tone for your party.

“The role of a celebrant is to organize a beautiful celebration, to do the same thing that a pastor or priest does when founding a church,” affirms Teresa de Toit. “But now it’s more individual, very personal, anywhere to have a celebrant. I’ve done ceremonies in the most amazing places, five-star hotels.” Like this hotel where I had a party at this very place, Waldorf-Astoria. I’ve also done desert weddings for couples and also in private gardens. Here in Dubai we can cater to whatever they’re looking for.”

We spoke to wedding experts across Dubai. Now we want to know what marriage really means to Mrs. Zahra Leila Khalil. So how was her wedding or her big day?

Zahra Laila Khalil talks about her wedding: “My big day was exactly what I wanted it to be. We started by signing our marriage certificate in court and then had the reception in a beautiful five star hotel as we had that famous Dubai backdrop wanted, what we have, and it was intimate, 25 Just a person, and it was magical.

It’s clear that ‘fairytale’ weddings in Dubai come in all shapes and sizes, and the one thing that’s always the same is the clear skies. For more on the subject, you can follow City Scene on euronews and

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