In the first phase of development, the Shibara Resort will open alongside 11 hotels on Shura Island and Ummat Al Sheikh Island. The island is located a 45-minute boat ride from the site’s main beach, with unique designs from Kela Design. Staying in it offers an opportunity to enjoy the greatest comfort and relaxation. The features of the first 73 villas appeared near the beach and villas floating above the water, surrounded by clear water away from all kinds of hustle and bustle of daily life, and its visitors will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the most wonderful water activities or relax in the arms of its beaches. The resort is located in the southern part of the island, where villa formations inspired by the future merge to resemble shiny steel balls floating above the surface of the water, reflecting the view of the sea, in its circular shape on the horizon. ; To become part of the unique composition of the scene. Staying there offers an opportunity to enjoy maximum comfort. As for the design of the interior villas, its idea is inspired by the vast sand dunes, and it is assigned to give guests a sense of privacy.