He boasted that he had captured women. The most prominent statements of Andrew Tate that could convict him in his trial

Lawyers stressed that the statements and positions of the controversial content creator, Andrew Tate, “condemn and complicate” his case, which he is pursuing with the Romanian authorities, on charges of human trafficking, rape and the formation of a criminal gang.

Romanian lawyer Stefan Loredan explained that the biggest challenge facing the British content producer is “Tate himself”, due to his previous statements, positions and rape allegations that have dogged him years ago, according to the “Insider” website.

Dubai-based Loredan, who followed the Tate case, said the former athlete hired one of the best defense lawyers in Romania, but “he will have problems as a public figure with well-known positions, and because of the content which he has. posted on social media over the past few years.”

Tate, who is facing heavy charges in Romania, is known for his controversial views on feminism and the crisis of men in the modern world and his positions, described as “misogynist”, which have earned him a wide distribution on social media has brought.

previous statements

Among Tate’s provocative statements was her admission in a deleted video from her YouTube channel that her move from the UK to Romania came as a response to the “MeToo movement” and the spread of feminist ideas, adding: ” That’s probably 40 percent of the reason I moved to Romania.” .

“I’m not a rapist, but I like the idea of ​​being able to do what I want. I like being free.”

In another video, Tate said that women must take responsibility for rape, noting that women cannot describe themselves as victims if they “trade sex for an opportunity or in exchange.”

He added: “If you put yourself in a position where it’s permissible to rape you, then you have to bear some responsibility,” explaining that he “has no sympathy for women who went out and drank alcohol, and then sexually assaulted.” and continued, “You have to take some personal responsibility, this game of not blaming It hurts the women’s cause as a whole. Protect yourselves.”

Andrew Tate explains the primary reason he moved to Romania: He enjoys getting away with rāypé from gamma secretions

On his website, Tate writes that 50 percent of his female employees are also his girlfriends at one time, explaining, “My job was to make women fall in love with me. My job was to meet a girl, have a few dates to make, to sleep with. her, test her quality and make her fall in love with me to the point where you’ll do anything I say, then make out on webcam until we’re rich together.”

According to “Insider,” Tate said in a video clip that “women are not allowed to go out, and they have to stay in his house,” while discussing his lifestyle and having a group of women stay with him at his home. .

He continued, “I’m all over the place, so I end up with all these chicks stuck in the house, sitting there, bored, absolutely smitten with me.” “Of course they don’t go out, they’re not allowed to go out.”

He added that many believed that “women can go out with their friends when I’m not around, but that was a mistake.”

He also said: “I don’t know what kind of man would let his chicks go clubbing without him. No, she should stay at home and not go anywhere, no restaurants, no clubs, nothing.”

According to the same newspaper, these verdicts may “condemn” Tate, who was arrested by the Romanian authorities, accompanied by his brother and two Romanian women, in the event that he detained women and forced them into prostitution.

Because of his positions, Twitter banned Facebook, Instagram and TikTok accounts, which have millions of followers, before Elon Musk reactivated his Twitter account after acquiring the platform.

“rape” complaints

In conjunction with the distribution of these statements attributed to the former martial arts champion, one of the former complainants who followed Tate on rape charges came forward to speak to the “Vice” platform.

Tate was arrested in 2015 on allegations of rape in the United Kingdom, but authorities declined to prosecute him due to the lack of sufficient evidence to convict him, and he was also investigated on the background of two other complaints of rape and physical assault.

Vice received dozens of messages and audio clips from the first complainant, in one of which Tate says, “Am I a bad person? Because the more you don’t like what I do, the more you enjoy it. I really liked how much you hated it…”, which I do. The complainant considered this to be an express confession of the rape.

Amelia (a pseudonym) says she has known Tate since 2009, and their relationship grew stronger before turning into a romantic relationship in 2013, the year she was “raped,” as she said.

Speaking about the details of the incident, the alleged victim noted that she experienced moments of terror throughout the night due to the violence he inflicted on her, revealing that she did not realize she had been raped until she was with one of her friends .

Despite this, the spokesperson reveals that she continued to see him for several months afterwards, and they had sex on more than one occasion, and indicates that this detail was used to deny the assault, after she had been dating him for about six months. filed a lawsuit against him. after that night.

Unable to follow up on the complaint, Amelia said she chose to “record” it in order to reopen it at a later time when she would be more willing. However, she says she received a call from police in 2015, opening a new investigation after two other women filed complaints against Tate.

The spokeswoman explained that she submitted what she believed to be “evidence” that included shameful letters in which Tate admitted to “raping” and abusing her, adding that in one of the letters he said he “loved her to rape”.

Hertfordshire Police confirmed to VICE that Amelia’s complaint led to Tate’s arrest in December 2015.

At the end of 2019, the police informed Amelia that they had reached the decision of the Public Prosecution Office to refuse to prosecute, given doubts about the details of the case and the insufficient evidence of guilt.

When contacted for comment on Amelia’s allegations, Tate’s lawyer said he was too busy dealing with the new case against his client to respond to the “old allegations” and later declined to comment on the newspaper’s respond to inquiries.

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