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After press, Very Peri, which more or less fell under the radar in 2022, Pantone welcomes the new year in crimson red, the embodiment of the current trend that emphasizes words like “strength”, “self-expression” and “renewal.”

Panton says this dynamic momentum towards a more diverse future is rooted in tradition and nature by highlighting the insect – the cochineal – that made it possible to obtain shades of red in a natural way. Viva Magenta (Pantone 18-1750) remains a bold choice and could upset the neutrals that have reigned in homes for two decades. With three experts in color and interior design, La Presse explains its impact and concrete application in our decors.

Viva Magenta is a vibrant color that rocks: Like it or not, says the color expert who predicted green’s crowning 2023 classic, with purple a close second. “I’m surprised they didn’t make a logical choice like Classic Green. It’s still a bold choice on their part compared to all the colors that have been chosen in recent years, except maybe the color of the year 2022.”

Even paint companies, which are under trade restrictions, are starting to look at brighter shades, she notes. The audacity of the moment goes to leader Benjamin Moore, who made Raspberry Blush, a close relative of Pantone purple, his main color of the year 2023.

This does not mean that it should be used from floor to ceiling, rather the specialist specifies it in small doses in the decor. Magenta consumes a lot of energy. We will therefore combine it nicely with, for example, a pillow or a work of art. »

In neutral decors that are predominantly grey, beige and white, this process should be easy, especially since this purple hue, found entirely in nature, is easier to arrange than it looks. “However, I would limit the range to two or three distinctive colors for the same decor,” she advises. As much as Viva Magenta carries a powerful message that we want to celebrate, it will probably end up creating a certain consensus. However, I still think that Classic Green will have a stronger decorative effect. »

Karen Matt has been disappointed with Pantone’s choices in recent years and welcomes the arrival of this rosy red as a Christmas present, she says. “What I love is that it’s a color full of optimism and vitality, and that’s what drives us. Green would have been predictable in the socio-economic context we’re in – it’s a calming, relaxing, essential color – but this Pantone coming to us with Viva Magenta, it feels like we’ve seen the end of it all happen. The discourse is no longer only about comfort, but about moving forward. »

This “attractive without being aggressive” crimson color can be played with symmetry with all colors and in all interior styles, be it contemporary, traditional, rustic or Scandinavian, the designer who reassures us believes that we can easily add a few touches in any can bring in existing decor. . “This color goes with any shade of green, blue or brown, and it’s especially crazy with cobalt blue,” she enthused, adding that wood and purple are sure to be another winning pair.

Are we a little nervous about the idea? You can always enjoy a touch of warmth on a patterned throw, pillow or rug. “It may be just decoration, but we see how beneficial it is to bring color into our lives. And all it takes is a small body to become contagious! »

“Last year was again very difficult. I think Pantone was expected to come out with an energetic, dynamic and passionate color. says the designer, pointing to the presence of pink in this feminine red, which probably has nothing to do with the fact that women spoke loud and clear.

From a decorative point of view, Viva Magenta should be approached like the color red, as it specifies: with thrift. Since it is a stimulating color, it should be avoided in bedrooms, especially children’s rooms, to be incorporated instead in living rooms where lively conversations are welcome. “I can easily imagine the sophisticated effect of a purple sofa or some accessories of this color in the decor of a plump dining room with very dark purple walls. »

In painting, the designer uses it mainly as an accent, for example to delimit an area in an open area, or on doors and mouldings, kitchen cabinets, inside a wardrobe… Rooms that are passageways are completely “soaked” in this . purple color, like a small lobby or The bathroom, you will also be great. “I would avoid making it the only standout color in an all-white environment, and instead pair it with very saturated or very pale colors of lower intensity: navy blue, light sage green or almost black… the shades require a lot skill,” she warns.

Vanessa Cicotte believes with green on the rise for a few years and purple on the rise, we are on the right track. On the one hand we have a hopeful color; On the one hand, passion: everything seems very harmonious to me! »

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