The University of Bahrain graduated 3,000 engineers as part of the twenty-fourth batch celebration

The Dean of the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain, Dr. Shaikha Haifa bint Ibrahim Al Khalifa, called on the graduates of the college to complete the path of success and excellence during working life, and to continue postgraduate studies, and expressed her confidence. in their qualification and high potential, and note that the number of graduates of the College of Engineering in this cohort reached approximately 2976 thousand graduates

Dr. report. Haifa Al Khalifa at the University of Bahrain’s graduation celebration of the twenty-fourth batch of university students – held under the patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, may God protect him – to graduate the students enrolled in it from the graduates of the academic year 2017/2018 to the year University 2020/2021 AD.

And she said – at the ceremony attended by the Minister of Transport and Communications, His Excellency Mr. Mohammed bin Thamer Al-Kaabi, the President of the University of Bahrain, Dr. Jawaher bint Shaheen Al-Mudhahka, the vice-presidents and a number of members of the University Council – that the graduation of this cohort includes 57 graduates of postgraduate programs, and 810 graduates of the Department of Architecture and Interior Design, 360 graduates of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 505 graduates from the Department of Chemical Engineering, 720 graduates from the Department of Civil Engineering, and 524 graduates from the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

In her address to the students, the Dean of the College of Engineering said, “This joyous ceremony is a harvest of the efforts made by our students and their teachers throughout their academic career, during which they were eager to nurture minds, personalities to build, and build upon the scientific research method, by completing projects throughout their studies.” .

She noted the ability of the graduates to overcome the difficulties of study, hoping that the next phases will bring them the success and progress they are striving for, as it is their responsibility to actively contribute to the building and development of the country, in various engineering fields. .

The graduates expressed their happiness, gratitude and thanks to the University of Bahrain in a speech delivered in the morning by the graduate, Hanouf Issa Fakih, she said: “In this honorable place, we, the male and female graduates , the right to be proud of the University of Bahrain, which is a great scientific building that educates generations, to enter a new field of fields.” Take part in building the revival of this benevolent country.

Fakih, winner of the Yazid Bin Salam Award in Architecture, added: “In this joyful ceremony, we cannot fail to express our gratitude – to God Almighty – to our dear parents, who sought from the first moment of our exist in this life to instill in us the values ​​of our true Islamic religion and our customs.” Arabic, and encouraged us to learn, and provided us with the appropriate study environment, which enabled us to complete our higher university studies.

For his part, graduate Hossam Fawzi Harb affirmed that “this ceremony will always be engraved in our memory, and will remain a great motivation and motivation for all students to achieve more excellence and success in their academic and practical lives.”

Harb, who received the Mohammed bin Musa bin Shaker Award in Measurement and Control Engineering, expressed his happiness in dedicating this success to His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, King of the Kingdom of Bahrain, and to His Royal Highness His Highness Prince Salman bin Hamad Al Khalifa, Crown Prince and President The Council of Ministers, may God protect him.

During the ceremony that took place in the morning, the graduates of the programs: Architecture, Interior Design and Environmental Architecture successively climbed the podium, where they received graduation certificates in the presence of their parents from the Vice-President for Academic Programs and Postgraduate Studies, Dr. Muhammad Reda Qader.

As for the evening celebration, it was dedicated to graduating students from my programs: Electronic Engineering, Micro Instrumentation Engineering and Industrial Process Control, where they received their graduation certificates from the Vice President for Community Service and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Muhammad Salih Al-Ansari.

It is scheduled to complete the graduation of students from the College of Engineering in a ceremony tomorrow, Monday, as students from electrical engineering, chemical engineering and mechanical engineering programs will graduate in the morning ceremony.

The National University will hold 20 graduation ceremonies for its students enrolled in the festival program from 19 to 29 January 2023 AD, with two ceremonies per day, one in the morning and the other in the evening, except for Friday, when only one evening ceremony be held.

It is worth mentioning that the history of the College of Engineering at the University of Bahrain dates back to the year 1968 AD, when the Gulf Technical College was established, which later changed into the Gulf College of Technology, and then into the College of Engineering after the establishment of the University of Bahrain in the year 1986 AD.

The prestigious college offers 24 academic programs at the undergraduate and graduate level across its five departments: Architecture and Interior Design, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

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