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Jeddah – Abdul Hadi Al-Maliki

The Sleep Medicine and Research Center is a center specialized in the study, diagnosis and then treatment of sleep disorders that are common in our society. The center was inaugurated in King Abdulaziz University Hospital in May 2011, and when it received a large number of visitors and patients, it was expanded in April 2013, bringing the total capacity of the center to 4 rooms equipped with the latest equipment in the field. of sleeping pills. One of the most important features of the center is its presence in the King Abdulaziz University Hospital, which enables the attending physician to use all the human and diagnostic resources available in the hospital to ensure that the patient receives comprehensive care on the highest level of quality received. In addition to its diagnostic and therapeutic services, the center aims to spread health awareness about sleep disorders in the community, by holding forums and educational events, and works to provide trained health cadres of doctors and technicians in the field of sleep medicine to serve and promote our society. Keeping up with the international centers “Al-Bilad” visited the center and met with the medical staff, who confirmed that the center works at a scientific and systematic pace in sleep medicine.

Prof. Siraj Wali, consultant chest disease and sleep medicine, director of the Sleep Medicine and Research Center at the University Hospital, says initially: “The center diagnoses common sleep disorders and has the ability to treat them. There are some treatments that are not available, but we have them usually not necessary, except in difficult cases.”
The center performs a sleep examination during the night when the patient is asleep and also examines sleep during sleep in the case of compulsive sleep, as well as the patient’s ability to maintain alertness and not fall asleep in certain cases such as pilots who are sleeping not. difficulties to ensure that they do not have sleepiness. Never, by putting them in a chair in a quiet area for forty minutes, and we repeat this three or four times, and track their ability to not sleep, and so their flight license is renewed if they don’t have a specific sleep disorder did not.

The center finds great support from the hospital administration, either in terms of equipment or providing the necessary treatment for the patient. We now have three sleep clinics that can be expanded. The number of examinations in the latest statistics for the year 2022 AD has reached about eight hundred examinations, and the number of auditors is about 2,000 patients annually. Statistics were made for the percentage of sleep apnea, and their number reached 12% at the level of the western region for men and 5% for women, and most of them do not sleep enough at night due to interrupted sleep, and during the day most of their time they suffer from sleepiness, their concentration is poor and their memory is poor. The latest developments in sleep disorders in therapeutic methods confirm that there is a stimulant treatment called Modafinil, and there are non-stimulant treatments like those used in flu, and it costs a thousand riyals a month, and it treats compulsive sleep. As for the treatments for sleep apnea, the main treatment is the respiratory tract or mesh mouth devices. Marwana has also started to be used in the treatment of sleep apnea, but it is now unproven. There is a new surgical method, which implants an “electrode” in the nerve that feeds the tongue. When the sleeper’s breathing stops, the nerve begins to function and thus the pharynx begins to open. It is used for certain people and is not available in Saudi Arabia.

Rania: Lack of sleep makes children nervous
Dr. Rania Al-Shamrani, a consultant chest diseases for children and sleep diseases for adults and children, said: Regarding the number of hours in children, it varies according to age, from newborns to the age of 18 years, and from newborns to the age of four months, they may need from 18 to 20 hours of sleep, and in the first and second year they need 14 hours of sleep, and from the age of three to five years they need 13 hours of sleep and also the age of years , includes the hours of sleep “naps” during the day period, as it combines sleep at night with naps during the day.

As for the story of the adaptation of sleep, it cannot be done in one night, rather it requires time and gradually, because it is of great importance that there is synchronization between the biological clock and the external clock, just like night and day two are the most important regulators of the sleep process; Because sleep is linked to the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which is the sleep hormone, and from here we find that the quality of sleep at night differs from its quality during the day, because there are influences such as noise, which affect the quality. of sleep, and here an important step is activated, which is the need to go to sleep at a later time. Over time, a person will reach the appropriate time for sleep.
As for the little ones, if the child does not sleep, he will be exposed to a deficiency of growth hormone, which leads to short stature, poor academic performance and behavior, as we notice that the child with growth hormone deficiency becomes more nervous and isolated from family members and society.

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