A Syrian chef tricked a British millionaire with his love before mercilessly murdering her! (Video) – Homeland

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Watan – A Syrian cook faces life in prison in Britain after murdering and strangling a millionaire and occupying her £1.3m home.

A millionaire among his girlfriends

The Syrian chef Qusay al-Jundi (25) and his Romanian chauffeur, Muhammad al-Aboud (28), murdered Louise Cam (71) on 26 July 2021 in her home in North London. It was part of their plan to extract £4.6 from her. million fortune.

Qusai al-Jundi
Mohammed Al-Aboud

Qusai and his partner in crime threw the victim’s body in the garbage, and sent her family a message from her phone, pretending to tell them she had gone to China.

According to the Daily Mail report, the Syrian killer, who pretended to live a luxurious lifestyle with a string of girlfriends but actually worked in a kebab shop and lived with his parents, Mrs. Cam tricked into signing a document to power him attorney.

Married and has 3 children

Qusay, who is married and has three children, believed that with Mrs. Kam’s death, he would be able to sign all her wealth. Including two properties.

Kim was killed when she refused to sign over the property
A Syrian kills a millionaire
Muhammad Al-Aboud boasts in a video with Mrs. Kam’s house and take a tour after his move

On the day that mrs. Kam was killed, she drove her BMW to her other four-bedroom house, believing a lawyer would be there to complete the sale of the property to a Syrian chef who convinced her he had enough money to buy the house for sale. .

But as she sat on a chair, the killers approached her from behind and strangled her with a hairdryer belonging to Abboud, who had arrived in the country without a work visa just two months earlier.

She was also hit over the head with a blunt object before her body was wrapped in garbage bags and a quilt and placed in the bin outside her home, where it was covered with garden waste.

Fake messages

The morning after Mrs Cam’s death, the soldier paid £60 to a group of workers to bring a rubbish lorry to his family’s home.

The soldier sent messages to mrs. Sent Kam’s friends and family and pretended she was alive and well but had traveled to China.

A Syrian kills a millionaire
Al-Aboud Tik Tok Video owned by Mrs. Kam
From the same video of Abboud moving around the woman’s property after he killed her

Meanwhile, Al-Aboud posted a video on TikTok of him walking on the driveway of Mrs. Kam’s house dances to music, with his followers unaware that he is happy that he brutally murdered her just hours before.

The soldier pretended to be a millionaire with a group of beautiful girlfriends.

cook broken

But in reality he was a broke cook who worked in a kebab restaurant with his wife and three children.

But he conned women to try and get the lifestyle he thought he deserved and stole two cars from one victim in her 60s after making love to her.

A photo released by the Metropolitan Police of the container where Louise Kamm’s body was found
A Syrian kills a millionaire
Muhammad Al-Aboud (28), who is a homeless gypsy boy, helped kill the millionaire

The soldier told mrs. Cam said he loved her too, hoping she would give him power of attorney over her property.

He and his friend Al-Aboud killed her when she refused. The cook and his accomplice denied the murder, but the soldier gave no explanation for his actions.

Abboud blamed him and claimed that he was actually asleep when Chef told mrs. killed Cam.

Life imprisonment

Juries found them both guilty of murder after a two-month trial and are now facing life sentences at a date to be determined.

Mrs. Cam was divorced and had a business building and an apartment block near the soldier’s restaurant.

Mrs. Cam wanted to sell the estates to give money to her sons and the soldier offered her £6 million, well above market value.

He told her that his supporter was a friend called ‘Anna’ and that Ms Cam had been receiving voicemails purporting to be from her.

another victim

“Anna” was Anna Reich – a customer of his restaurant, and she was in fact a victim of deception by Qusai al-Jundi.

She agreed to sell her two cars, a Toyota RAV4 and an Audi TT, for £57,000.

Although the cars were delivered, Mrs. Reich did not see a cent of the money.

And the soldier sent her letters and said: I love you, I want you. Anna, there is no one in my heart. I love you because I want you, yes I need you, every time I need you.

Ms Reich said in court: “He was psychologically manipulating me the whole time. My intention was to get the money for the car and get out of this situation as soon as possible.

She continued: “He never paid me a single cent, not even a single cent… No money or money order, nothing. He was very creative.”


The soldier wanted mrs. Reich as an agent to help him find mrs. to deceive Cam, but she refused when he asked her to come to meetings to act as an “interpreter”.

Mrs. Thinking he was going to buy the house, Cam gave the soldier the keys and allowed his slave partner to move in.

The court heard that Abboud was seduced by the soldier who promised him a fortune.

But prosecutor Oliver Glasgow told the court: “Louise Cam was the victim of a careful and cunning plan by Qusai El-Gendy to defraud her. When that plan didn’t work out as planned, he and Mohammed Al-Aboud killed her.

This car was stolen by the two men from another woman
A Syrian kills a millionaire
The kebab shop where Qusay works

He continued, “Then the two proceeded to try and cover up her death, no doubt assuming that they would somehow benefit from her death. It doesn’t matter who overpowered her, who put the noose around her neck or who put her dead body in the trash. What matters is that they both did it together and that each supported the other in a plan to kill her and dispose of her body and try to profit from her death.”

Her head was wrapped in three black plastic bags. Her body was wrapped in a quilt and her feet and legs were wrapped in two black plastic bags and tied with tape.

According to the coroner’s report, Ms. Cam suffered multiple bruises, a broken spine and a blunt impact to the head as she resisted before collapsing.

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