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Ammon – The Algerian police consists of several ranks, each of which includes other sub-ranks that derive from it, as follows:

Police Officer Corps: This corps includes only one rank, which is the rank of police investigators.
Police Guard Corps: This corps includes two ranks:
Keep the police.
Keep the first police.
Police Inspectors: This corps includes two ranks:
police inspector.
Chief Inspector of Police.
Police Officers: This corps includes a single rank, which is the rank of Police Lieutenant.
Police Governors: This corps includes 3 ranks, namely:
Police Governor.
Chief of Police.
Senior Dean of Police.
Police Observer Corps: There are two ranks under this corps:
Police observer.
Senior Superintendent of Police.
The tasks of the Algerian police rank according to their arrangement
Each rank of the Algerian police performs specific functions and tasks assigned to it by law, as follows:

Police Corps
This corps includes only one rank, which is the rank of police investigators. In terms of their work, the agents maintain under the authority and supervision of public safety and the rule of order, in addition to preserving the safety of people and property by prevention and intervention activities that achieve their missions They can also be used when necessary to carry out support tasks Administrative and technical.

Police waiting wire
The functions of the police detention corps include the following:

Police Hafiz: His duties are to distribute tasks and directly supervise the police officers placed under his authority, in order to deliver general and specific instructions to them, ensure the implementation of the instructions of the peaceful authority and the discipline of the group.
Senior Police Chief: The duties of senior police chiefs include coordination and control work under the supervision of the authority responsible for it, while ensuring the implementation of the directives of the peaceful authority, collecting information, researching and verifying information.
Police Inspectors
This thread includes only two ranks, namely:

Police Inspector: Their job is to maintain public order and preserve the safety of people and property, while exercising the functions of activation, guidance, supervision, coordination and monitoring, and they are assigned the tasks of judicial police officers if they acquire this capacity. From placing security formations within the framework of their forces along with participating in training activities.

Chief Inspector of Police: The chief inspectors of police are appointed after the training period and under the supervision of their peaceful officials. In addition to the tasks of the police inspectors, they lead investigation teams, intervene, investigate and verify the conformity of safety and security formations, and control, in addition to proposing measures that support and improve the way of work, and also participate in training activities.

police officers
This corps includes the rank of first lieutenant of the police and assumes, under supervision, the responsibility for the maintenance of safety and public order, the preservation of the lives of persons and property, in addition to the tasks of command, coordination, control and the exercise of powers related to their capacity as judicial police officers Information and analysis, and participation in training activities.

Police governors
This thread contains 3 different ranks divided as follows:

Police governor: Police governors, under the supervision of their peaceful officials, exercise the preservation and maintenance of public order and the preservation of persons and property. Judicial police officers, propose measures that contribute to the improvement of management in their field, the preparation of periodic summary reports related to their activities, identify training needs and participate in its activities.

Chief of Police: Chiefs of Police, under the supervision of their peaceful officials, are entrusted with the tasks of designing security plans and formations, planning activities, identifying the necessary means and resources, in addition to preparing framework analyses, monitoring, inspection and evaluation of police interests, and identify what is lacking, while addressing problems and challenges and drawing up a plan for internal communication. And the external is put into practice, along with the process of setting up activity and case reports, and participating in training activities.

First Brigadier General of Police: The first brigadier general performs the duties of police chiefs. They are also assigned, under the supervision of their peaceful officials, to various other tasks, such as leadership, analysis, study, inspection, surveillance, detection of security risks and interests, setting targets, preparing studies and reports, and the set of priorities. To assist in decision-making, coordination, follow-up and control of all levels entrusted with national security tasks, and to contribute to the development of the system of training and participation in training.

Police Observer Corps
There are two ranks under this corps:

Rank of police observer: The observer performs tasks of inspection, monitoring, consultation, study and management of national security projects Develop evaluation and monitoring systems.

The rank of first police observer: the police general observers undertake the tasks of crises, auditing and supervision, study, evaluate and analyze outcomes and results, carry out strategic studies, design approaches to coordination between departments and carry out and present audits.

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