du and “Etisalat by e&” enter into a strategic partnership with “Aldar Properties” to provide advanced communication services and solutions to customers

The new cooperation agreement enables du and “Etisalat by e&” to provide their customers with advanced communication services and technologies, as well as to contribute to the advancement of the digital transformation agenda in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 23 January 2023: Du, a subsidiary of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, and Etisalat of “e&”, announced the signing of a cooperation agreement with Aldar Properties, the leading real estate development and management company in the United States Arab Emirates. Under this agreement, the two companies will work to provide basic infrastructure solutions and technologies for communication services in major real estate development projects developed and managed by Aldar Properties, within the framework of the joint “Taawon” initiative between du and Etisalat of e& for infrastructure development.

The “Taawun” initiative aims to support the UAE government’s vision of developing a smart infrastructure for communication services in all regions of the UAE, as well as giving customers the freedom to choose their preferred communication service operator. The initiative works to ensure the provision of a strong communication infrastructure by expanding an advanced fiber optic network and deploying the best smart communication solutions compatible with next generations of voice and data services.

Commenting on the signing of the agreement, Fahad Al-Hassawi, CEO of du, said: “We are pleased to enter into this partnership with Aldar Properties Company to provide the latest communication services and technology to individuals and companies within the real estate development projects from Aldar Properties. This agreement reflects our ongoing commitment to support the vision of the UAE government which aims to advance the digital transformation agenda across the country by improving the readiness of the infrastructure for communication services. Through this partnership, we will continue our efforts aimed at providing individuals and business communities with added value in their lives through leading communication services and high speed provided by our networks, contributing to the improvement of the economic, social and digital transformation of the country. The United Arab Emirates”.

Masoud Mohamed Sharif Mahmoud, CEO of “Etisalat by e&”, said: “We are pleased to partner with Aldar Properties in this initiative to develop digital infrastructure and provide the best technical solutions and services in new property development projects. The developed communication infrastructure in the UAE reflects the effective role In the same context, we confirm our zeal to continue working with our partners in the sector to improve the services we provide to our customers, in line with our commitment to continue dealing with the development of the telecommunications infrastructure and working in accordance with the aspirations of the wise leadership of the state.”

Under this agreement, you and “Etisalat by e&” will install, maintain and oversee the latest services and solutions for fixed telephone networks through Aldar Properties projects in the most famous destinations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Yas Island, Saadiyat -island, Al Raha Beach and Al Reem Island, in addition to projects Government housing and infrastructure. Thanks to the

The advanced infrastructure of the “Taawon” initiative. Which raises the standards of living in these residential communities, which will be transformed into smart and sustainable neighborhoods, providing modern lifestyles by adopting digital future solutions to manage societies.

Adel Abdullah Al-Buraiki, CEO of Aldar Projects, said: “At Aldar, we are committed to building integrated and prosperous communities that enrich people’s lives and contribute to Abu Dhabi’s growing attractiveness as one of the most liveable cities in the world. Our objective through this partnership with ‘du’ and ‘Etisalat of e&’ is to improve the communication infrastructure through our projects and continue our efforts to remain at the forefront of our sector in terms of digital transformation, sustainable development and operational excellence. We look forward to the positive impact these advanced and modern communication solutions will have on our communities that enrich the modern lifestyle of their residents.”

Residents and tenants in the integrated communities developed by Aldar Properties will enjoy the freedom to choose the operator of their preferred communication services. The new partnership also supports the long-term vision of the UAE government which aims to create a smart infrastructure for the develop the telecommunications sector to ensure a better quality of life for all.

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About you:

du works under the umbrella of Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company to bring about positive transformations across all economic, social and cultural fields, as well as to promote digital transformation in the United Arab Emirates. Based on its strategy of developing and introducing the latest digital innovations that focus on improving the various aspects of customer experience and life, the company has been able to expand the subscriber base of its services to around 9 million customers within ‘ to reach a short period of time. . The company works to enable all segments of its customers to communicate seamlessly and to promote the growth of the operations of its institutional customers. Du has established itself in the market as a reliable partner in the field of communication services and ICT solutions by complying with its vision, which it has introduced since its inception, which aims to change the characteristics of the communication sector redefine and achieve a connected and sustainable future. . In addition to providing basic communication services, you offer an integrated portfolio of the latest infrastructure solutions and technologies for the smart city project, as well as advanced and customized solutions and technologies in the field of information and communication technology, data storage and protection for government agencies and institutions across all sectors of all sizes, as well as high-quality services in the field of entertainment. http://du.ae

About Etisalat from e&-, UAE

E& Etisalat is the pillar of the telecommunications sector of the e& Group (formerly known as Etisalat Group) in the United Arab Emirates. In light of the company’s new strategy, Etisalat Emirates aims to enhance shareholder value and provide outstanding customer experiences to achieve optimal business performance.

In an effort to capitalize on the era of “communications renaissance”, Etisalat of e& seeks to develop basic and digital services by upgrading the solutions it provides to consumers through digital services that meet new lifestyles and changing meet requirements that go beyond traditional communication services, including gambling, health and insurance sectors. Etisalat at e& will continue to serve as a trusted partner and advisor to enterprises by enabling connectivity and other digital and future-proof solutions.

Consolidating its leadership position as a leading customer-facing digital communications company in a digital world dominated by connected technologies, Etisalat will work to develop sustainable solutions in future technologies such as private networks, autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence .

To learn more about our telecommunications business, please visit: https://eand.com/en/telecom.jsp

About Aldar Company

Aldar is a leading property development and management company in the UAE, with a diversified and sustainable operating model supported by two core businesses, Aldar Development and Aldar Investments.

Aldar Development Company continues its leading role in developing integrated communities that enrich the lives of residents across the most sought-after destinations in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including Yas Island, Saadiyat Island, Al Raha Beach and Al Reem- island. It also owns a land portfolio of 69 million square metres, comprising three business units: Aldar Projects, the project execution arm responsible for running the fee-based project management business unit; Al Dar Al Riyada, which seizes new business opportunities and develops areas of innovation; and “Aldar Misr”, a platform that focuses on the promising and profitable Egyptian real estate market, as a major market for the development of integrated mixed-use communities.

Aldar Investments is the asset management unit of the Aldar Group, which includes a portfolio of 30 billion dirhams of real estate assets generating recurring income in the retail, residential, commercial, hotel and logistics assets. Aldar Logistics Assets owns a 70% interest in the Abu Dhabi Business Forum complex, which owns a complex of warehouses, offices and industrial facilities strategically located in the Industrial City of Abu Dhabi (ICAD), with a net leasable area of ​​approximately 166,000 square meters. Aldar Investments also manages the three main platforms: Aldar Education, Aldar Properties and Aldar Hospitality and Entertainment.

The “Al Dar Education” platform includes a portfolio of educational assets that include approximately 33,000 students in 28 schools operated and managed by “Al Dar Education”, in addition to a growing network of 3,000 teachers serving more than 100 nationalities belong, and it accepts a wide range of educational curricula and additional services Like a teacher training academy.

While “Aldar Properties” integrates commercial and residential property operations within the portfolio of “Provis”, which specializes in property management, and also includes community management through an integrated property management platform. The Aldar Hospitality and Leisure Company is responsible for overseeing the hotel and leisure asset portfolio of Aldar, which is primarily located on Yas Island and Saadiyat Island, in addition to Ras Al Khaimah. Aldar’s hotel portfolio includes 13 hotels, with a total of 4,250 hotel rooms, in addition to managing operations across golf courses, beach clubs and marinas.

Aldar shares are listed on the Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (trading code ALDAR: UH). The company’s business achieves stable recurring profits and revenues, and it has a broad and diversified shareholder base. Aldar accepts the best standards of corporate governance, and is committed to managing sustainable operations in the long term, in order to achieve continuous added value for its shareholders.

Aldar adopts an ambitious vision as it aims to be the most trusted developer and property manager in the region, playing a pivotal role in the development of high-quality and convenient destinations that meet the needs of community members and across the necessary ingredients and abilities available for work, living and entertainment.

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