Specifications of the Volvo Polestar 3 2023

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Polestar 3 It is the first SUV from the fast-growing electric car brand Polestar 3 new in 2023 to compete BMW iX And Mercedes-Benz EQC And Tesla Model X And Jaguar I-Pace And Audi e-tron. In the next article we will review car specification Volvo Polestar 3 2023

Located Polestar 3 new up Polestar 2 popular in this range, and is the company’s first custom design. As an exciting newcomer to the luxury electric SUV segment, it will be built in China and the United States, making it a very big deal for the ambitious, design-led electric vehicle company.

Release date

will be launched Polestar 3 New in winter 2023 as inventory builds from the start of production scheduled for mid-year. If you want to buy first Polestar 3s It is late 2023, it is best to submit your application now.

Interior design.

Inside, it appears Polestar 3 New minimalism the most modern. The design-focused interior has a clean look and subtle use of materials such as brushed aluminium. The seats have more branding lettering Polestarwhile great features like Swedish Gold seat belts are available as part of the Performance Package.

Is characterized by Polestar 3 The new sporty look. It’s more streamlined and nimble than the big SUV standard. It’s also a big car, measuring 4.9 meters long and over 2.1 meters wide including the door mirrors. It is very similar in size to a car BMW iX in bold.

used Polestar 3 The new model has many aerodynamic features to improve its electric driving range. There is a front spoiler integrated into the hood and another spoiler integrated into the rear spoiler, as well as rear spoilers. All these things combine to give it a futuristic look.

Car exterior.

The simple front end uses a marker Polestar Commercial “double blade” light LED. The various sensors and radar systems are all hidden behind the bodywork. The many functions are depicted by discrete stickers that define a “sensor group” SmartZoneIt also helps to enhance the modern feel of the watch Polestar 3 new.

Contains Polestar 3 New on the light bar LED Full width as the center piece of a simple back. With its squat stance and large 21″ alloy wheels, it’s sure to turn heads.

Specifications of the Volvo Polestar 3 2023


Standard equipment includes interior lighting LEDretractable door handles with proximity sensor, and a three-year subscription Polestar Connect. For the first year it is equipped Plus Package And Pilot Package Also as standard, with the addition of extras such as a surround sound system Bowers and Wilkins 25-speaker 3D, soft closing doors, head-up display and system Pilot Assist.

The dashboard is dominated by a large central 14.5-inch vertical touchscreen display. The new infotainment system works Polestar 3 on the operating system Android Carso it is equipped with an assistant Google and cards Google and shop Google Play. There is also an additional 9.0-inch digital operating screen.

All powered by the next generation platform Snapdragon cabin platform from the tech giant Qualcomm. Prepare Polestar with “comprehensive in-car experiences” of high-resolution screens and seamless connectivity throughout the vehicle. Even the key has become a key card NFC next generation, just as in Tesla.

Safety and security.

Safety assist technology is also next generation. Polestar 3 The new car is the company’s first to have centralized computer processing from a computer Nvidia Drive basic. This AI brain processes data from various sensors and cameras to deliver advanced driver assistance and driver monitoring safety technology. There are even internal radar sensors that can detect “sub-millimeter movements”. It is sensitive enough to pick up children or pets left inside.

Polestar 3 The new one is a five-seat SUV, with sports seats in the front, and expect plenty of room for rear passengers. Standard panoramic glass roof, code included Polestar light. Sustainable materials abound, including animal care-certified leather and fully traceable wool furnishings.

storage space and capacity.

In addition to a front storage compartment with a capacity of 32 liters, it contains Polestar 3 The new cabin has a luggage compartment of 484 liters with the rear seats raised. This increases to 1,411 liters when the folding seats are folded. The space includes a spacious and useful underfloor storage of 90 litres. can you Polestar 3 SUV It also towed 2200kg which is pretty impressive for a car E.V.

Engines and gearboxes.

Contains Polestar 3 The new to be launched on a long range twin engine. The front and rear electric motors produce a total power of 489 horsepower, as well as a generous 840 Nm of torque. This means that despite its weight of about 2.6 tons, the Polestar 3 It will accelerate from 0-62 mph in 5.0 seconds.

Battery and charging range.

Enjoy a battery Polestar 3 The new long-range engine has a large total capacity of 111 kWh. That means the regular model can travel up to 379 miles on a single charge; will cut a bundle Polestar 3 Performance Pack 360 mile. The battery will also accept ultra-fast DC charging of up to 250 kW, meaning it can be recharged from 10 to 80 percent in 30 minutes.

Come Polestar 3 Standard with heat pump, highly efficient climate control and battery conditioning. It also facilitates two-way charging, so it is ready for future vehicle-to-network delivery and charging functions.

It comes as standard Polestar 3 The new model is equipped with a two-chamber air suspension. This allows for precise control of the chassis and fully adjustable tuning between comfort and dynamic settings. Say Polestar The speed of the adaptive damper can be adjusted electronically once per millisecond.

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