Mori Building opens Toranomon Hills Station Tower this fall


(BUSINESS WIRE)– Mori Building Co., Ltd., a leading urban developer in Japan, announced today that the 49-story Toranomon Hills Station Tower will open this fall. The project is managed by the Toranomon District 1 and 2 Shome Urban Redevelopment Association (Urban Redevelopment Association), in which Mori Building is a major participant. In conjunction with the construction of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, which is currently fully integrated with ‘Toranomon Hills’ Station, the construction of the entire ‘Toranomon Hills’ area will be completed, which is expanding and developing at an unprecedented speed into a new international center, a global business center and a city comparable to the ‘Roppongi’ project. Hills’ scale and influence.

Toranomon Hills Station Tower is a 266 meter high multipurpose tower with 49 floors above ground and 4 floors underground. Integrating this comprehensive development with Toranomon Hills Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line, the tower will be complemented by a spacious and bustling station plaza and a 20-meter wide pedestrian bridge over Sakurada Dori Avenue (National Route 1), providing access offers to The oval court of Toranomon Hills Mori. By strengthening and expanding the local transport network at various levels on the ground, underground and at the pedestrian bridge level, the station tower will significantly enhance the presence of ‘Toranomon Hills’ as a transport node, and will contribute to the revitalization of the whole area by significantly improving pedestrian flow.

The station tower will provide world-class offices as well as retail facilities integrated into the station square and a hotel will open its doors for the first time in Tokyo. The highest floor of the tower will be home to Tokyo Node, an interactive communication facility consisting of halls, galleries, a swimming pool, restaurants and other facilities capable of creating ideas, values ​​and actions that transcend sectors and aims to share creativity with the whole world.

Toranomon Hills will be expanded by approximately 7.5 hectares to a total floor area of ​​800,000 square meters with the opening of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower in fall 2023. The area is gradually developing into a mixed-use complex integrated with urban infrastructure such as e.g. roads and subways, and has a similar effect to that of the ‘Roppongi Hills’ that made the ‘Mori Building’ era.

An open and vibrant ‘Station Atrium’ created by the integrated development of the station and adjacent neighborhood

The station’s concourse (2,000 square meters) is a three-story arcade space designed in a spacious atrium style, combining urban and mobility features that are coordinated and integrated.

The station street’s direct intersections between the station concourse and nearby events and shopping facilities keep the station busy, thanks to the constant flow of people, day and night.

A wide pedestrian bridge, 20 meters wide, in the shape of a letter T above the arterial track

A wide 20-meter-wide T-shaped pedestrian bridge over Sakurada-dori (National Route 1) connects to the oval of Toranomon Hills Mori. The elevated walkway, which passes through the station tower, is the main road for pedestrian traffic between east and west, the transit areas and the main road. Reflecting safe urban spaces, the bridge separates pedestrians from vehicles in the area and serves as a square connecting the people of Toranomon Hills.

Tokyo Node: An interactive communication facility that connects Tokyo to the world

The upper floors of Toranomon Hills Station Tower (45th to 49th floors) are home to Tokyo Node, a 10,000 square meter interactive communications facility.

The main hall and three galleries can be used individually or as one compact adjoining space. On the roof, a garden, a swimming pool and two restaurants will be opened under the management of world-renowned chefs, one of which will be a barbecue restaurant under the supervision of Kei Kobayashi, the first Asian chef to receive three Michelin stars in Paris. The laboratory will be located on the eighth floor, and will enhance the facility’s capabilities as a highly functional and distinctive space dedicated to communication and knowledge exchange, in complete differentiation from traditional conference and banquet facilities.

Additionally, Tokyo Node will act as a platform to disseminate information to the entire Toranomon Hills region, enabling it to grow exponentially into a ‘connection hub’ attracting experts and influencers from around the world to establish their business and their innovation with the world at large.

New office space to connect people

Respond to diverse needs and new ways of working

The offices are located on the 9th, 10th and 15th to 40th floors (32 floors in total), and offer a gross leasable area of ​​approximately 107,000 square meters and standard floors of approximately 3,400 square meters, including columnless layouts. The depth of the space from the center to the surface of the window is about 18.5 meters, and it accommodates various work styles and meets other needs of international companies.

In addition, eight ‘magnetic spaces’ are equipped with vestibules and staircases, connecting the upper and lower floors to improve communication and collaboration between workers, creating more dynamic and creative workplaces.

Retail facilities support the work of global players and the lives of their members

The retail store of approximately 14,400 square meters covers nine floors (from basement two to seven), containing approximately 80 stores that support the work of global players and the lives of their members, including office workers and residents.

The T-Market (which includes 27 shops with an area of ​​3,000 square meters) will be full of life in the morning and evening (from 07:00 to 23:00) and will witness the hustle and bustle of life thanks to the restaurants, delis and shops around it. The restaurants will offer high-quality and affordable menus, many of which will be overseen by award-winning chefs and pastry chefs, some of whom are Michelin or Bib Gourmand award holders.

Toranomon Hills Hotel, part of The Unbound Collection by Hyatt in Tokyo

The first, eleventh and fourteenth floors will house the ‘Toranomon Hills’ hotel. The hotel has 205 guest rooms, including standard rooms ranging in size from 27 to 34 square meters. The hotel brand is ‘The Unbound Collection by Hyatt’ and will make its debut in Tokyo as ‘The Independent Collection’.

Serving as ‘Toranomon’s urban living room’, the hotel welcomes a diverse group of guests to its restaurants, cafes and lounges that open to the city.

Sergio Hermann will oversee all food and beverage experiences in the hotel’s cafes and restaurants. Hermann is a Dutch native and longtime Michelin star chef, and this will be his first visit to Japan.

World-leading architects, designers and artists

  • Design: Shuhei Shigematsu (‘OMA’)

The design for Toranomon Hills Station Tower is OMA’s first large-scale architectural project in Tokyo.

The design is based on the concept of ‘the activity belt’, or urban axis that stretches from Shintora-dori Blvd. all the way to the Akasaka/Toranomon area, to become a symbolic site where people in the entire area gather and interact.

  • Hotel Interior Design: ‘Space Copenhagen’

The interior design of the hotel was designed by Space Copenhagen, a Danish interior design firm. This hotel is her first job in Japan.

Possession of a number of international environmental certificates

Toranomon Hills was awarded the initial platinum certification, the highest ranking in the LEED neighborhood development category.

The offices and retail facilities of the station tower received the initial platinum certificate in the category of building design and construction without finishing and the initial ‘Will’ certificate, and are expected to achieve the highest platinum certificate once their construction is completed. It is the second largest pre-approved property in Japan, after the ‘Azabudai Hills’ project.

In addition, the station tower will be entirely powered by RE100 compliant renewable energy from the construction stage.

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