Private universities in Jeddah and their prices 2023

Many Saudi and international students inquire about the main private universities in Jeddah and their prices to enroll in them to obtain a bachelor’s degree in various university majors or to complete postgraduate studies.

The city of Jeddah includes many important private universities. Follow us in the article to know the most important universities in it and the average tuition cost.

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How is the cost of private universities in Jeddah calculated?

Tuition fees and prices vary from one private university to another in Jeddah, based on:

  • The type of university specialization the student is studying. The cost of fees for medical majors is certainly somewhat higher than the theoretical administrative majors.
  • Similarly, scientific specializations that require access to research laboratories and medical laboratories and the use of raw materials are higher than literary specializations, the study of law and other fields that do not require practical study.
  • Prices also vary in the same faculties from one university to another, depending on the number of credit hours specified for each study program at the university.
  • The cost also increases when the national university occupies a prominent position at local and global levels, the strength of its university degree, the most important training and employment opportunities, and the recreational fields available to the student.

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The most famous private universities in Jeddah and their prices

The city of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia includes many private universities licensed and recognized by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education, and they differ among themselves in prices, and the most important of these universities are the following:

Arab Open University in Jeddah

  • The university has many branches, and it was founded in 2002 AD by Prince Talal bin Abdulaziz.
  • The university has about 8 different branches, and it supports various university majors largely through the open education system and receiving study programs and training courses through websites.
  • Average University Tuition Cost:
    • Most of the fields available at the Arab Open University cost about 36,000 Saudi Riyal annually, in addition to the handover of books. The cost of an approved academic hour in various programs within the university costs about 299 Saudi Riyals, while in most practical educational programs it is. , laws can rise to around 315 Saudi Riyal.
    • It is possible to pay the tuition at the beginning of the study or to pay it in two installments. The necessary costs are paid for each semester.

Fees for Effat University for Women

  • It was established in 1999 AH for girls only and includes many university majors accredited by the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education.
  • It is one of the main private universities in Jeddah, and its prices are suitable for receiving female students from Saudi Arabia and overseas.
  • The average cost of tuition at the university varies with university majors falling under 4 main colleges:
    • The cost of one academic year for obtaining a bachelor’s degree in engineering majors, information systems and computer management is approximately 91,000 Saudi Riyal, while the tuition fees for enrolling in a master’s degree in energy engineering is 170,000 Saudi Riyal. The cost of one academic year year when a bachelor’s degree in psychology, Business Administration, E-marketing school and money amounting to about 70,000 Saudi Riyal is obtained.
    • Enrolling in the College of Engineering at the university for one of the undergraduate majors for one program costs approximately 51,000 Saudi Riyal.

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Jeddah International College

One of the best private colleges in Jeddah. The college was established in 2015 AD by the Ministry of Education and the Agency for Private University Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The college teaches many majors at the undergraduate level, including business administration, engineering, information technology, law, accounting, and others.

  • Tuition fees at the university vary according to the specialization, for example, the price of an accredited hour in the Bachelor of Industrial Engineering is 1600 Saudi Riyal, and the total number of approved hours to complete this major is 139 credit hours.
  • The law awards 136 credit hours, and the cost per hour is 1,600 Saudi Riyal.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration, 132 credit hours, and the cost per hour is 1,600 Saudi Riyal

Dar Al-Hekma University

  • The name Dar Al-Hekma University must be mentioned when talking about the most important private universities in Jeddah and their prices. The university was founded in 1420 AH.
  • The university includes a very large number of academic professors in various university disciplines, reaching around 150 academic professors of different nationalities around the world. Comprehensive coverage of various fields within the multiple faculties of the university.
  • The university teaches a large number of different academic programs and undergraduate majors in engineering departments, administrative sciences, medical fields and the arts.
  • Average Tuition Cost at Dar Al-Hekma University:
    • The cost of one semester in the College of Business and Law at the university reached 40,000 Saudi Riyal. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business administration and entrepreneurship in small projects or law and rights. The cost of a full academic year or two semesters was approximately 80,000 Saudi Riyals. To obtain a master’s degree in public relations and business administration, one credit hour amounts to 2700 Saudi Riyal College of Health and Behavioral Sciences The cost of one academic year to study is approximately 85,000 Saudi Riyal.
    • The cost of one academic year of study at the Faculty of Computing, Information and Architectural Engineering at the university is about 80,000 Saudi Riyal.

Are private universities in Saudi Arabia accredited?

Yes, private universities are accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and you can learn about the list of private universities officially accredited in the Kingdom by visiting this page.


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