His widow responded. Pompeo wonders about the “real” Khashoggi and his role in the “race for the Saudi throne.”

Hanan al-Eter, the widow of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, has accused former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo of telling lies about her late husband, who was murdered in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in 2018. produced.

In his new book, to be published on Tuesday, Pompeo asked whether Khashoggi, who wrote regular articles for the Washington Post, could only be considered a “journalist” or “activist”, and considered him “supporting the losing team ” in Saudi Arabia, according to the newspaper “The Guardian”.

In her interview with Al-Hurra website on Tuesday, Al-Eter considered that Pompeo is trading in the tragedy of her late husband, by speaking about him in his book with “false information”.

“To be clear, Khashoggi was a writer and I and many other public figures sometimes publish our writings, but we also do other things,” Pompeo said.

Pompeo criticized the discontent arising from Khashoggi’s killing, describing it as “fake anger” as the media made him the Saudi version of US investigative journalist Bob Woodward for his criticism of the royal family by the opinion pieces he published in the Washington Post.

And Bob Woodward, one of the most famous journalists in the world, is known as the bomber of the Watergate scandal, which led to the resignation of former US President Richard Nixon from office.

Pompeo said: “In fact, Khashoggi was an activist who supported the losing team in a battle for the kingdom’s throne (…) and he was not happy to be exiled.”

However, in her interview with Al-Hurra, Al-Eter considered Pompeo’s words to be proof that he “knows nothing about my husband,” when he addressed the former US Secretary of State: “If you don’t know anything , you must shut up.”

She explained that Khashoggi began his journalistic work since the beginning of the eighties of the last century and covered developments in Afghanistan and Algeria, and covered Desert Storm (Kuwait Liberation War) in 1991, in which he died.”

Al-Eter denied that her late husband chose the losing side among the contestants for the throne in Saudi Arabia. “Khashoggi expressly said, ‘I’m not against the kingdom, I’m not against the royal family, and I’m not against the crown prince.’ He has the right to share his opinion as an enlightened person with a conscience that he strives for democracy, justice and equality, and we deserve it in the East,” adding that “his escape to exile in the United States was not his choice.”

Khashoggi, who has lived in the United States since 2017, entered his country’s consulate in Istanbul on October 2, 2018, but did not leave.

Al-Eter told Al-Hurra: “My husband was loyal to the crown prince, but he was against, for example, some steps in the field of anti-corruption. He wondered why some rich people and princes were arrested and put in a hotel, when He demanded transparency about the reason for their arrest and the reason for their release, which are legitimate questions.”

Brotherhood and bin Laden

Pompeo accused Khashoggi of dealing “with the Muslim Brotherhood, which supports terrorism, and of expressing regret over the death of Osama bin Laden,” according to the Guardian.

Pompeo was head of the CIA before becoming secretary of state under former US President Donald Trump.

A US intelligence report accused Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of approving the assassination of Khashoggi, which was carried out by a special security team specially sent to Turkey.

And Pompeo opined that the murder of Khashoggi did not come as a surprise to him, “I’ve seen enough of the Middle East to know that this type of brutality was something very routine in that part of the world.”

However, Pompeo emphasized that “Khashoggi did not deserve to die, but we need to be clear about his (real) identity, and many professional media have not made that clear.”

For her part, Al-Eter asked in her interview with Al-Hurra: “How many times has Pompeo met my husband, or even read to him or seen his interviews?” He drew his information from what she described as “the dictatorships of the east.”

And she said: “Even if he got his information from a specific country in the Gulf or the Middle East, these systems are a source of correct information, and if he built his opinion on assumptions, then he should , as a politician, was more balanced and credible.”

And she was of the opinion that “everything he had to do with was a lie and slander and something unacceptable from a politician with ambition, so how does he allow himself to ignore the tragedy and sacrifice of Jamal that I have spent years with since 2009 living with him, to reduce.”

Al-Eter denied that her late husband was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, “and he never sympathized with the events of September 11,” but added: “Even if he was a member of this group, does it justify this heinous and heinous crime?”

In his book, Pompeo described Khashoggi’s murder as a “horrific massacre”, “unacceptable” and “illegal”.

But Al-Etr considered that it was poison in honey, by a good introduction, so that what he would later say would be palatable, and “so that it would appear fair, before accusing my husband of being a member of the Brotherhood is, either sympathizing with Bin Laden, or agreeing with him.” September eleventh.

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