IKEA media offered a virtual tour

On Thursday, the 17th of this month, IKEA Kuwait, through the electronic meeting platform, organized a virtual tour of its showrooms in The Avenues and 360, with the participation of a group of journalists and social media influencers, as IKEA, the leading brand in the world of home furnishings, is eager to organize media tours inside its exhibition every year and at the launch of its new catalog to highlight all its new things, and this year it decided that the tour should be electronic, with observing all the protocols related to the fight against the Corona pandemic.

The virtual tour included the first five rooms, which are usually the first thing we see when we visit IKEA showrooms, and these are rooms that reflect various modern designs that suit different tastes and simulate the family atmosphere that we find in the different styles of daily see. life, and therefore we find in them many solutions and inspiring ideas presented by the new IKEA catalog 2021, which help us make our homes more beautiful and create a better life at home at prices that suit everyone.

In this context, Saad Al-Muaili, responsible for social media platforms and digital affairs at IKEA Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco, said: We were eager to design the five rooms based on the results we achieved through field studies and home visits which we constantly conduct to get a closer look at the lifestyle of families in Kuwait. , with the aim of creating designs that provide a better daily life inside the home.

Al-Maeili added: This is our first virtual tour, and its success may prompt us to repeat the experience at our future events even after conditions return to normal, noting that nothing compares to seeing the products up close to look and touch the quality and quality, and IKEA interior design workers gave a presentation on how Preparation and design of living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens according to the IKEA vision “for a better daily life for many people”, which designs full of inspiring ideas and modern solutions that suit everyone.

The first room combined sleeping and office at the same time, and was specially designed to meet the needs of two newlyweds who establish their joint life in a one-bedroom apartment that includes a group of practical and comfortable furniture pieces, and at the same time it is enhanced with a package of smart storage solutions and everything that helps them work or study from home.

The second room is an abbreviation of a one-bedroom apartment, in which a married couple and their child live. The “apartment” room is designed according to the traditional Scandinavian style with a contemporary touch, and it includes furniture pieces characterized by simplicity and beautiful design, in addition to a wide range of solutions for small spaces, at very reasonable prices. One size fits all, and the third room is a living room that focuses on using smart solutions to support a healthier life while on the family’s needs for quality and more sustainable furniture.

As for the fourth room, it is a living room for a young modern family that loves technology and loves to travel, try new things and organize social events at home, putting smart technology at the top of its priorities.

The room is designed to be easy to socialize while maintaining privacy when needed as well as the requirement for locked storage to keep the house tidy.

And the fifth room, a bedroom designed to suit a young couple who work long hours a day, who urgently need to feel comfortable and relaxed while at home, where they can enjoy reading, checking emails and using social media platforms. , What this couple needs most in their room is to reduce the sources of discomfort as much as possible, and here comes the importance of multi-layer curtains that provide privacy and block unwanted lights.

A comfortable mattress, soft pillows and colorful covers are also important.

The tour also highlighted the OMTÄNKSAM range from IKEA, specially designed to help everyone enjoy the best levels of comfort by combining the benefits of its practical functions and distinctive designs, and the guests were informed about new and exciting news about the BYGGLEK group, which is the first joint collaboration with the LEGO company.

About this group, the head of the multitasking team at the IKEA 360 showroom, Jeanelyn Bertoman Ayo, said: We believe in the importance of play, as it is a basic need for the development of the child, stimulating his mental abilities and satisfaction of his emotional needs, as it is a way to improve the continuity of communication between parents and their children, and helps to make daily life within the home better. And the most beautiful, and this is what prompted us to cooperate with the company LEGO.

On the other hand, and as part of its efforts to help its customers redraw the features of their daily lives in line with the challenges they face as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, this year IKEA has for for the first time a “lower price” catalog, which includes all its cheapest products available to everyone.

In this regard, IKEA Avenues sales manager Paolo Nascimento said: We have recently faced many challenges and problems that have changed the characteristics of the world around us and affected our lives to a great extent. As a result of these conditions, the number of people suffering scarcity of their financial resources has increased, prompting us to lower our prices even more during this period New Year, to offer our customers their favorite IKEA products at the lowest price ever.

And the “More Lower Price” catalog, just like the IKEA 2021 catalog, is full of new and inspiring ideas that help you make your home more beautiful and comfortable for you and all members of your family. You can browse the catalog on your smartphone, or on the IKEA website and through its communication channels.

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