Joke | The industry of insignificance.. Social media celebrities, the disease of fame, and making money

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What is social media?

These are electronic terms, media and applications that they called social media (social media), and they do not carry the slightest meaning of communication at all, and they do not have any kind of characteristics of social interdependence.

It is, as described by specialized studies, research and books recently published in Europe, America and the Arab world (the industry of banality in the world).. Yes, banality, superficiality, vice and crime too.

What drives a girl to display her charms in public in front of millions of fans and followers? Is it tempting for an actress to fabricate a fake story about her life to revive her name and increase her fame among the masses? And encouraging a man and his wife to present absurd and boring comic situations to the world of viewers of that media? And what are these disgusting scenes about the diaries of life and its details about food and meals and the details of relationships in homes and families?

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What is the reason for the spread of the trend and social media?

Money is the cause of these disasters and scandals. Yes, it is money and nothing else. The clips that people publish about the smallest details of their lives, which are admired by thousands of people and find a large distribution, bring money to their owners. Because the companies that own the platforms that show these clips exploit them in commercial advertising and make millions in profit, from which subscribers have a share of thousands of dollars.

The more fans and viewers, the more popular the clips, and the more famous the personalities providing the content, the more money he gets, especially from YouTube and Twitter.

And if you don’t have fans, the production companies have the ability to spread you out, distribute your tracks and add new fake fans in exchange for sums you pay to buy fans. You don’t know them, and they know nor know the slightest information about you. You strive to produce exciting and engaging clips to get more likes and shares and expand your reach.

There are fake accounts that some people create to hide behind them and use them for shameful purposes to attack other people, spread negative ideas, criticize social conditions or political opposition to regimes with their tongue.

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Celebrity life on social media

Most of the famous personalities in the world use many accounts on famous applications and have a team of editors and photographers to follow and publish their news and life events, including kings, heads of state, artists, footballers and international athletes, which companies use to publish their ads on their platforms.

It is therefore an industry of illusion, vanity, lies, excitement and scandals, an industry of vanity, superficiality and life shells provided by international companies that have lured some to provide false content, fabricated news, disgusting excerpts and the manufacture of stories that provoke pity or move public opinion to get more followers and millions of money.

The banality industry is hosted by people who have succeeded and followed by millions of banal people like them who promote it, publish it and repeat its publication, to the extent that a clip from a small village in the countryside of Egypt can reach the far east of the world in Australia, or it is produced by a small man in the jungles of Africa and watched by millions of people in Europe and America!

Some countries have enacted laws to control these platforms and their content, and have imposed severe prison sentences and fines for those who violate these laws and use these means to publish scandals or obscene material, or to insult or infringe on the freedom of others .

The industry of insignificance and money making

In addition, countries taxed the profits of the producers of this material after the profits of some reached millions of dollars just for publishing trivial clips, such as ridiculing the rival local team in the Football League or how to make a pineapple cake make on which is embroidered. mango slices.

There are few useful and effective programs that provide culture, knowledge, scientific and administrative expertise and benefit people in their lives and work. They are few, rare and more expensive to produce compared to trivial superficial programs and clips that only require pajamas, living rooms or kitchens, dining tables and sometimes bedrooms.

A great economy and controversial investment, as is now happening in the Twitter company, which was bought by the billionaire Elon Musk, trying to make it a source of more billions to be added to his wealth. How easy it is to make a great fortune from superficiality and the industry of insignificance.

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