Luxury bedroom like a hotel suite

Good choice of materials, materials and colors, is the starting point for the design of a bedroom similar to a luxury hotel suite. In this context, “Sadaty” from the architect, interior designer and CEO of IFA Interior Design Company, Saima Ahmed Al-Mansoori, looked at specific points to make the bedroom luxurious and comfortable, simulating spending … Read more

How to design a luxury bedroom similar to a hotel suite

A good choice of materials, materials and colors is the starting point for designing a bedroom similar to a luxury hotel suite. In this context, he looks at specific points to make the bedroom luxurious and comfortable, and he simulates time in it as a stay in a five-star hotel, so (Madam). Modern design features … Read more

Dubai invites its valued visitors to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr

(MENAFN-Brazen PR) The city prepares to receive Eid with its visitors in a pleasant atmosphere, from delicious treats to exciting shopping, with wonderful offers during the festive season, along with live entertainment programs for all family members, all this and more to make a happy festival together to celebrate Eid Al Fitr. Dubai, 25 April … Read more

After the Corona pandemic changed our lifestyle, curved shapes are the latest decorating trend in 2022 | Lifestyle

Beirut – The sculptures with curved shapes and prominent edges, which witnessed the peak of popularity in the sixties and seventies of the last century, were an element of the modern movement in decor during the middle of the last century. After a long hiatus from the spotlight, we see how it slowly but surely … Read more

2022 mirrors in your home .. modern and fully professional | Lifestyle

Atypical mirror shapes in interior design lead to uniqueness and originality. Their uses are very variable, and they can be placed on walls, ceilings and furniture, or they can lean against the wall. Beirut- Mirrors are one of the most important elements of interior design for the home, and an indispensable accessory in any home, … Read more

11 things to get rid of when it’s in your bedroom

Tell me – The American “Bright Side” website has published a report talking about the most prominent mistakes we make when designing bedrooms that prevent us from sleeping well, starting from the type of pillow to the smells and colors . The website said that the quality of sleep is important to replenish the body’s … Read more

Architect Rasha Al-Naqeeb: Interior design is like working on a “painting”

The world of decoration and interior design has left a huge and influential imprint on our Arab world. Many people have the culture and awareness in the search for the best ideas to make wonderful decorations at home, to feel comfortable and at the same time a modern create atmosphere in our homes. The architect, … Read more

Golf News | Fatima Al-Ansari: Interior design was not widespread in the Gulf

Zainab Ismail wrote: Fatima Al-Ansari, Bahrain’s interior design engineer, said that the world of interior design was not widespread in the Gulf states of Al-Arabi years ago, when I mentioned in an interview with Gulf News that society thought that decoration itself was the field of is designed. , which encouraged designers to spread awareness … Read more