Engineer Nihal Zaki: The awards make my Egyptian voice heard in the global design arena

The conversation with Nihal Zaki, a prestigious name in the world of interior design in Egypt and the Arab countries, is direct and full of positivity and confidence, as the engineer looks at work from the perspective of passion, and considers her award-winning achievements at the local level , as in the Middle East and … Read more

Industrial design is the creative engine of economics

Industrial design is the creative engine of economics Many of the leading industrial designers have made history through groundbreaking inventions and everyday practical products. (stock dispute) It’s hard to look around and not admire the imagination behind the range of new products that have improved our quality of life over the past century. From smartphones … Read more

Transition design … a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary style

The transition style is often described as a balanced mix of traditional and contemporary decor, and many who prefer the traditional look choose this style, due to its renewal and its enduring ability to appear modern over the decades, as this style is the classic lines of the traditional style, as opposed to colors and … Read more

Ahmed bin Saeed Inaugurates Exhibition of Aircraft Maintenance and Renovation and Aircraft Interior Design 2022

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and Chairman and CEO of the Emirates Group, today presented the Middle East Aircraft Maintenance, Repair and Renewal Exhibition and Conference and the Middle East Aircraft Interior Design Exhibition 2022 inaugurated in along with the positive expectations that the sector … Read more

Moroccan designer Nahla Hamida: People are on their way to a virtual world where handmade items are scarce

Nahla Hamida, a young Moroccan interior designer and interior designer, is influenced by craftsmanship, which she combines with her modern, sleek look that expresses the concept of “less is more”. Whether it’s in the designer’s distinctive furniture collections, or in the spaces she adorns, things seem to create a way of communicating with the viewer. … Read more

Designer Abeer Akbari: Interior Design is not just a study, it is an art that is gained through practice

Interview: Fawzia Fahad Al-Wazzan – Media Student – University of Bahrain The designer, Abeer Akbari, started her career, which was due to her passion and being from a family whose field is engineering and design, which led to her studying interior design and excelling in this field and her name highlight in a noticeable way. … Read more

The Design and Architecture Conference recommends designing healthy buildings that fight epidemics

Head of the Department of Interior Design at Ahlia University, Dr. Imad Al-Asouli, confirmed that the design of healthy, environmentally friendly and anti-epidemic buildings is one of the most important recommendations of the Architecture and Design Conference organized by Al-Ahlia University. in collaboration with the Indian University of Woxen, emphasizes the importance of designers meeting … Read more

Inner Islamic style … a global mix of cultures

When we talk about an Islamic design, we describe a characteristic general atmosphere for this design, i.e. far from defining a specific style, the primary or the secondary, as Islamic art has gone through various stages that varied according to its geographical environment and the period in which it developed. The engineering design came in … Read more

Kia prepares to launch brand new Sportage 2023 in the Middle East and Africa Technology and cars

AMMAN – Kia Corporation today announced the official launch in the Middle East and Africa of the brand new Sportage, an SUV carefully crafted to inspire customers with its sleek interior and exterior design. The 2023 Kia Sportage marks a new era for one of the Kia brand’s most sought-after models, with a radical and … Read more