A scared child, a former president and a lady who knocks on doors… stories of ghosts in the White House » Baghdad Today News Agency

Baghdad today – follow-up In 1911, during the period when “William Howard Taft” was President of America, rumors circulated among the White House staff about the sighting of the ghost of an unknown boy, and at the beginning of the spread of these rumors, some took it as only considered popular myths. , like the … Read more

The “Furniture 360” exhibition kicks off at Sharjah Expo, with the participation of 250 brands

His Excellency Abdullah Sultan Al Owais, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Sharjah Chamber, today, Tuesday, opened the activities of the fourth edition of the “Furniture 360” exhibition, organized by the Sharjah Expo Center, with the support of the Chamber, and with the participation of 250 international brands, amid promotions on more than … Read more

Magical celebrations with Marriott in Mauritius unveiling new festive experiences for 2022

This festive season, the Marriott Hotel in Mauritius invites travelers looking for a dazzling earthly paradise to celebrate Christmas and New Year with a tropical touch at each of its three unique hotels: JW Marriott Resort Mauritius, The Westin Turtle Resort & Spa, and Le Meridien Ile Maurice. From fine dining and beach barbecues, to … Read more

Chinese workers protest… Where is the hoped for communist prosperity?! | Articles and studies

Many look with joy and sometimes envy at the Chinese for the development their country has seen in recent decades. They imagine that that communist state has turned into the paradise of workers and peasants that the proletariat dreams of, that Karl Marx and Lenin sang about, after it became the factory of the world, … Read more

It is difficult for me to give a specific address for my house… about life in the slums

“Kalb Ibn Kalb, who puts garbage bags here / don’t pee under the window, oh beast, R+T = Love forever, Legal Purgatory Abu Jalal, Legal Midwife Um Muhammad, Walls, Notebooks of insane people, Jableh Kassar Ras Al Wahda , Al Waseeh Pipe Unblocking Workshop”. It is not a surrealist delirium, or a literal reference to … Read more

Cyberbullying… Psychological refractions and fears affect children, and specialists warn

Saida tweeted Amman – “There are many forms of violence and the same damage.” Physical or verbal abuse is no longer the only form of harm to children. Indeed, with the ease of access to social networking sites, “cyberbullying” has become one of those faces that parents overlook, and the authorities concerned with children’s affairs … Read more

Ways to entertain the child during isolation after infection with the syncytial virus

Maintaining physical activity is essential, even in a limited space, and children and adolescents should be active for at least 60 minutes a day. It’s difficult for anyone to have to self-quarantine during a pandemic, but it’s infinitely more so when they’re with an infant or young child, and while the Centers for Disease Control … Read more