Due to the strike of imports and the monopoly of traders .. the price of wood rose by 60% and the furniture market stagnated

A number of timber traders warned that the continuation of the repercussions of the Russo-Ukrainian war would lead to an increase in the prices of timber and furniture products in the local market, and they stressed that the production of raw materials of the plywood class recorded unprecedented levels in terms of price increases, especially … Read more

YAYA, a Mediterranean-inspired restaurant, now opens at Silino Bay Resort & Apartments, Aberge Resorts Collection

Los Cabos, Mexico (PRWEB) 21 April 2022 Silino Bay Resort & Apartments, Aberge Resorts Collection Today we introduce, a new dining area in Las Cabos for Mediterranean seafood with California and Latin American influences. Yaya, the loving word for grandmother in both Spanish and Greek, was led by chef Elena Codense, who fulfilled a vision … Read more

Android launches new file sharing feature

21/04 17:27 Google will soon allow Android and Chrome operating system users to quickly share files via its Sharing feature, and according to Esper’s Mishaal Rahman’s recent tweets, Sharing will soon allow you to quickly share files between your devices without any permission. When you try to share any file through a nearby part, the … Read more

ITIDA grants Delta Company operating permission to provide electronic signature services, signed by the Authority

21/04 17:27 The Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) has issued the electronic certification certificate for El Delta of the highest authority for electronic certification of the authority, according to which the company has obtained an operating license to engage in the activity of providing electronic signature services in Egypt. The company obtained the operating … Read more

Associations take over the building of central Paris to house immigrants. “We rest a bit before we return to the life of homelessness”

In the center of the capital, Paris, local associations took over an abandoned building last Monday, with the aim of transforming it into a place that welcomes migrants who are tired of the life of homelessness in the informal settlements. The place now houses 80 immigrants, a sense of comfort prevails among them, but some … Read more