Riyadh Newspaper | An academic’s monthly salary is equivalent to playing 20 minutes of football for a footballer

An academic’s monthly salary is equivalent to playing 20 minutes of football for a footballer Professor Al-Aqili Sports has become an industry, so its follow-up is no longer limited to athletes, there are others who are not in the sports community and have responsibilities and tasks far from sports, but they love it, either recently … Read more

Mar-a-Lago raid: Republicans line up behind Trump

Trump in Dallas, Texas, last Saturday (Brandon Bell/Getty) Former US President Donald Trump is strengthening his judicial and political front amid investigations related to him, whether the storming of Congress on January 6, 2021, or about his family’s business practices, or in the recent storming of the Federal Bureau of Investigation . (FBI) his residence … Read more

Gambling How did goalkeeper Peter Shilton’s wife help him break his addiction? | Newspaper

Getty ImagesPeter Chilton, now 72, spans three decades in football As the most capped player for the England national team, goalkeeper Peter Shilton was one of the most successful and famous players in the world, but off the pitch Chilton was the victim of a lifelong gambling addiction – until his wife helped him break … Read more

Donald Trump says FBI agents raided his Florida home: ‘They broke my security too’

Former US President Donald Trump said that FBI officials raided his home in Palm Beach, Florida. Donald Trump spoke at a rally in Wisconsin last week. picture: AFP/Getty Images/Scott Olson “After working and cooperating with relevant government agencies, this unannounced inspection of my home was neither necessary nor appropriate,” Trump said in a statement. Trump … Read more

Saudi Arabia.. The economy is preparing for the trillion dollar threshold due to oil

The surge in the Gulf countries’ income from the sale of oil after its price increase this year represents the “last chance” for these countries to benefit from these funds, before the world reduces its dependence on fossil fuels, according to a report by The Economist magazine . The magazine published a report explaining the … Read more

PGA chief slams Saudi-funded league as series of revelations

BROOKLYN, MA (AP) – PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan describes the Saudi-funded league which signed Dustin Johnson, Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau as a “show game series” spending billions on gamers without getting a return on investment. Monahan also said the players paid an excessive amount of money “that they will have to live under … Read more

The “second man” or al-Zawahiri’s son-in-law… Who is the next leader of the “Al-Qaeda” organization?

After the killing of the leader of the “Al-Qaeda” organization, Ayman al-Zawahiri, in a US raid, at dawn on Tuesday, some names have been put forward who are widely expected to assume the leadership of the organization, and others that may constitute a “precedent”. Among the most prominent names brought forward even before the assassination … Read more

China begins military exercises.. and Taiwan: ready for war

Taiwan’s military said Thursday that its forces are closely monitoring the unprecedented Chinese exercises taking place in the waters around the island. Taiwan’s defense ministry said in a statement that the military is “ready for war but will not seek it.” “The Ministry of National Defense confirms that it will comply with the principle of … Read more